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Theme #11: Public Sex // Sex in Public 2 of 10
Title: The Hirshhorn

Author: [info]not_yet_defined

A/N: last minute and totally not beta'd so sorry if it offends grammatically or otherwise. Nonetheless, dedicated to [info]pendulumchanges. :D

Brian stared at the installation in front of him thinking of anything but the flickering images. His gaze wandered about the small room. There was nothing else to look at. The walls, ceiling and floor were all painted black. As he turned his head to look behind him at the open door he felt Justin nudge him with his elbow. Heaving a great sigh he turned his attention back to the screen, trying to focus. It lasted ten seconds. He looked to his left and studied Justin's face. He appeared to be entranced by the video in front of him. His eyes never left the screen, but his lips were curled in a bit of smirk.

Brian decided to take his chances and casually dropped his hand on Justin's thigh. He felt Justin glance at him but he kept his eyes straight ahead and tried to look as bored as possible. Satisfied, Justin turned his eyes back to the screen.

Brian waited a whole minute and a half before he started caressing Justin's thigh in a circular fashion. He knew he waited a whole minute and a half because he counted in his head. It was the only way to keep himself from falling asleep while pretended to watch this utter piece of shit. He only moved a millimeter or so closer to Justin's crotch every few circles.

He succeeded in getting a fraction of an inch from Justin's cock before he heard the admonishing, "Brian."

Fortunately, Justin's cock thought Brian was behaving in a completely appropriate manner and had begun to stir of it's own accord. Brian leaned close and whispered against Justin's ear, "Yes?" as his hand moved in for the kill.

"Anyone could come walking in here at any moment."

"Mmm," Brian acknowledged. He would have said more - because honestly he hadn't heard a single person even walk by in the last 5 minutes and he figured there were all of 15 people in the entire museum at the moment, including the guards, so the chances of someone coming in in the next five minutes, which was more time than he needed, was slim to none - but he was very busy biting Justin's earlobe and kissing his neck. He could feel the hardened length of Justin's dick through the thin material of his pants and he increased the pressure of his hand.

"Brian," Justin murmured again, but it sounded more like a plea for more than a reprimand this time. Brian deftly unsnapped all the buttons of his fly in one swift move and slid his hand inside Justin's underwear, encircling his cock with his hand.

Justin glanced warily over his shoulder at the door, before turning his attention back to the screen and relaxing into his seat. Brian leaned back as well, apparently engrossed in the film while continuing to fondle the now fully hard cock in his hand. His thumb grazed over head, catching the pre-come gathered at tip and Justin barely repressed his groan as Brian used it slick his shaft.

Justin started to thrust his hips ever so slightly into his tight fist. His quick shallow breaths and nearly silent moans were going straight to Brian's dick, and he brushed his hand over it as he continued stroking Justin's cock.

His hand moved faster and Justin's head fell back, his eyes closed, biting his lip. His hips pumping up into Brian's hand. Once. Twice. And then his jaw fell open, releasing a strangled cry as hot come soaked his black cotton briefs and the long fingers wrapped around his cock.

They both stayed still for a moment as Justin's breathing slowed and he softened in Brian's hand. Brian released him, bringing his fingers to his mouth and licking off the come that remained as Justin snapped his pants back up whilst mumbling something about having to go back to the hotel now before going to the Corcoran and possibly needing a shower. Brian just nodded and tried to look sympathetic.

It was hard though because his mind was already on the shower and ways to tie Justin to hotel bed. The Corcoran had been there 150 years, Brian was fairly sure it would still be there the next time they were in town.
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