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Theme # 9: Season One With a Twist - 4 of 6
TITLE: Again

AUTHOR: [info]tweedygal

WARNINGS: It’s porn, be warned!

A/N: This fic would suck monkey balls if not for the lovely [info]bookgirl24. She made it readable...

I’m fucking Justin.


In Michael’s old room in the middle of the night.


Every time this happens, I tell myself I’m not doing it again. After all, there are plenty of men to fuck in Pittsburgh and variety is the spice of life, right?

But, the little shit is everywhere. At Woody’s, Babylon, the munchers’...I can’t even eat at the diner after work without seeing him. He smiles and my dick reacts. It’s ridiculous and yet I keep watching him as he works. The next time he flashes that grin at me, I glare at him. It doesn’t even faze him; he just stares back at me until Debbie walks by and says, “Get a grip, Sunshine. And I’m not talking about your dick!”

He looks at me again, and his tongue comes out to lick slowly at his upper lip. Then he turns away and starts bussing the booth next to mine. He doesn’t look my way again. Little fucker.

Many drinks and many hours later, I’m still seeing that tongue, teasing me, begging to wrap itself around my cock. Frustrated, I find the hottest trick in Babylon and get a blowjob that does nothing more than take the edge off.

Next thing you know, I’m letting myself in the back door at Debbie’s, skirting past the washing machine and skipping the creaky fifth step on the stairs.

When I open the door to Justin’s room, the damn kid is awake. I stand against the door, looking at him. He looks calmly back.

“What are you doing?” I finally ask.

“Waiting for you,” he says, too damn smugly for his own good. If I wasn’t already as hard as a rock, I’d leave. Seriously.

But then he’s out of bed, naked, and doing that stupid fucking tongue lick thing again and I’m through pretending that I don’t want to fuck him until he’s screaming underneath me.

I take a couple of steps away from the door, grabbing at the bottom of my t-shirt. He helps me pull it off and his hands come back down to rub my chest and down my stomach. He never takes his eyes off mine.

I give in and pull him up to my lips, devouring that tongue, pulling it into my mouth. I lick and suck and inhale the taste of him, warm and wet and wanting. He keeps pulling my head down, like he’s trying to pull me into his open mouth.

As I break the kiss, I push him away a bit, trying to gain back some control. He reaches for my jeans and unbuttons them, reaching inside to touch my cock. He wraps his other arm around my waist and pulls me back, his tongue tracing a pattern around my nipple. I tangle my hands into his hair, pushing his head where I want him to be. His tongue never leaves my body as he licks his way down. It feels so good and I close my eyes briefly.


He drives me crazy.

Pushing my jeans past my ass, he licks and then sucks at my stomach, moving toward the skin right above my dick. He kneels, looking up at me, still fucking smug, and *finally* wraps that tongue around me.

He licks the underside, dragging his tongue up slowly to the head, his hand following his tongue. When he reaches the tip, he stops, licking his own lips before he tongue stabs into my slit. He looks up at me, eyes dark, then sucks me deep into his mouth. I close my eyes again and stifle a moan, tilting my hips and slowly fucking his face.

Justin never hesitates as my rhythm gets faster. The feeling of him moving with me, his mouth hot around my cock, never gets old. I let myself get lost in the sensation. When he pulls at my balls while I’m deep in his throat, I tense, clenching his hair in my fingers. I come hard as he swallows around me. Jesus. I’m telling you, he’s unbelievable.

Before he’s caught his breath, I’m hard again and all that matters is my dick in his ass. Now.

I lose my jeans, grab lube and a condom and kiss him hard. I turn him around and whisper, “I wanna fuck you. On the floor. Your ass in the air.”

No answer. Just a wanton moan, which is exactly what I want to hear. I push him down and bend him over on his hands and knees. I know we’ll both have burns from the rug, but I want inside him too much to care. I slide the condom on and lube my cock, not bothering to get him ready. In seconds, I’m buried in his ass and he yells, “Fuck!” as I’m pushing in. I stop and reach around to cover his mouth with my hand. Deb or Vic walking in on us won’t help me get off.

“OK?” I ask.

Justin nods his head quickly and pushes back against me, talking into my hand. I move it aside and he grits out, “God. Move.”

I do. His ass is so tight, so fucking tight, and I can feel him clenching around me. His head is down and he’s rocking back into me, moaning low and deep. I can tell he’s holding back, trying to stay quiet. We’re both sweaty now and I run one hand up his wet back, pulling at his hair. His head snaps up and he reaches back, trying to pull my hips closer, to touch more of me.

Pulling up to my knees, I grip both of his hips and begin to fuck him in earnest, slamming hard against his ass. He clenches at his own dick with short strokes and as he starts to come, he tightens around my cock and I feel the white-hot heat of my own orgasm building. I let go, biting my bottom lip to try to keep from yelling out.

Justin, his hand still on his dick, pants beneath me. I can tell he’s waiting for me to move first, so I pull out and collapse beside him. He rolls over to his back -- away from me -- and lies with his arm over his face, catching his breath. His cock shines in the dark, streaked with his come. I want to lick it off him, but I’m too lazy to move.

After a few minutes, Justin gets up without a word and cleans up with a towel before he pulls on a pair of sweats. I get dressed too. “I need a cigarette. Let’s go.”

He follows me downstairs and we sit on the picnic table in the backyard. I offer him a cigarette, but he just shakes his head, watching me intently as I light up.


He just shrugs a little. His silence is unnerving. Usually he talks non-stop after we fuck, about everything and absolutely nothing at all.

I put my arm around him and kiss him on the side of his face. He smiles then and nuzzles into my neck. I drop my cigarette onto the bench, grinding it out with my foot, and pull him around to me. I kiss his mouth, gently tracing his teeth with my tongue. As the kiss deepens, I reach down to his cock. He’s hard as a rock.

He shivers in my arms.


“Maybe a little.” It’s the first thing he’s said since we came outside. I get off the table and grab his hand.

“Come here. I’ll warm you up.”



I can hardly believe he’s here again. Sure, I can always act as if I’m expecting him when he walks into my bedroom and fucks me, but truth is, I’m not. When it happens, I always start to think that maybe, just maybe, I’m more to him than just a fuck.

But, when he pulls me around the corner and backs me up against the side of the house, it really doesn’t matter. All I want is him like this, on his knees, pushing my sweats down just far enough to wrap his arms around my waist and suck my cock into his mouth.

I can smell the cigarette smoke lingering around us, mixed with the smell of come and musk and sex. I want to watch him, his mouth wrapped around my dick. I want to touch his dark hair, mussy and gorgeous. But as his hand wraps around my balls, gentling them in his palm, I can’t concentrate. I close my eyes and try to keep from coming. If I seem too eager, he’ll pull away.

I want him to stay.

I press my hands against the side of the house, grounding myself a little. His tongue swirls around my cock, then drags from the base to the tip. It feels like nothing else on earth. The night air is cold when he moves away and I can’t help but shiver. Brian reaches up and pushes two fingers into my mouth. I suck on them eagerly, knowing where they’ll be next.

When he runs them down the crack of my ass, stopping just before he reaches my hole, he looks up at me and smiles and my heart trips. He’s so fucking beautiful and his hands touching my body make me crazy. He takes me into his mouth again and this time, he pushes one finger and then another into my ass. The initial pain, combined with the feeling of his mouth devouring my dick, is exquisite. I begin to rock into his mouth and his fingers push in and back out, matching my pace.

I’m not cold anymore. In fact, I can feel the heat building inside me. My hands move to his hair, holding on and giving me leverage as I begin to push harder into his mouth. I can’t last long, even though I want him here forever. One of his hands moves back to my balls and I feel them tighten in his palm. The fingers of his other hand are still fucking me, and he’s sucking me, swallowing around me. I begin to moan and my fingers tangle in his hair, keeping the rhythm as I move into him. Finally, my body tenses and I shoot into his mouth. Nothing can compare to that feeling of release, of letting myself go and I want to do it again almost before I’m finished this time.

When I finally begin to relax, Brian pulls himself up and kisses me and I can taste myself on his tongue. I wrap my arms around him.

After a while, he pulls me back around to the back porch. He’s got one arm slung around me and I rest my head on his shoulder for a few minutes, both of us lost in our own thoughts. He nudges me with his shoulder and says, “Gotta go.” I smile up at him and he kisses me, a long, sweet, quiet kiss. I’m tired, but when he looks down at me, I smile. I could live in a moment like this forever.

As he drives away, dawn beginning to tinge the dark, I try not to think about whether or not he’ll be back.

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