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Theme #16: Let's Get Soaking Wet Fic 4 of 8
Title: Mediterranean Sunshine
Author: [info]frantic_quest
Warnings: None
Author’s Note: Post-513 Vacation Fic

“Shit, Brian! I can’t believe we’re finally here.” Justin walked slowly out onto the large terraced patio, spinning around to look back at the private villa he had just exited.

Brian emerged from the wide French doors, his admiring gaze taking in more than just the tropical scenery to encompass the very attractive blond boy ass presently heading toward the tranquil emerald sea a short distance from the patio steps.

“Did you ever see anything so beautiful?” Justin glanced eagerly back at his partner, beginning an impromptu strip tease as he reached the soft white sand, unable to wait to feel the fine, smooth grains between his toes.

“Well, I am kind of partial to what I see in the mirror,” Brian answered with a knowing smirk, “but this view will probably end up in my top three.”

“Oh really?” Justin laughed as he ran back to Brian, grabbing his hands and pulling him closer to the gently pounding surf. “I agree that your mirror doesn’t lie, but what exactly ranks number two on your beauty meter?” He slid his naked body seductively against Brian’s, slipping his hands into the waistband of Brian’s pants and pulling his shirt loose.

“Get sand in my Prada loafers and it’ll come out of your ass, brat.” Brian warned, only half-joking as he eyed the offending matter scattered within inches of his feet.

“An evasion of the question? Some things never change.” Justin snorted loudly, but bent over to help Brian slide his shoes and socks off. This was a long anticipated, oft-delayed vacation, and there was no way he was going to let a dramatic label queen moment ruin even a second of it for them.

“There.” He soothed, pausing to gently stroke and pet Brian’s slender and quite attractively pedicured toes. “Doesn’t it feel better to be barefoot?” Justin spent a few more moments admiring Brian’s feet until he felt Brian’s fingers threading gently through his hair.

Pausing to press a kiss with just a hint of tongue on the top of Brian’s foot, Justin wrapped his arms around the back of Brian’s legs, stroking upwards until he reached Brian’s ass. He cupped the tight muscles still covered by Brian’s dress pants, and looked up into Brian’s face with a lust-filled smile.

“You are horribly overdressed, Mr. Kinney.” He nuzzled his face into Brian’s cloth-covered crotch, quickly reaching around with one hand to unbuckle Brian’s belt and pop open the fly. He grabbed the zipper with his teeth, pulling it down slowly while he watched Brian’s expression turn from mildly interested to completely horny.

“And since this is our private stretch of Mediterranean beach and surf, it’s time for you to get in touch with your inner naked native.” Justin pulled back long enough for Brian’s pants to slide like silk down his legs, hungrily licking his lips as Brian kicked the out-of-place article of clothing off to the side.

Justin leaned forward and palmed Brian’s cock in greeting, having only briefly encountered it in the first- class bathroom on the flight, and later, in the back seat of the ridiculously opulent and totally private limousine that delivered them to this secluded villa that Justin was sure he had seen on TV once as a child on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. It had been a long-and-winding road that had led them to this place in both of their lives, and there was no way he was going to waste a moment of their “reconnection” time together.

“Ah!” Brian let out a low moan as Justin played with the slick on the tip of his dick, quickly shrugging off his shirt and tie to expose his bronzed torso to the kiss of the Mediterranean sun.

“Mmm.”Justin answered, licking his way down the length of Brian’s cock, inhaling deeply as he pressed his nose into Brian’s familiar thatch of pubic hair, before moving his mouth lower, pulling Brian’s ball sac gently inside, sucking wetly until the saliva began to drip from around the seal made by his lips.

Justin was always sure to pay extra attention to that part of Brian’s anatomy, ever mindful that Brian still felt damaged and diminished by his missing ball. Just another small battle in the war to disprove every last one of Brian Kinney’s fucked up self-beliefs that Justin had been chipping away at since the night they’d met.

Justin felt Brian’s fingers tighten around the strands of his hair before relaxing slightly into the stroking and restless weaving that he favored when they had no audience watching. In private, Brian had learned the difference between fucking a nameless trick, and making love to the man who had taught him that lesson through their combined blood, sweat, and tears.

Justin moved up Brian’s torso, licking and nipping his way from Brian’s inner thigh to his abdomen, tongue-fucking his navel, before moving on to bite and lightly scratch at Brian’s nipples, knowing exactly how much pressure to use to draw grunts and groans of pleasure from Brian’s mouth.

He travelled quickly from shoulder to neck, catching Brian’s lips roughly in a kiss full of teeth and tongue, that left no room for breathing until Justin added two of his fingers into the mix, sliding them between both of their mouths, making sure they were dripping with spit before dropping back to his knees, pulling Brian’s hard and leaking cock as deeply into his throat as possible, and taking those two wet digits to push teasingly against Brian’s hole.

“Jesus Christ, Justin!” Brian cried out, as Justin slid his fingers into the tight heat, relentlessly searching for Brian’s prostate as he continued to bob his head back and forth, feeling like he was drawing energy from the seductive warmth of the Mediterranean sun and the powerful music of the surf pounding the beach just a few hundred feet away.

Brian was not unaffected by the view on the horizon and at his feet, and he barely managed to pull Justin off his cock before he shot his load, which a clever Justin quickly realized was aimed at his face, catching a few drops in his open mouth as well.

“You made a mess, Brian.” He whispered as he presented his come splattered face to his lover, who laughed softly as they shared the jizz together for a few moments before breaking apart so Brian could examine what remained of his handi-work.

“And I’m not done yet, Sunshine.” Brian spared a glance at Justin’s erection bobbing stiffly from between his legs, caressing it lightly enough to make Justin hiss from the too-soft touch on its achingly hard surface, before turning and leading Justin toward the shore line.

A brightly colored cabana had been placed just past the high tide line, and as they approached, Justin could see a tapestry covered chaise lounge roughly the size of a futon, with a bottle of sangria nestled beside it in a silver ice bucket.

Brian was watching Justin’s face, and saw the amusement flash briefly across his features. Brian rolled his lips into his mouth, and pushed Justin gently onto the cushion, following right on top, pinning Justin’s hands above his head, while he slowly claimed Justin’s lips with his.

“Did you think I was going to fuck you on the sand, with the waves crashing over us, like in From Here to Eternity, twat?” Brian raised his eyebrows teasingly as he prepared Justin’s hole with spit and slick, pausing to snap a condom on from a hidden stash Justin hadn’t even bothered to worry about. Raw fucking on the beach with no prior discussion was not the point they were at right now.

“Well, the thought had crossed my mind, “Justin panted, scratching his fingernails down Brian’s back as he impatiently wrapped his legs around Brian’s waist. “But, since it would probably be my ass on the sand getting grains embedded in every crack and crevice, I am quite happy to cast my romantic delusions aside to get fucked by you in this expensive as hell location.”

Brian shoved his tongue in Justin’s mouth, both to get a deeper taste of his boy, and to hopefully shut him the fuck up so Brian could concentrate on ramming his ass properly.

It worked out better than Brian had anticipated, and within a short while, they were finishing off the chilled bottle of sangria, a bowl of native fruits with whipped cream that was not likely getting anywhere near the fruit it was intended for, and, as an added bonus, he had a sun and sangria drunk blond in his arms, happily sucking on his neck.

They spent their afternoon splashing and swimming in the warm Mediterranean water, thoughts of clients and commissioned works, meddlesome yet well-meaning friends and family, fading away until it was easy to believe as the sun set in a fiery glow over the ocean, that they had finally found their perfect world.

They made an offer on the villa before the sun set the next day.

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