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Choose Your Own Adventure - 5 of 7
TITLE: Center of Attention
AUTHOR: [info]tweedygal
WARNINGS: It's porn, be warned.
A/N: At noon at Justin's newest NY studio. There's some finger-fucking. No beta, which will become obvious quickly!

Brian paced around Justin's new studio, peering into corners and picking up objects randomly, not really looking at them. At least this place was cleaner than the last one, he thought. And there were a few more amenities, if you wanted to call a futon in the corner and a decent skylight amenities.

He was bored. Extremely bored. It was bad enough Justin had been on the phone for ages with someone named Chuck who apparently had an inside track with a gallery manager. The way Justin giggled -- yes, giggled -- every ten minutes made Brian wonder if Chuck had more on his mind than helping Justin meet a new contact.

When Justin hung up, Brian said, "Now can we go? This place is depressing."

"Huh?" Justin looked up from the notes he was taking and frowned at Brian. "I told you I'd be here a while. Go back to the hotel. I'll call when I'm done."

"I came to NY to see you. Not the inside of a hotel room. At least not unless I'm fucking you into the mattress." Brian was practically pouting.

"Hmm...." Justin said, not really listening. "Hold on," he picked up his phone and punched a number. "Liesel? This is Justin...do you have a minute?" He kept talking and Brian went back to pacing. Finally, he slumped onto the futon and stared at Justin, who was gesturing and sketching and laughing as he talked to Leslie or Lila or whoever the hell she was.

Watching him work was kind of hot, Brian thought and he reached down to touch himself, slowly stroking through his jeans. After a while, he undid his belt, reaching inside and continuing to stroke, almost absently. His eyes never left Justin, who hadn't looked his way for several minutes.

Suddenly, nothing was more important to Brian than getting Justin's attention. He stood up and got rid of his jeans and underwear and spread himself wantonly across the futon, legs spread in Justin's general direction. Without as much as a glance his way, Justin turned and started scribbling notes again. He ended his conversation and kept writing and sketching, engrossed in his work.

Brian reached for his cock, stroking long and slow, stopping at the end of each stroke to squeeze the head before moving back down again. He felt himself hardening every time, and his eyes fluttered as he felt the heat start to build. He moved his other hand to his balls, tugging at them as he continued to jack off. Clear pre-cum pooled at the head of his dick and he rubbed it down the shaft, adding to the friction of his hand.

He stopped for a moment and pulled a small tube of lube from his discarded jeans and slicked the fingers on both hands. As he continued to pull at his dick with one hand, he moved the other down to his ass, thrusting two fingers at once into his hole. He let out a low groan, and closed his eyes, pushing into himself hard and pulling back out quickly. After a few moments, he added a third finger, pushing in even harder, spreading his legs to get better access. He heard movement and willed himself to open his eyes. Justin was in front of him, his eyes glazed with lust. He had his pants pushed just below his ass and was stroking his own cock.

"Don't stop," he said, his voice heavy and hoarse. "I want to see you come for me, Brian."

Brian smiled just a little and continued to fuck himself with three fingers, thrusting in and out as hard and fast as he could, feeling the heat building in his spine and moving to his balls. His ass contracted around his fingers and he moaned low and deep. So close. His eyes closed as he felt his orgasm building.

"Look at me." Justin's voice was distant. Brian opened his eyes.

"Come for me, Brian," Justin repeated. Brian let go, his head thrown back, grunting and pulsing and coming in long ropes of white cum. As he came down, still slowing fisting his cock, Justin dropped to his knees in front of him and kissed the head, licking and sucking at the sticky mess. Brian watched, his dick twitching at the feel of Justin's tongue.

After several minutes, Justin sat back up and climbed onto Brian's lap.

"That was hot," he said. "But if you wanted my attention, why didn't you just say so?"

Brian rolled his eyes. "I'll try that next time," he laughed.
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