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Theme #11: Public Sex // Sex in Public 5 of 10
AUTHOR: [info]frantic_quest
A/N: Unbetad because I wrote this tonight, at the last minute. It’s only my second fic in the qaf world so I will hopefully improve!


“Oh my God, Brian, isn’t this exciting? Look at all the people…and the slot machines…and the lights…and the mirrors…and…just everything!” Justin’s head was turning from one side to another at a speed I was starting to find alarming. Christ, at the rate he was going he was going to have whiplash before we made it halfway across the casino floor.

“Justin, can you at least try to act like this isn’t the first time you’ve been allowed out in public?” I sighed loudly for effect, but I kept a guiding hand firmly at the small of Sunshine in Wonderland’s back. I was afraid I might lose him among the middle-aged, overweight hetero masses swarming throughout the gaudy and obscenely loud gaming hall if I let go of him for even a second.

From what I had observed so far, Atlantic City was most definitely not my idea of America’s Playground. In my expert advertising opinion, it was a resort desperately in need of some new marketing strategies, all needing to be aimed at the gay male demographic that was obviously being completely ignored. I held back a shudder as I glimpsed another scantily dressed cocktail waitress strut by on high heels. We had only been here for a short while but I was fairly certain by now that hot, tight-assed cocktail waiters were going to be a rare commodity in this town.

Jesus, I was already feeling nauseated at the thought of venturing onto the local beaches. I hadn’t seen even one hard body that would do justice to a Speedo yet. Well, except for two notable exceptions, and Justin and I really didn’t count since we could admire ourselves whenever we wanted to anyway.

“Brian, can we play some slot machines? Look! That one over there looks like fun! I love Wheel of Fortune!” Justin was practically jumping up and down with excitement now. He was tugging at my fucking arm, pulling me steadily toward a noisy, blinking machine with a bullshit promise of a $100,000 payout daily. “Do you feel lucky Brian?”

Reluctantly letting myself be dragged closer to the headache inducing one-armed bandit, an apt nickname, I thought sarcastically, I indulgently smiled as Justin gazed up at me and smiled happily.

“Yeah twat,” I whispered in his ear as I surreptitiously squeezed his fine ass, “I have a feeling I’m going to be very fucking lucky, very fucking soon. “

“Later,” Atlantic City’s newest high roller answered, already totally engrossed in figuring out what all the dinging bells and flashing lights meant to his chances at winning the jackpot. “Let me play here for a while.”

I leaned in closer, pushing my hard cock against his back briefly; I was satisfied at the breathless laugh that Justin huffed in my direction. “But all these homely heteros are gonna make my dick soft if you don’t let me fuck you soon.” I felt he deserved a fair warning, and he turned and pressed a brief, but intense kiss on my lips to let me know that he got the message loud and clear, so I backed off and let the lad play with his new toy. For the most part, he was good boy.

Thirty minutes later, I was at the end of my patience and I was also sure that all of the flashing lights were going to induce an epileptic seizure in one of us. I needed a stiff drink and a place to sick my stiff cock, not necessarily in that order, so I leaned over Justin’s shoulder and pushed the payout button, grapping the voucher it spit out, and shoving it into my pocket carelessly.

“Brian!” Justin protested weakly, “Couldn’t I just play for five more minutes? I’m sure I’m like two pulls away from winning the jackpot!”

“Justin!” I mocked gently, “In five minutes I can have you five minutes away from shooting on the nearest bathroom stall!”

He laughed softly as I took the lead, half-dragging him toward the nearest restroom sign. As I was closing in on the men’s room, I paused when I noticed a Temporarily Closed sign in front of a row of slot machines in a relatively quiet corner of the casino floor. Looking around casually, but carefully, I quickly pulled Justin into the small alcove, and pressed him firmly up against a flashing machine.

“ Shit Brian, what the fuck are you doing? If we get caught we’re gonna get banned from the casino!” Justin briefly struggled at the thought of being exiled from his new favoritest place on earth, but when you thrust your hand down the front of his waistband, his protests turned into moans, and he pushed back obligingly against your cock.

“Shh, Sunshine, it’ll be quick and dirty just like we like it. “ I nuzzled into his neck and licked my way to his shoulder before ending with a sharp bite that would be sure to leave a small red mark. Just like all artists signed their work, I always left my seal of approval on Justin somewhere as we fucked.

“Here, let me rub you for luck.” I freed his cock from his tight black jeans and stroked, laughing as he threw his head back on my shoulder and arched into my hand wantonly. I loved it when he let his slutty side shine.

Rolling his shirt up with my free hand, I slid my way from his stomach to his chest, pausing to scrape my nail against his nipple, eliciting a moan that had me glance around to make sure we hadn’t attracted any unwanted attention.

When I was confident we weren’t about to be interrupted by casino security, I reached into my pocket for a condom and lube, allowed my own hard-on to spring free, and bared Justin’s gorgeous ass just enough to give me full access to his crack and balls. Deftly slipping on the condom with one hand and keeping the other occupied with Justin’s now dripping stiffie, I roughly prepared him with a little finger fucking action.

When I was sure he was loose enough to take me, I grabbed his hip and plunged in smoothly, biting back the groan that always threatened to escape me whenever I entered his tight, hot hole. I stilled for a moment, letting Justin adjust to the sudden penetration, and after a few seconds he gripped my thigh, letting me know he was ready to go. Getting the green light, I thrust in as deeply as I could, before pulling back out and immediately reloading, burying my length as far as he could take it. I started picking up our rhythm with quick, hard thrusts, punctuated by smoother, longer ones every few strokes, knowing by his panting breaths and long, low moans that I was grazing his prostate on every pass.

Releasing his hip, I reached up and twisted my hands in his hair, tugging his head back and baring his graceful neck to my exploring lips and teeth. I kept my other hand busy on his cock, matching the thrusting from behind with the stroking on the front.

As I panted loudly against his neck, I felt my balls tighten and heard a familiar pounding begin in my ears, so I whispered, “Come for me Justin,” as my cock exploded in his ass. I grunted as I unleashed my load in the condom and felt his muscles tighten as his come sprayed over my hand and splattered onto the slot machine he was pressed against.

We breathed heavily together for a few more minutes, before I gently pulled out, took care of the well used condom, and helped him straighten his clothes. He turned in my arms and wrapped his arms around me, kissing me happily. I returned the kiss, not because I was happy, but because he deserved a reward for consistently being such a fine fuck.

“Brian?” he was frowning a little now, what the fuck?

“Justin?” I parroted, wondering what romantic bullshit would come flying out of his mouth now.

“I read somewhere that casinos have like a bazillion cameras all over the place, and they can see everything that happens everywhere on the gaming floor. Do you think they caught us fucking on camera?” Justin was looking over my shoulder with some alarm. “What would they think about it?”

“What…taping two fabulous fags like us fucking in their hetero haven?” I smirked down at him, dropping a kiss on his nose just to reassure him. “They should immediately make us the highlight of their new advertising campaign aimed at attracting hordes of horny homos into the Jersey Shore!”

“In other words,” Justin laughed, “They’d hit the jackpot!”
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