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Theme #4: Outdoors 7 of 8
Title: A Six-Letter Word He’d Never Use
Author: [info]not_yet_defined
Warning: porn, light bdsm
Timeline: The summer following 513
A/N: no time to beta...surprise wedding today...so hopefully not terrible. :D This is for [info]paddies who expressed a desire for some bdsm!b/j on my journal awhile back.

There is a salad in the fridge.
Eat it. Change.
Meet me on the tennis courts.
You still owe me part 3.

- J

Brian opened the fridge, looked at the salad, pulled out a beer instead and headed upstairs. He sat down on the edge of the bed and toed off his shoes, finishing off his beer.

He had no fucking clue what Justin meant by his note, but considering they had yet to buy racquets, or balls for that matter, he doubted he was being invited out for a late night match. Brian slipped into a pair of old jeans and a thin white t-shirt and headed back downstairs.

He could see the lights on above the tennis courts 100 yards or so behind the west end of the house. He bypassed the rambling stone path and cut straight across the lawn. The grass was almost cool, despite the lingering heat, and a little damp, it felt good against his bare feet.

As he got closer he saw that Justin had dragged one of the heavy lounge chairs onto the court. He was sitting with his feet flat against the solid cream-colored cushion, hand poised a couple inches off the page, head tilted to the side, contemplating the sketchpad resting on his bent knees.

Without looking up, Justin mumbled, "Hey," as he continued his sketch.

Brian came up behind him, bent over and murmured a "Hey" back against the side of Justin’s neck before pressing a kiss just below his ear.

Brian sat down on the edge of the lounge as Justin dropped both of his feet down over the sides of the chair to make room. He waited for Justin to finish, and when he finally looked over at him, Brian inquired, “So, what the fuck we are doing out here?”

Justin smiled, set the sketchpad and pencil on the ground and slid forward a bit. He reached out and gently pulled on Brian’s waist until he complied and resituated himself between Justin’s legs. Justin slipped his hands under Brian’s t-shirt and started guiding it up and off of him.

“Well,” Justin began as his arms wrapped around Brian and his hands moved to the buttons on Brian’s jeans. He slowly licked a line between Brian’s shoulder blades.

“You’ve already dived into me in the pool,” He whispered as he undid the buttons, and slid his hand inside of Brian’s jeans.

“And you’ve ridden me in the stables…” Justin freed Brian’s cock, then reached behind his back and retrieved a bottle of lube, squeezing a small amount into his hand before grasping Brian’s rapidly growing hard on.

Brian had to smile at the lad’s planning. He ran his hands up and down Justin’s thighs, “I think technically, you were riding me.”

Justin smiled against Brian’s back at the memory, lazily stroking his own dick with his free hand. “Close enough.”

Brian turned to the side and wrapped his hand around Justin’s neck, pulling him into a leisurely kiss, running his tongue over Justin’s in time to the hand on his dick. He kept turning until he was on his knees between Justin’s legs. Breaking the kiss as he lifted Justin’s shirt over his head and off. With one hand on Justin’s chest, and one hand on the lever on the side of the chair, he pushed Justin backwards until both the chair back, and Justin were fully reclined.

Brian grabbed both of Justin’s wrists with one hand, trapping them both over his head. He leaned over him and traced a path down Justin’s neck and chest with his lips, tongue and teeth. Suddenly remembering, he paused, hovering over a hardened pink nipple, “So I suppose now I have to slam you on the tennis court?”

“Or we could just cuddle."

The words were barely out of Justin's mouth before he was yelping in protest as Brian bit down on his nipple.

Brian looked up at him, incredulous. He pinched Justin’s other nipple, hard, between his fingers. “You are seriously going to pay for that.” He jumped off the lounge smacked the side of Justin's thigh and growled at him to turn over.

Justin superficially objected, reminding Brian that those were his words, not Justin's, but he obediently flipped onto his stomach as he did so. Brian was squatting at the head of the lounge undoing the fabric ties that held the cushion in place on the wooden frame.

"Wrist," he demanded quietly.

Justin hesitated. Not because he didn't want to. He liked Brian in this kind of mood just fine. He hesitated because, although he rationally knew it was very unlikely anyone would wander into their backyard at 10pm and see him tied up and naked on the tennis court, the lights overhead were extremely bright, there was nothing for a 50 yards any direction shielding them from view, and he felt a little bit like he was on stage. Justin looked into Brian's face and he stared back, eyebrows raised, calmly waiting for Justin to comply. Justin laid both his arms over his head against the lounge, buried his face against the soft material and relaxed.

After Brian had tied both of Justin's wrists to the frame, he moved to the side. He reached over and slipped his fingers beneath the waistband of Justin's light cotton pants, "Lift," and tugged them off.

Even at this late hour it was still hot, and the occasional breeze that floated over them was a welcome relief, but Justin shivered almost imperceptibly once there was nothing between his slightly sweat-dampened skin and the night air.

Brian ran the tips of his fingers down the bumps of Justin's spine, ghosting them along the crack of his ass. He smacked the cheek closest to him once, "Up."

Justin moaned. There was almost no slack on the ties around his wrists, making moving more difficult, but he clumsily shifted onto his knees and forearms, his forehead resting against the cushion, as Brian stood next to him, watching.

Brian massaged a bit of lube idly down Justin's crack, and much too lightly teased his hole.

Justin blushed picturing how he must look. He blushed harder when Brian's palm spanked the same place on his bottom several times in a row, and he found himself moaning and pushing his ass back to meet each smack.

Brian massaged the reddened skin with one hand, and resumed playing with Justin's hole with the other – circling around it, over it, pressing against it until Justin was squirming under his touch and pushing back against his fingers. "Brian," Justin moaned.

He wanted to make Justin wait. Wanted to draw this out and torture him. Wanted Justin begging him to fuck him. Wanted it more because he knew Justin wanted it too.

Justin's pale skin was flushed and the sheen of sweat forming on top of it seemed to make it glow under the bright lights. Brian ran his palms appreciatively over the gorgeous ass thrust up and waiting just for him, a million dirty thoughts filtering through his mind. Brian ran his thumbs down the center, using them to spread Justin wide. His tongue followed the path of his thumbs until he was lapping the pink wrinkled skin.

He pushed his tongue inside a few times, tasting Justin, and then he withdrew completely, eliciting a groan of protest from Justin. Brian moved around to the head of the chair. He stroked his cock with one hand while he gently threaded his fingers through the silky blond strands before tightening his fist around them. He roughly pulled Justin's head up by his hair.

Justin gasped, tongue wetting his lips when he realized what Brian wanted. The lack of control he had over the blowjob he was about to give simultaneously making him uncomfortable and turned on.

Brian held Justin by his hair, positioning his dick in front of Justin's willing, open mouth, still sliding his own hand up and down the shaft. He bit his lip, holding back a moan as Justin's tongue darted out, first circling the head of his cock, before licking the slit. A thin strand of fluid hung briefly in the space between Brian's dick and Justin's tongue, connecting the two.

Brian couldn't suppress the moan that rumbled out of him at the sight. He started to move his hips back and forth, both hands cradling Justin's head, fucking his hot, wet, mouth with short thrusts. When he felt Justin start to pull his head forward, encouraging him, he moved deeper, until he was hitting the back of his throat.

Brian's head fell back as Justin took him all the way in and swallowed around his cock. He came, shooting down Justin's throat, his grip tightening around the blond hair tangled in his fingers.

"Fuck," Brian groaned as he pulled back, resting his hands on Justin's shoulders for a moment to steady himself.

Brian knelt down, caught Justin's self-satisfied smile, and shook his head. "Lay down."

Justin lowered himself down, scooting backwards so his arms were once again outstretched. He turned his head sideways and resting his cheek against one of his arms so that he could watch Brian as he checked the circulation in Justin's hands. Brian gently massaged Justin's wrists as he ran his thumbs beneath the ties, assuring himself that they hadn't somehow tightened. He leaned forward kissing Justin softly, then pulled back, carefully holding eye contact.

"Need me to untie these?"


"Want me to untie them?"

Justin hesitated, "No."

Brian loosened the ties a bit and stood up, "Turn over on your back."

"Pull your knees into your chest."

Justin followed the instructions, watching Brian curiously as he straddled the lounge, sitting so close his crotch had to be just inches from Justin's ass. Brian reached out and guided Justin's legs back down, draping them over his thighs on either side of him. Justin's moaned when he realized how exposed this left him, legs spread wide, ass slightly elevated.

His dick was already painfully hard and he could feel pre-come dripping onto his stomach.

Brian generously coated his fingers with lube. He pressed one against Justin's hole and easily slipped inside. He pushed in and out only a couple of times before adding a second. He slid them slowly in and out of Justin, waiting patiently to be asked for more. His other hand was resting on Justin's thigh, his thumb mindlessly tracing circles against the soft skin.

Brian's slow pace was quickly driving Justin insane. He tried to move closer, impale himself harder on Brian's fingers, and mentally cursed himself for not asking to be untied when he found he couldn't. "Oh God. Brian. Please."

"Please what?"

"Please. Fuck Me."

Brian laughed, "I am fucking you," he brushed his fingers against Justin's prostate for emphasis. Justin moaned loudly then muttered something that sounded a lot like asshole. Brian took pity on him, "Please. More?" He asked as he slid a third finger inside along the other two.

Justin cried out, bucking his hips.

"Or. Please. Harder?" Brian pulled them almost all the way out then pushed them back in faster than before.

"Yes. Please. Both. Fuck. Me. Fuck. Me.Fuck.Me...."

Justin writhed in front of him, his words increasingly incoherent. Brian's own dick was almost fully hard again pressing against the fly of his jeans, but Justin, completely debauched and desperate to come, was a fucking beautiful sight. Brian decided he could wait.

His fingers deep inside of Justin, Brian kept his eyes on Justin's face as he brushed against his prostate again and told him to come. And he did. Hard.

After Justin's breathing started to even out, Brian eased his fingers back out and wiped them on Justin's discarded t-shirt. He used it wipe the come off of Justin's chest. He slid up alongside of Justin, and reached above his head to untie his wrists. Justin's eyes were closed and he seemed rather indifferent to Brian's movements as Brian repositioned them onto their sides so that he could lie next to Justin on the too-narrow-for-two-people lounge without crushing him.

"Did you pass out?"

Justin laughed, but he still didn't open his eyes, "Not yet. I really wish I wasn't lying naked on the tennis court though...Bed is a long way away," he murmured, snaking his arm around Brian's waist and already falling asleep.

The air was still warm and Brian thought it wouldn't hurt to let the kid sleep a few minutes before moving inside. Brian brushed a few sweat-drenched locks of hair away from Justin's face before tangling his fingers in the damp strands on the nape of his neck. As he too started to drift off, he mentally conceded that to an outside observer this probably looked a lot like cuddling.
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