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Saturday, May 29th, 2021

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    Hour 2: Curse

    You REALLY meant you were going to WRITE things? I thought you were just going to drabble a bit with him, then drabble a bit with her...

    MODS: You're thinking of dabble.

    David: No she's thinking of dribble.

    Alexis: Ew, David, no. So you're really going to be doing this for 24 hours?

    MODS: Alexis, could you maybe just introduce the next prompt?

    Oh right! The prompt for Hour 2 is... CURSE.

    Hour 4: Tangled
    You guys!

    You're all doing so well with this whole drabbley thing! Your next prompt is one of my favourites, Tangled.

    Hour 6: Quarter Quell Double Drabble Time: Labyrinth and Grimoire

    See! I told you!!

    But I just heard it's time for two hard-core theme prompts: Labyrinth and Grimoire. I'm not even sure what those are... but this could be good...

    Hour 8: Fates
    Well, I think you are ALL heroines. Every. Single. One. Of. You.

    So I think after this prompt we'll be taking a break, right?

    MODS: There's no break, Alexis. This is 24-hour-non-stop-drabble-mayhem.

    Well, we'll discuss. In the meantime, here's your next prompt: FATES.

    Hour 10: Armour

    MODS: Stevie, you're not helping. We already said...

    MODS: Bye, Alexis... and thanks a lot, Stevie? Are you going to stand in while she's... off doing whatever she's doing?

    MODS: Good enough for us. Now could you please announce the next prompt?

    The next prompt is ARMOUR. ... is that all I have to do?

    Drabble Day 2021 - Rules and Ravishing Assistants!
    Hello darling Eskimos and potential other wanderers in the woods! Welcome to this year's edition of Drabble Day!

    Don't stray off the path )
    Hour 12: Chimera and Wish
    First and foremost, Stevie has a very important message for [info]amyriadfthings

    [We're so glad you're spending your birthday with us, Inga!]

    [Shhhh. Can you just read the next prompts?]

    We're halfway through this ridiculous thing and we have two prompts this hour: Chimera and Wish

    Hour 14: Castle
    [OK, Alexis, please tell us you're dressed and ready for the next prompt, right?]

    The next prompt is CASTLE.

    Hour 16: Monster
    [Okay, Alexis, it's time for the next prompt.[

    But this has been going on a long time...

    Anyhoo, the next prompt is MONSTER.

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