passing_through ([info]passing_through) wrote in [info]bj_action on June 5th, 2008 at 01:55 am
I really loved this! It was so funny and then damn, you turned up the heat. You write a fantastic drunk Brian.

Some of my favorite parts:

I loved everything about the torn t-shirt.

He heard a rip and froze. God, if he'd torn one of Brian's hundred and fifty dollar Hugo Boss tank tops again, Justin was pretty sure that Brian would yell at him for a week and not fuck him for two.

Instead, Brian just laughed. "Why didn't I think of that?" he said, tearing the shirt down the front as he removed the offending article of clothing from his body.
and then "Shit, I ripped my shirt didn't I?" said Brian

Funny and sweet at the same time -"I'm spending the night, aren't I?" he said, crawling under the covers without waiting for answer.

You threw in a few serious Justin moments that really balanced out the humor.

I loved this one Justin wondered if there would ever come a time when he wouldn't have to wonder when he'd next be fucked by the great Brian Kinney, that he'd always have access to this ridiculously gorgeous man and his achingly beautiful cock.


Even if he was too afraid to say it out loud, afraid that the words might be the tiny pin prick that burst the fragile bubble that surrounded them, a bubble that made him feel warm and wanted and protected.

Someone needs to make an icon of this: "Less talking, more dick," said Brian,

Good job!
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