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Sunday, May 30th, 2021

    Time Event
    Hour 1: Quest
    Welcome to the first of many hours of creative madness! Alexis, are you ready?

    Alright darlings, I have prepped and marketed and put on my comfiest Louboutins, and here's your first prompt! Let's all embark together on this crazy...

    (-Fun trivia: Elijah and I actually dated for a little bit while he was doing that Lord of the Flies thing in New Amsterdam!
    [Lord of the Rings. New Zealand. And weren't you like 15??]
    -Well he was 17, so it was perfectly legal! Sigh.)

    Hour 18: Ring
    Guys, I just have one little thing I'd like to share with you.

    That last prompt, well, I'm not sure if I have the right wardrobe for this job. Is there a clothing budget?

    Guys? Are you still there?

    Whatever! I like this prompt much better!

    Hour 3: Superstition
    OHMIGOD YOU GUYS. It's somehow hour 3 already?? This seems needlessly stressful.

    I need a smoothie. Here's your next prompt!

    Hour 20: Trials
    I'm not sure where Alexis went, but she asked me to sit in for your dribble day ... dabble day...

    But I'm supposed to read a prompt or... okay, TRIALS. Is that okay?

    (Verity Leaving by lena-hyena on deviantart)

    Hour 5: Fairy
    It's hour 5???

    What is even happening with time right now? Has it been stolen by... fairies?

    Hour 22: Spell
    [And now Patrick seems to have disappeared, but we found somebody who'd just love to help us out in these final hours.]

    [Well, sure, but...]

    [Well, um... Okay! I feel like that injected some much needed energy into these wee hours. But, um, Ronnie, you forgot to... oh, never mind. This hour's prompt is SPELL.]

    Hour 7: Heroine
    You guys have been SO BUSY and it is ADORBS. So boopable!

    Your next prompt is MOI! Awww, I am so honoured that you chose this prompt for me!

    [We... didn't, really.]

    Sure, whatever you say. The prompt is heroine!

    Hour 24: Happily Ever After

    And for our last hour, we have a very special guest assistant:]

    Patrick tells me that some of you have been doing this all night.

    [David, maybe you could just read the prompt, please, thanks.]

    Happily. Ever. After.

    Hour 9: Mirror
    So... are you seriously saying there's no breaks?

    [Nope, none whatsoever.]

    That can't be right. What about snacks and hydration?

    [Well, we fit those in whenever we can. Thanks for the reminder, though - stay hydrated, everyone, and don't forget to eat! And find someone to forehead-bump you with the strength and protectiveness of a thousand years!]

    Sweet. And bloody, so a little gross. They should check that in a...

    Hi mom! Thanks for helping, I guess?

    Hour 11: Runes
    MODS: Aaaaaahhhh, another hour gone and Alexis is nowhere to be found! STEVIE!!

    MODS: Yes! Prompt! Quick!

    Yeeesh, ok, keep your hats on. Your next prompt is "Runes". Good luck with that!

    Hour 13: Steed
    MODS: Alexis? You said you'd be back by now? ALEXIS!!!

    MODS: Are you okay? Are we... interrupting anything?

    MODS: ...ok, we don't actually want to know. How about you go find some clothes and we'll do our own prompt in the meantime.

    After the double whammy of the last hour, here's a soothing excuse of a prompt to paw some horses: STEED.

    Hour 15: Sacrifice and Poison

    [what. what is happening.]

    [we are not? we don't think?]

    Doesn't matter, we're leaning into it! You get two prompts again, and they are SACRIFICE and POISON! Have fun!

    Hour 17: Siege
    [You still with us, Alexis?

    [Sorry! We know it's been a little bit more intense than you expected.

    It's fine, I am embracing it now!

    [That's the spirit!]

    Yessss. So your next prompt is SIEGE!

    Hour 19: Ensorcelled

    [wha- ow!]

    Sorry, I tried yelling a bunch of times but you just stared at me blankly. You seemed a bit... ENSORCELLED!

    Hour 21: Orphan
    [Yeah, that's what our assistant position seems to be? Orphaned? Nobody's here and we don't know where out prompts list went, argh.]

    Not to worry! Hi guys. Let's see if we can sort this out. So...

    [We're not sure, but Alexis ran off with our prompts and we're a little... overwhelmed.]

    Okay. Let's see. These are for all the brave drabblers still around...

    Or a glass of wine?

    [Yes, please. All of the above.]

    Great. You sit tight and I'll just do this prompt thing real quick - guys, welcome to Hour 21, you are all doing SO WELL, like, extremely impressive! Here's your prompt for this hour: ORPHAN!

    That's it, guys, you got this! Enjoy the rest of Drabble Day!

    [That was refreshing. Let's have him again next year! *coffee slurping*]
    Hour 23: Surprise Leftover Double Prompts - Djinn and Oracle!
    [At this point, our door is basically wide open to whoever feels like taking a whirl at the assistant thing - so here's the lovely Twyla, who has succinctly captured the full essence of Drabble Day!

    Thanks, guys! So you get two prompts for this penultimate hour: Djinn and Oracle! Have fun!

    There may have been some liberty in how this prompt was perceived?

    Okay, now we're getting a little TOO wild with how we read that-

    Yikes, ok.

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