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December 8th, 2006


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Join [info]100_challenge, an anime/manga icon challenge community. The basis of the challenge is choosing a character, pairing, or group and making 100 icons for the chosen subject. All skill levels are welcome to join, and claims are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Themes don't have to be completed in order, and there are no requirements as to how often or how little you can contribute per month.

For more information visit the community info page

May 31st, 2007

New Icontest - v_c_icontest

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I feel a bit bad about spamming here :) since I've not posted icons lately, I promise to update with some soon.

There's a new icontest in town: [info]v_c_icontest - a Vampire Chronicles Icontest

Join up!

June 15th, 2007

Some Utena Hush Icons and Variants

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A handful of [info]utena_hush icons and variants

12 Icons total


12 icons )

May 27th, 2007

Utena Icons

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It's the Second Annual... Something Icon Maker award thingie... anyway :) Go here and vote for Utena to be included as a category!

Nominate your favorite SERIES for categorization! :D

Go Here to Vote for Utena to be included

April 12th, 2007

Saionji Wallpaper

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A Saionji wallpaper made for Elaby. Resolution 1280x800 for her mac.

Free for anyone to use though :)

March 14th, 2007

Manga For Sale

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TONS of Manga For Sale!

- Yami no Matsuei (Descendants of Darkness) v.1-9 ($40)
- Fruits Basket v.1-6 ($24)
- Alichino v.1 ($3)
- Angel Sanctuary v.1 ($3)
- Gundam Wing: Ground Zero ($3)
- Gundam Wing v.1 ($2)
- Gravitation v.1-2 ($8)
- X/1999: Overture ($3)
- X/1999: Prelude ($3)
- Wolf's Rain v.1-2 ($10)

( Entire list and shipping details below )

March 11th, 2007

Utena Hush Banners

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a few more )

March 4th, 2007

Top Commenters

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6[info]amadareneko22 22
7[info]lomea8 8
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February 12th, 2007

Tutorial: How to Post Icons to an Icon Journal or Personal Journal

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Tutorial on How to Post Icons to Your Icon Journal or Personal Journal

I did this tutorial for a friend who is just getting started with icon making, but then thought it might be useful for anyone else just getting started. If people are interested I can also write one about creating an icon journal, though that's covered in the LJ FAQs.

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February 10th, 2007

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Tonight at midnight is the deadline for icon submission for the icontest!

Submit here!

February 7th, 2007

Icontest Reminder: Icons Due Saturday

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I've recieved submissions from three people so far and so the icontest WILL run this week :)

Deadline to get those icons in is Saturday night at midnight!

Submit your icons here.

Comments will be screened.

February 4th, 2007

Icontest Extension

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Since only one person has submitted so far, the icontest has been extended by one week.

You have until next Saturday at midnight to submit your icons to this post

So please! Consider submitting!

February 1st, 2007


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Just a reminder!

I have ZERO submissions so far for the Icontest

Deadline is Saturday :)

Don't forget to submit!

February 2nd, 2007

Icontest Reminder

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There's only one submission for the icontest! You only have one more day!

Submit your Winter Icons here!

January 30th, 2007

Icontest Reminder: Winter

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Don't forget to submit your contest icons for [info]caitirin_icons' Winter Icontest.

Submit Your Icons Here

They're due by Saturday night!

January 27th, 2007

Caitirin Icons' First Icontest

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Since seven people responded that they'd be interested in an icontest I will be hosting one here :).

The theme for the icontest will be "Winter". You may express/represent this in any way that you would like.

Icons are due in the comments to this post by Saturday (02/03/07) at MIDNIGHT (EST). Voting will commence on Sunday and results will be posted Monday or Tuesday.

I will make banners for the winners :)

Icontest Rules
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Submission Guidelines

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That's it! Good luck everyone!!

January 25th, 2007

Utena icons from various challenges

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Man, it's been a BAZILLION years (okay, maybe more like four months) since I've posted any of my icons from various Utena challenges. So here's an icon dump. In backwards-chronological order.

* indicates placement in a contest


Icons ahoy! 23 of them, even. )

January 24th, 2007


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PSA out there to all you icon makers!

[info]shoujoku_awards is looking for some more submissions for it's weekly challenge. (clicky clicky to submit!)

[info]shoujoku_awards is an Utena themed icontest. This week's theme is VERY easy! "Males"

Your icon must feature a male character from SKU. Yes, Mamiya counts :)

So please if you'd ever considered submitting, please give it a shot!

January 21st, 2007

100 Challenge Utena Icons

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Claim: Utena General Series
Icons in this post: 7
Credit: [info]caitirin or [info]caitirin_icons


Updating my claim with 7 new icons

7 icons )

See the rest here

January 9th, 2007

Icon Truth Meme

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A community called [info]lickourlegs is having an Icon Truth meme.

Basically you can go there and comment anonymously on what you think of people's icons.

I've left a comment there:

So, if you want to :) Let me know what you think. Constructive suggestions are welcome. Emphasis on the constructive here ;)

Want to Affiliate

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Would you like to affiliate with [info]caitirin_icons?

1. Your affiliate group should be an icon/base/graphics journal of some kind
2. You must link back to [info]caitirin_icons.

So add a link and comment here with who you are and I'll add you!


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[info]caitirin_icons Affiliates!


Want to affiliate? Request Here.

January 8th, 2007

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I finished the [info]10variations challenge that [info]caitirin also did.

Here is the original image:

And here are the challenges.

Challenges )

And here are the icons!

10 Variations )

Utena Hush

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One more banner :)

Heads Up Icon Makers: Getty Images

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This is a PSA for icon makers who might use Getty Images:

Reposted from here:

You'll need to be careful, as Getty Images is starting to crack down on unauthorized usage of their pictures and will fine those responsible about $2000 to $3000 per picture.

News and Discussion from Site Point

It doesn't matter if your website is big or small, commercial or noncommercial. If you have a website that hosts images made with Getty Images pictures (such as a signature or an avatar), you may be held responsible for paying the fine, even if you didn't upload the picture yourself.

In the meantime, take advantage of other image sources such as Sxh.Hu or Creative Commons searches. Be careful though: if the image's photographer uploaded his pictures into multiple archives, and one of them happens to be Getty Images, you may be fined for that image even though you got it from a different source.

Please pass this on to other relevant people and communities. This would impact a lot of LJ and JF people, as well as people who make their own website designs or maintain fansites and rely on Getty Images for source material.

If you have any other links or resources for free images, please post them as well.
[/end repost]

I don't think that I use any Getty images pictures because I work with mainly anime, but some photo bases might be theirs. I'm not sure how they'd be able to tell with how much things are altered, but be careful! I know that I certainly couldn't afford a thousand dollar or more fine!!
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