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Theme #12: Without Words - Fic 2 of 5
Title: Bed of Roses

Author: [info]not_yet_defined

A/N: Bunny asked for - Brian ass up on a bed of rose petals under a spotlight, begging for it. So don't blame me for the this. Dedicated to my darling [info]happier_bunny

"Brian. There's a fucking spot light over the bed."

"It's called recessed lighting."

Justin shot him an incredulous look. "Who recommended this place to you again?"

"A client." Brian lied as he pushed past Justin to drop his bag near the closet. It was bad enough he was going to have to stay in the tackiest hotel on earth for at least a night, he didn't need to be harassed about his bad taste in tricks as well. Oh christ, he thought, as he turned around and caught sight of the wall of mirrors. Justin walked further into the room and started to turn, but before he could see the monstrosity Brian flicked off the light.


Brian shoved him onto the bed and promptly joined him there. Lips finding his neck in the dark. "It has a bed, what does the rest matter?"

As his hand worked the buttons on Justin's jeans, Justin responded by sliding further up on to said bed.

Minutes later his hand flew up to grip the headboard and accidently pressed a button of some sort attached to the wood. The world shook.


A peal of laughter rang out in the night.

Followed by a defeated sigh.

Nevertheless, they didn't wind up leaving the hotel. In the morning, when Brian slid his hand into Justin's hair and tugged, pulling his head up, their eyes locked in the reflection for a split second before Justin took in the whole image and came so hard Brian was the one seeing stars.

They decided to remain with the understanding that there would be no photographic evidence of the room nor would they ever admit to having stayed here.

Later that night they were mid-fuck when Brian abruptly pulled out and got off the bed. He walked over to the lighting panel and left every thing on except the "recessed" light above the bed.

"It was burning my ass," he replied to Justin's what-the-fuck expression.

By the end of their stay they had gotten over the horror of their accommodations and gotten in to the spirit of the place. It was built for fucking, and in the end neither of them could really find anything too objectionable in that. And they were in the middle of fucking no where, so it wasn't like they were worried about being spotted.

So it wasn't surprising that they initially took no notice of the rose petals trailing a path from the door to the bed....

"Brian," Justin moaned as Brian pressed him against the door, his teeth grazing the back of his neck, one hand gripping the soft blond strands of hair so that he could tilt his head to the side for better access, while the other one reached between his legs and palmed his balls, fingers stroking the base of his already hard cock.

He dropped his hand from Justin's head long enough to retrieve the access card from his pocket and tried to open the door. He failed three times before Justin snatched the card from his hand and released the lock.

They stumbled into the room, hastily pulling off their own shirts, kicking off their shoes. Justin paused, leaning against the couch to pull off his socks. He nearly registered the different texture against the skin of his barefoot, soft and silky, but Brian, whose clothes always seemed to magically disappear the man could disrobe so fast, was already tackling him against the couch. Justin bit at his lower lip, sucking it between his own, teasing the edge with his tongue and relishing the feel of Brian growling against his mouth.

They moved backwards towards the bed, neither one cognizant of the petals beneath their feet.

Brian dropped to his knees and took Justin's cock into his mouth, pulling him all the way to the back of his throat without preamble. His hands gripped Justin's hips as he swallowed around him, holding him steady as Justin's legs nearly buckled at the sudden intensity of the sensation wrapped around his dick.

Justin rested one hand on the top of Brian's head, curling his fingers in his hair and ever so slightly thrusting his hips as Brian's lips moved up and down his cock, his tongue circling around the head when pulled back, and his throat swallowing around it when pushed in.

He couldn't take it any longer and thrust more forcefully into Brian's mouth, coming hard down his throat.

Brian stood up a few seconds later, with plans of fucking Justin's tight little ass into tomorrow for the next act and was somewhat surprised when Justin aggressively pushed him down onto the bed.

That's when he felt them. "What the fuck is..." he started to say but the words died on his lips when Justin returned the favor and swallowed him whole. When his finger began circling his hole, Brian planted his feet on matress, and slightly lifted up for better access. He wasn't surprised when Justin's mouth left his cock and traveled on, circling his hole where his finger had been.

"Turn over."

Brian glanced down at Justin. But it was dark, and the look had no effect if Justin couldn't see it, and aside from that he wanted Justin's tongue back inside his ass and a little rimming didn't necessarily mean that Justin was going to fuck him.

So he complied without comment, turning over onto his knees and elbows and was rewarded with the sweet sensation of Justin's hot wet tongue slowly opening his hole.

He was so fucking close, and he knew it, Justin's tongue thrusting in and out as he fisted Brian's cock was more than he could take. He was open and wet and couldn't seem to stop focusing on the last time Justin had fucked him and god he wanted it he thought as his hands clenched the duvet and whatever the fuck was strewn all over it. He tried not to think about what it was. He was pretty sure he knew. And he damn well knew it wasn't Justin's doing.

He groaned as he felt Justin pull back. He involuntarily thrust back against him when he felt Justin move up his back, his hard cock sliding against his ass. "You want me to fuck you?" Justin whispered against his back.

Brian just grunted in response, and pushed back against his fingers when they pressed against his hole. Justin worked two gently inside of Brian. He bit his lip at the burn but continued pushing back, seeking more.

After a few minutes Justin pulled away and got off the bed, Brian followed his form in the darkness with interest, squinting when Justin flicked on the spotlight over the bed. He looked down. Fucking rose petals.

Justin bit his lip as he moved back behind Brian, stroking a condom down over his cock. It was impossible for this hotel to get anymore cheesy and ridiculous but it didn't mean that Brian didn't look amazing on his arms and knees, sweaty and wanting, and surrounded by sea of deep red petals on the cream colored duvet.

He pushed inside the tight wet heat that was Brian and Brian pushed back against him. His head dropped to the mattress, his fist clenching petals and fabric as Justin moved faster and deeper with each thrust. He came, his ass tightening around Justin's cock as he did, bringing him along with him.

Justin rested for a minute, his forehead against Brian's back as the sweat on both of them began to cool. He pulled out as gently as he could and then flopped down on his back next to Brian, closing his eyes against the bright light as he removed the condom and dropped it on the floor.

Brian flipped over with a moan and turned his head to the side, shielding his eyes with his hand and glancing at a very satisfied looking Justin. He reached over and flicked a petal from his chest. "Why did you turn on that fucking light?"

"I wanted to see you."

"On a bed of roses?" He mocked.

"No. Just you. These petals are fucking everywhere," he griped as he pulled one from the crack of his ass with a look of distaste. "And your're right, that thing burns your ass."

Brian laughed. "We're never coming back here again."

"Thank fucking god for that."
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