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Theme #4: Outdoors - 8 of 8

TITLE: Picnic Brunch
AUTHOR: Vamphile
A/N: None

It was one of those Sunday brunches that Mel and Lindsay insisted upon occasionally. Brian only agreed to attend because it had been weeks since he’d seen Gus. They were all talking at once about nothing in particular. People they’d fucked, people they hadn’t, stars they wanted to.

Justin had probably still been drunk when they got here, considering how very very drunk he’d been last night at Babylon, and how much they’d continued to drink once they got back to the loft. The mimosas weren’t helping. He was babbling a little. Brian concentrated on not smiling too much. No one needed to know how amused he was by Justin’s inebriation. No one needed to know shit.

As Justin launched into a monologue about… something, who the fuck could follow his train of thought when he was like this? Brian excused himself and went out back for a cigarette. He was about to take another drag when Justin took it from his hand and inhaled deeply. Justin crushed the last of the cigarette under his shoe.

Brian grabbed Justin’s shirt and pulled him forward until Justin stumbled a little and was then leaning against Brian’s body. They kissed and when Justin pulled back he was smiling, his hands working their way under Brian’s shirt. Brian put his hands on Justin’s ass and pressed him closer. “You’re drunk.” He whispered it against Justin’s ear.

Brian felt him smile against his neck. Brian stood up a little straighter, allowing Justin’s hands to move further under his shirt and up his back. They kissed for a few more minutes until Justin pulled away for a second and then draped his arms over Brian’s shoulders. “Fuck me.”

Brian nodded. “When we get home.”

Justin moved quickly and Brian’s fast response was the only thing that kept them both from toppling as he wrapped his legs around Brian’s waist and let Brian carry his weight. “Now.”

Brian moved them to the graying picnic table, abandoned for the season. Justin fell back against it, struggling to untangle himself from Brian and remove his own jeans at the same time. Brian assisted him with both and Justin’s hands moved towards Brian’s fly. “Now.” He repeated.

Somewhere between Justin’s body wrapped completely around his and the shedding of Justin’s jeans, Brian had abandoned any thought of waiting. He leaned over Justin, kissing him again. Justin’s legs wrapped around his waist and pulled him forward. Their cocks pressed together. “Inside me Brian. I want you inside me.”

Brian pulled back, rolling the condom on quickly and working two spit-slicked fingers into Justin. Justin lifted his arms over his head, grasping the top of the table and arching his back, accentuating his flat tummy. Brian kissed his navel, and then worked his way up. As he nuzzled the soft skin there, he pushed Justin’s shirt up further until his mouth was on his nipples. He licked and sucked at them while the cool breeze reminded the world that fall was well on its way.

Justin shuddered and Brian looked up, needing to know if he was cold or simply enjoying himself. Justin’s hair fluttered away from his face but the soft hazy smile told Brian that the temperature wasn’t what was making Justin’s body shake. He covered Justin’s body with his own, protecting him from, well, any sensation that wasn’t created by his own hand.

Justin’s body curled under him, and Brian’s cock pressed against Justin’s hole. He felt it contract and then open to him, felt Justin's entire body give itself over to this. He pushed in and kissed Justin at the same time. Their tongues, hands and legs moving together as Brian’s cock slid over Justin’s prostate and then pulled back.

Brian felt Justin’s response. Felt him move his body, twist his hips, trying to recreate the sensation. Brian obliged, moving in short sharp thrusts as the early afternoon sun belied the cool breeze. Summer making its last stand against the insistent fall. Justin’s hands moved to Brian’s back, pulling him closer. His legs trapping Brian inside him. They stayed like that, moving together.

Brian pulled back, using Justin’s pre-come to lube his shaft as he stroked him in time to his harsh thrusts. Justin’s hands were over his face now, pressing the heel of his palms against his eyes, shutting out the light so that all sensations were those that Brian controlled.

They both came. Their bodies shaking, their breathing rapid. Lindsay made a noise in the back of her throat and walked away. Justin covered his face again, this time in embarrassment. Brian shrugged and pulled out, tossing the condom over the fence into a neighbors yard and handing Justin his jeans.

They stood together for another minute, touching, kissing, having a post coital smoke. When they went back inside the rest of the gang was gone. Lindsay smiled widely.

“Mel, Brian and Justin just volunteered to buy us a new picnic table. Isn’t that sweet?”

Brian looked towards Lindsay, hiding his surprise behind a smirk. He nodded.


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