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Ides of March Challenge: 1 of 3
Title: A Touch of Gray
Author/Artist: [info]tweedygal
Fandom/Pairing/Prompt: QAF/Brian and Justin/Cranky
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Brian is cranky. Justin helps him out.
Disclaimer: They don't belong to me, but it's fun to borrow them.
Highlight for Warnings: * It's porn. Be warned. *
Beta: The divine and lovely [info]pendulumchanges was kind enough to help me make this thing readable! *smackles Pend*

Brian was cranky. It really wasn’t any different than most days, actually. He found himself pissed off at something or someone on a regular basis. This was different though...much worse.

He’d found his first gray hair that morning...and his second and third and possibly even a fourth. He was so beside himself at that point that he was ripping them out haphazardly. Thankfully Justin was still asleep when he left. He wasn’t sure he’d have been able to hide his distress from him for long. The little fucker was quick and would have figured out something was up. Then Brian would have had to pretend it was something else and Justin would have smiled and Brian would have found himself whining like a lesbian about his fucking gray hair.

Better to just stew about it all day long -- making endless trips to his office bathroom to check his head obsessively. Cynthia asked if he was sick and needed to go home. “No I don’t fucking need to go home!” he’d snapped. “Now who do I have to kill to get those price sheets on my desk in the next three minutes?”

He went to lunch with Ted, hoping that would take his mind off his impending struggles with color and touch ups and blasé *youthful* stylists who wouldn’t look him in the eye because he was...OLD. It wasn’t until Ted said his name three times that he stopped looking into the bowl of his spoon, trying to spot yet another indicator of his rapid decline into geriatric life.

“Are you OK, Brian? Did you hurt your head or something?” asked Ted.

“I’m better than OK, Theodore,” lied Brian. “You should know that by now. And my head is perfect.”

The afternoon dragged on and Brian found it impossible to concentrate on the simplest task. After Cynthia threatened to quit if he buzzed her “one more time for something ridiculous,” he decided to just give up and go home.

When he got to the loft, Justin was leafing through take-out menus. He flashed Brian a smile and said, “You’re home early. I was just about to order food...I’m starved. Want me to get you something?”

“I’m not hungry,” Brian said curtly. He dropped his jacket and briefcase on the sofa and headed to the bathroom.

“ ‘kay,” Justin said. “I’ll just eat something later.” Dropping the menus on the counter, he followed Brian.

“How was your day?” He stopped on the stairs when he realized Brian had shut the bathroom door. He waited for an answer and when one wasn’t forthcoming, he knew something was up. So he sat down on the bed and waited.

As Brian exited the bathroom, Justin flashed him a huge smile and didn’t say a word. Brian hadn’t discovered any new follicular discoloration, and that sunshine smile never failed to make his world just a little brighter, so he smiled back and leaned over to kiss Justin. Justin put an arm up and wound it around Brian’s neck, pulling him closer. When Brian pulled away, Justin moved his hand up to smooth back Brian’s hair at his temple and Brian instinctively jerked.

“What’s wrong?” Justin wrinkled his forehead.

“Nothing...it’s nothing,” Brian muttered. He pushed Justin back and began to undo his tie, then pulled off his shirt. He ran his fingers through his hair and attempted to leer at Justin. “Wanna take those clothes off or do you want me to rip them off you?”

“I’ll take them off if you tell me what’s bugging you.” Justin smiled sweetly. “Either way, we’re still fucking and you’re still telling me. We’re just talking order of business now.”
For the first time that day, Brian laughed out loud. It never failed...Justin always managed to cheer him up and to find out exactly what Brian didn’t want to tell him at the same time. He couldn’t understand it and these days he didn’t even really try.

“Fine...but if you laugh, you can forget getting off tonight,” Brian said, his smile fading.
Justin rolled his eyes. “Whatever...but I won’t laugh. Seriously.” Justin smiled sweetly yet again.

Damn him and that smile, Brian thought. He sighed. “I found a gray hair this morning.”

He closed his eyes briefly before he looked at Justin.

Justin stood up and started tugging gently at Brian’s belt. As he loosened it and began to undo Brian’s pants, Brian said, “Hey! Did you hear me?”

Justin looked up for a second and said, “I heard you. I also think you’re the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen in my life. I don’t care if your hair is chartreuse, I still love you and you still make me hard as a rock.” He continued to remove Brian’s pants and briefs and began to trail a line of kisses down his stomach, moving to his knees on the bed as he did.

Brian just stared for a moment, finally reaching down and tangling his fingers into Justin’s thick blond hair, thinking that he wouldn’t have to worry about gray for years. Then he felt his cock begin to fill as Justin continued to kiss his stomach, moving down the inside of his thigh, teasing just a little.

Justin began to lick his cock -- long, slow, sensuous licks, his hands following closely behind, fingers touching Brian everywhere he’d licked. Brian smiled as his head tilted back, his tongue crept out and he licked his lips. He laughed just a little and Justin smiled just before he took Brian’s dick completely into his mouth. He sucked hard for a few minutes, taking him almost as far as he could. He wound his hands around Brian’s ass and pulled him close as Brian thrust a little into his mouth.

Brian wanted to come, but he wanted to fuck Justin more, so he stopped and pulled out. He pulled Justin back up to him and kissed him, dragging his tongue across his teeth and biting at his lower lip before he moved his mouth just slightly away and said, “Take your clothes off.”

Justin complied and Brian grabbed lube and a condom before he lay back on the bed. Justin crawled up to him, smiling, and Brian’s stomach did a slow flip. He sometimes still found it hard to believe, but he never got enough of Justin. They kissed hungrily, Justin still on his hands and knees, holding himself over Brian. Brian quickly moved out from under him to kneel behind his legs...smoothing his hands over Justin’s ass. Justin moaned quietly.

Brian pulled Justin’s ass cheeks open and Justin spread his legs further and pushed back slightly, silently asking for what they both wanted. Brian bent to tongue around Justin’s hole, inhaling his sharp scent and feeling his heat. He reached under Justin to cup his balls in his hand, kneading them in his palm as his tongue moved into his ass. Justin let out a sharp huff and began to push back harder.

“Brian...” The word turned into another moan as Brian pushed a wet finger into his ass, then another, his tongue working around his fingers. He stopped to quickly slide on the condom, slicking his fingers with lube before he slid them into Justin again. He worked his fingers across his prostate and Justin jerked slightly and started a quiet chant... “Now, now, now.”
Brian leaned over Justin and slid his cock in slowly, kissing his back as he waited for Justin to move again. When he did, Brian began to fuck him with long, practiced strokes, hands holding Justin still. As Justin began to buck and moan, he reached down to stroke his own cock. Brian began to fuck him faster and Justin’s hand matched the pace.

He looked back at Brian and said, “So close...fuck. Fuck....” his voice trailing off as he buried his face into the bed. Brian reached down and grabbed at the back of Justin’s head, weaving his fingers into his hair. He could feel his orgasm building...his balls tightening as they slapped into Justin’s ass. He pulled back on Justin’s hair just as Justin began to come, his voice muffled and hoarse.

Brian could only manage a few more long hard strokes before he began to come too. His head fell back and he kept fucking Justin through his orgasm, gradually slowing and finally stopping, still buried deep in Justin’s ass. Brian kissed Justin’s back until his breathing steadied. Only then did he reach down to pull out. Justin gasped just a little as he did and Brian smiled, unconsciously moving a hand back into Justin’s hair, before he crawled up to lay on his stomach beside Justin. They lay quietly for a minute, then Brian closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He turned to his side and pulled Justin to him, leaning in to kiss his neck.

Justin smiled and said, “Feeling better?” Brian nodded.

“But...you’re still calling your stylist first thing in the morning, huh?”

“Damn straight I am,” Brian said.
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