August 3rd, 2021

[info]solful in [info]fandom_psls

looking for a few psls to help pass the time!

grishaverse: book!verse or show!verse, i tend to do a mixture of the two, but more than happy to write from one or the other if you have a preference or haven't read the books. looking to write alina against the darkling, nikolai, mal, zoya, and genya. open to other characters if there is someone else you'd like to write against her. i also write genya, nina, inej, and zoya if you'd like something with them.

star wars: recently binge-watched the sequel trilogy for the first time and i would love to write rey against ben/kylo ren. also wouldn't mind writing rey against finn, poe, luke, or anyone else!

a song of ice and fire | game of thrones: looking to write sansa stark against tyrion lannister, sandor clegane, petyr baelish, jon snow, robb stark, margaery tyrell, daenerys targaryen, or anyone else you can think of! i also wouldn't mind writing lyanna stark, catelyn tully/stark, daenerys targaryen, or margaery tyrell.

in all of these i'm interested in writing canon differences, fixes, alternate universes, and even doing some auing the characters into other fandoms if that's your thing. if original characters are your thing, i can write any of these canon ladies against them or we can even come up with original characters set within these universes as well.

leave a comment or a custom and i'll get back to you!

[info]timevariant in [info]fandom_psls

Something for Loki?

Slash preferred, jet ski enthusiasts and Avengers are A+, crossovers maybe, and he might be persuaded to fall in love with himself in the right setting.

[info]hardbite in [info]fandom_psls

Heavy shot in the dark, but would anyone have an interest in a gpsl/small OG supernatural game that ISNT just vampires, witches, and werewolves? Or at least has one that includes other creatures?

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