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Theme #12: Without Words - Fic 3 of 5
TITLE:Set Me Reeling
WARNINGS:It's porn, be warned.
A/N:HUGE hugs and thanks and kisses to [info]besamislabios for her not-beta. She pretty much held my hand the whole time I was writing. I swear every time I do a challenge that I’m never writing porn again. It never gets easier!

Before he met Brian, Justin had certain fantasies he liked to jerk off to. There was the hot soccer-playing exchange student at St. James, or the neighbor’s gorgeous pool boy, and a personal favorite, his 8th grade math teacher while he was serving detention for skipping class.

Now all his fantasies all center on Brian. He doesn’t even need a scenario, although imagining detention with Mr. Kinney as his math teacher makes him hard instantly.

Today, it’s one of those mindless sort of fantasies. Justin was spread out on Brian’s bed. He’d kicked off his shoes and removed his tie, but still had on his white shirt and gray slacks, lowered just enough to give himself access to his cock and balls.

As he pulled at his dick, his eyes closed and he lost himself to vague thoughts of Brian: fingering his ass, pushing his tongue in next to his fingers, making him moan with pleasure. Heat began to spread through his body, and Justin reached down to pull at his balls, his back arching off the bed, head tilting back into the pillows.

Only when he lifted his head back up to watch his hand working at his dick did he see Brian, leaning against the door frame, watching him. Justin just smiled lazily at him, never missing a stroke. Even through the haze of his approaching orgasm, Justin could tell what Brian wanted.

At first, Brian didn’t respond to Justin’s smile. Finally, he looked up from watching Justin touch himself to give him a slow, sexy smile back. He watched for another moment, then made his way to the bed, reaching into his back pocket as he walked.

Justin never stopped touching himself, keeping his eyes on Brian as he walked to the bed. He’d pulled a condom out of his pocket and now he held it between his teeth as he undressed and pulled Justin’s pants off as well. Then he knelt between Justin’s legs and ripped the condom package open. He slapped at Justin’s hands until he released the hold on his cock, gasping a little when he did. Brian leaned over Justin and kissed him, slow and sexy, just like he’d smiled at him before, then raised back up and rolled the condom down Justin’s dick.

Justin’s heart hitched in his chest. He stared at Brian steadily for a few moments before he pulled him back down, tongue pushing into Brian’s mouth greedily, his sheathed dick rubbing against Brian’s. As they kissed, Justin pushed at Brian until he rolled over, pulling Justin on top of him. They still hadn’t spoken a word to each other.

When the kiss finally broke, leaving Justin absolutely breathless, he moved off Brian and pushed at him gently until Brian rolled over, spreading his legs slightly. His head turned to the side as he settled into his own folded arms. Justin knelt between his thighs, running his hands up from the backs of his knees to his ass, watching Brian’s face flush slightly as he did. He stroked him aimlessly for a while, relishing the feel of hard muscle and soft skin.

Feeling more grounded, he reached down and pulled at Brian’s hips. Brian pushed himself up, spreading his knees as he did. Justin’s dick jumped against his stomach and he moaned deep in his chest. The sight of Brian spread before him was hotter than any masturbatory fantasy could ever be. He reached down to spread Brian’s cheeks and Brian let out a long, hissing breath before Justin’s mouth ever reached him.

Justin leaned in, inhaling the scent of Brian before he began to lick, his tongue hard and flat against Brian’s hole. This time Brian’s hiss was an intake of breath. Spurred on by the sound, Justin continued licking and sucking and nipping at Brian’s ass, stopping only to wet two fingers in his mouth before adding them to the mix. Justin’s face was wet and Brian’s ass was wetter and was all deliciously messy and Justin couldn’t imagine anything sexier.

As his first finger slid into Brian, so tight and so impossibly warm, Justin moved his other hand up Brian’s back, feeling him jerk beneath him. He added another finger, slowly at first, then moving faster as Brian’s moans filled the room. When Justin shuffled back down to suck Brian’s balls into his mouth, still pumping his fingers in and out of his ass, Brian grabbed his own dick, tugging it in tandem with Justin’s fingers, his balls pulling against the suction of Justin’s mouth.

Suddenly Justin pulled his fingers out of Brian’s ass and moved back up to line his cock against his hole. He had to be inside Brian. Now. He pushed in slowly and Brian pushed back hard against him, wanting the pain that slid itself slowly around the pleasure, adding to the heat that was building in his balls as he continued to jack himself off.

The only sounds in the loft were the moans and half-spoken grunts that never became real words. Justin pulled back and slammed into Brian, amazed at the tightness, the heat enveloping his cock. His pace was frenzied and his technique was non-existent, but neither of them cared. Justin’s head fell back as he felt his balls tighten and then he was coming, coming hard inside Brian. He felt Brian clench around him tighter than ever and then moan loudly as he came too, jerking under Justin.

Justin’s hips finally slowed and he slumped over Brian a bit, feeling like his bones had turned to liquid. He’d never be able to move again, he was sure of that. Finally, he pressed a kiss against Brian’s spine before he pulled out and flopped onto the bed beside him. Brian turned slowly onto his back beside him, letting out a long groan as he did. They lay, barely touching, for a long time, as daylight faded around them.
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