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2021 Results Post Part Deux [01 Jun 2021|10:50pm]


Welcome back to our show.

Now it's time to celebrate YOU, people of letters, litterateurs, scribes, scribblers, and wordsmiths all. You who have selflessly sacrificed to bring into this weary world your effusive outpourings of pathos and passion. Your verbosity has brought each of you here as victors... )

2021 Results Post [01 Jun 2021|10:48pm]


Welcome to the Drabble Day Awards Presentation of 2021. My intrepid entrepreneurial daughter, Alexis, hostess of this venerated event, has asked me to present this year's results. As you are surely aware, I am no stranger to awards shows. )

Drabble Day 2021: Masterlist [31 May 2021|02:20pm]

Hello darlings, we hope you've caught up on some sleep! We assume after her little meltdown, Alexis is not up to presenting this year's Masterlist, so-


Of course! You have been wonderful. We totally understand that 24 hours is a lot, especially when that time-stretching magic kicks in.

Yes, and I probably should have read the brief before accepting the gig, but it was boring and anyway, I'm fine now! David and I have been catching up on drabbles-

My dad has been mansplaining the concept of band AUs-

Mom has been really sweet, which is, like, bizarre-

And of course Twyla has been really helpful. Isn't she the sweetest?

That's awesome. So you're up to the demanding task of presenting a really basic 24-item list?


Alright, drabblers! You have just been SO creative these 24 hours and I am super-impressed with your immersive experience curating powers! I do have a few notes about broadening your audience base and maybe embracing the fact that we live in an Instagram world and your content is not optimally leveraged on an obsolete text-based platform... [Ahem. Alexis?] BUT I am told this is not the time for highly necessary brand invigoration, so whatevs! Let's talk TikTok later.

But now, for easier reference in your reading/commenting pleasure, here is your Masterlist for Drabble Day 2021! Just click on the individual links for each hour and enjoy your catch-up!

Hour 1: Quest

Hour 2: Curse

Hour 3: Superstition

Hour 4: Tangled

Hour 5: Fairy

Hour 6: Labyrinth and Grimoire

Hour 7: Heroine

Hour 8: Fates

Hour 9: Mirror

Hour 10: Armour

Hour 11: Runes

Hour 12: Chimera and Wish

Hour 13: Steed

Hour 14: Castle

Hour 15: Sacrifice and Poison

Hour 16: Monster

Hour 17: Siege

Hour 18: Ring

Hour 19: Ensorcelled

Hour 20: Trials

Hour 21: Orphan

Hour 22: Spell

Hour 23: Djinn and Oracle

Hour 24: Happily Ever After

Thank you! Tallies and announcements may take a little bit while your mods catch up on boring crap like sleep and work and eating. And dive back into all the drabbles they missed in between!

And that's a wrap for 2021! [31 May 2021|12:02am]


Thank you so much for coming with us on this year's crazy drabbling journey! Tallies and announcements will happen sometime this week. And now... SLEEP! *zonk*

Hour 24: Happily Ever After [30 May 2021|06:58am]


And for our last hour, we have a very special guest assistant:]

Patrick tells me that some of you have been doing this all night.

[David, maybe you could just read the prompt, please, thanks.]

Happily. Ever. After.

Hour 23: Surprise Leftover Double Prompts - Djinn and Oracle! [30 May 2021|10:00pm]

[At this point, our door is basically wide open to whoever feels like taking a whirl at the assistant thing - so here's the lovely Twyla, who has succinctly captured the full essence of Drabble Day!

Thanks, guys! So you get two prompts for this penultimate hour: Djinn and Oracle! Have fun!

There may have been some liberty in how this prompt was perceived?

Okay, now we're getting a little TOO wild with how we read that-

Yikes, ok.

Hour 22: Spell [30 May 2021|04:56am]

[And now Patrick seems to have disappeared, but we found somebody who'd just love to help us out in these final hours.]

[Well, sure, but...]

[Well, um... Okay! I feel like that injected some much needed energy into these wee hours. But, um, Ronnie, you forgot to... oh, never mind. This hour's prompt is SPELL.]

Hour 21: Orphan [30 May 2021|08:00pm]

[Yeah, that's what our assistant position seems to be? Orphaned? Nobody's here and we don't know where out prompts list went, argh.]

Not to worry! Hi guys. Let's see if we can sort this out. So...

[We're not sure, but Alexis ran off with our prompts and we're a little... overwhelmed.]

Okay. Let's see. These are for all the brave drabblers still around...

Or a glass of wine?

[Yes, please. All of the above.]

Great. You sit tight and I'll just do this prompt thing real quick - guys, welcome to Hour 21, you are all doing SO WELL, like, extremely impressive! Here's your prompt for this hour: ORPHAN!

That's it, guys, you got this! Enjoy the rest of Drabble Day!

[That was refreshing. Let's have him again next year! *coffee slurping*]

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