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Feb. 17th, 2022


Who: Anyone in 1972
What: Weeping Angels Plot
When: 1972
Where: Madison Valley
Rating: low

1972 )


Who: Anyone in 1922
What: Weeping Angels Plot
When: 1922
Where: Madison Valley
Rating: low

1922 )



Who: Anyone in 1872
What: Weeping Angels Plot
When: 1872
Where: Madison Valley
Rating: low

1872 )

Jul. 17th, 2021


Who: Mirror!K-Mart and MV!Ronon
What: Ronon finds a place to lay low and gets a surprise
Where: Dark!Wes' hideout
When: Saturday
Warnings: Implications of abuse and neglect
Status: Closed

Read more... )


Who: Kexing and OPEN
What: Random run-ins
Where: Around Mirror!MV
When: 7/17 | Early Morning
Warnings: TBD
Status: Open

~*~*~ )

Jul. 15th, 2021


Who: Pamela Barnes & OPEN
What: Probably a very bad decision
When: Thursday
Where: Downtown
Warning: TBD
Status: Open/incomplete

If Eliot could do it, so could she. )

Jul. 13th, 2021


Who:Mirror!Jake and Mirror!Octavia
What: Living in he Mirror World
Where: Mirror!Madison
When: Evening
Warnings: Potential violence and such, will update as needed
Status: Closed

Read more... )


Dan and Nancy

Who: Dan and Nancy
What: running into each other
Where: outside
When: backdated to Monday
Warnings: should be low, but possible mentions of violence. Will update as needed

We do what we want/yeah we do what we want )

Jul. 12th, 2021


Who: Ron and Ruby
What: Scrounging for food.
When: Sunday night
Where: On the streets of Mirror verse Madison Valley
Status: Closed; Completed Gdoc
Rating: PG-13

I would probably just end up getting myself killed anyway. )


Who: John Murphy and Open
What: Scrounging up supplies
When: Monday evening
Where: Around town
Warnings: TBA
Status: Open/On-going

~+~+~+~ )


Who: Dark!Steve & Wanda
What: A not!reunion
When: Monday evening
Where: On the streets
Warnings: Angst for sure
Status: Closed/complete

Don't get too close, it's dark inside )


Who: Eliot Waugh and Dean Winchester
What: A possible team up
Where: The Winchester Mansion
When: Monday afternoon
Warnings: references to character death, mentions of mental illness, etc
Status: closed/in progress

~+~+~+~ )


Logan and OPEN

Who: Logan and OPEN
What: Logan is concerned about where he is
Where: the park
When: backdated to Sat.
Warnings: right now should be low, but can update.

What the bloody hell is this? )

Jul. 11th, 2021


Who: Mirror!Scorpius Malfoy and MV!Sean Nast
What: Seeing a ghost
When: Sunday Afternoon
Where: In town somewhere
Warnings: Talk of death and violence
Status: Closed/Ongoing

Dead people didn't come back here. )

Jul. 10th, 2021


Who: Dieter and Open
What: Random encounter
When: Late Saturday evening
Where: Random alleyway
Rating: Talk of drugs, violence. Language.

I'm immense and immortal! )


WHO: Chuuya Nakahara & Irina Romanov.
WHAT: Little Gnat was not protecting Babushka. Nope. (Okay, he kind of was.)
WHEN: Saturday evening.
WHERE: A random empty house in Mirrorverse.
WARNINGS: Language, probably talk/mentions of violence, etc.
STATUS: Closed/Ongoing.

* * * * * )


Who: Caroline Forbes and Open
When: Saturday night
Where: On the streets of AU Madison Valley
What: Looking to kill to just...kill.
Rating: TBD
Status: Incomplete; Open; Could be a narrative if no one tags in.

And now Caroline's switch was permanently flipped. )


Who: Isobel and Rosa
What: A run-in
When: Now
Where: Near the cop shop
Warnings: Angst
Status: Completed Gdoc

Bad day gets worse. )


Who: Allison Hargreeves and Five Hargreeves
When: 7/9/21
Where: Mirrorverse Madison Valley
What: Meeting up with the other version of her brother. It's weird...
Rating: PG-13
Status: Closed; Completed Gdoc.

What the hell was going on? )

Jul. 9th, 2021


Who: Mirror!Doctor and Jack Harkness
What: Meeting
When: Friday
Where: The Park
Rating: low

Go Away, Ba Humbug! )


Who: Kendal Crane and Open
What: Trying to get food
When: Friday evening
Where: Headed for the farm
Warnings: Talk of violence, possible violence, will update

She knew how to use the weapons she carried. )


Who: Dean Winchester & Mirror Kaa
Where: In town
When: 7-9, After this
What: Kaa hits on Dean
Warnings: Drugs

Slithering about without your brother? )


Who: Eliot Waugh and Sean Nast
What: Running into a ghost
Where: Near the farm
When: Friday afternoon
Warnings: references to character death, sad!Eliot, probably mentions of suicidal thoughts
Status: closed/complete

~+~+~+~ )


Who: Dark Steve & OPEN
What: He needed supplies to sell
When: Friday
Where: What remains of the park
Warning: TBD
Status: Open/incomplete

I'll take that, thank you. )


Who: Scott, Allison, and Kitty
What: Madison Scott and Allison show up in the mirrorverse
When: Friday
Where: Abandoned Starbucks/Streets
Rating: low

Used to be a Starbucks )


Who: Qetesh and Jack O'Neill
What: Stalking Prey
Where: Outside wherever Jack lives
When: Friday morning early (pre swap)
Warnings: Qetesh is a goa'uld. They are not nice.
Status: closed/in progress

~+~+~+~ )



Took me five tries to get this through.

Cleared an alley of a couple of stray dogs.

Where are you?


Who: Tess Doerner and Open
What: Just trying to exist
When: Friday afternoon
Where: Out on the streets
Warnings: TBA
Status: Open/On-going

wouldn't you like to know )


WHO: Mirrorverse!Kenny & Mirrorverse!Kaa.
WHAT: Chatting.
WHEN: Before the swap.
WHERE: Random hotel where the prostitute ring is.
WARNINGS: Mentions of prostitution and sex, drug use, language, etc.
STATUS: Closed/Complete

* * * * * )


Who: Dean Winchester & Pamela Barnes
Where: The farmhouse
When: 7/9 - after this
What: Dean finds the "hot blind bitch".
Warnings: None

Reach for the sky, cowboy. )


Who: Dean Winchester & Dan Espinoza
Where: Random location in town & Dark Winchester Mansion
When: 7/9 - after this
What: Dean and Dan meet
Warnings: none

Your eyes aren’t fucking daggers of ice. )


Who: Dean Winchester & Mirror Laurel
Where: Random location in Madison
When: 7/9 - early morning
What: Laurel confronts Dean about Sara's murder
Warnings: none

You've got the wrong Dean. )


Sent to Allies* [before the swap]

Be on alert. Pamela had a vision of something coming. It seems like it may be big.

As always, you're welcome to crash at the farm with us until the danger passes.

[ooc: *as long as your character isn't a bad guy, they are an ally (so no Winchesters, Alex, Steve, etc lol)]

Jul. 8th, 2021


Who: Pamela & Eliot
What: She has a vision
When: Just before the chaos
Where: The Farmhouse
Warnings: None
Status: Completed GDoc

When is a Winchester not a Winchester? )

Jul. 7th, 2021


Who: Evil!Alex Manes & Mirror!Scott McCall
What: Werewolves gotta die
When: Thursday evening
Where: MirrorMadison Valley, In the Park
Warnings: Violence, Death
Status: Closed/Ongoing

Who let the dogs out? )


Who: Dark Dean & Dan Espinoza
Where: The mansion/Clinic
When: Sometime before the plot.
What: Dean and Dan set some examples of how not to behave.
Warnings: Violence.

So, what the fuck happened, Dan? )


Who: Dark Dean & Dark Sam Winchester
Where: The mansion/Sara's place.
When: Sometime in April.
What: Sam tells Dean that Sara is dead.
Warnings: Death.

What do you mean, she never had a chance? )

Jul. 12th, 2018


Who: Liz, Shawn, and Maya
What: Gettin' hitched
Where: Disney
When Today
Warning: Cuteness
Read more... )


Who: All Permanent Characters
What: Alex and Pietro's wedding celebration
Where: Hotel restaurant
When: Thursday Evening
Warning: Low
Status: Open Party Post (for perms only)
OOC Note: Pretend an invitation message went out

~+~+~+~ )

Jul. 11th, 2018


Who: Oz and Hermione
What: Checking out Disney
Where: Magic Kingdom
When: Wednesday
Warnings: probably not
Status: incomplete in progress

Read more... )
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Who: Katniss & Prim
What: Enjoying Disney
Where: Magic Kingdom
When: backdated to Monday
Warnings: nope
Status: complete gdoc

~+~+~+~+~ )


Who: Elena and Derek
What: Enjoying themselves in Paris (well, Disney Paris) for a meal
When: Wednesday night
Where: Disney World
Rating: TBD
Status: Closed; Incomplete

But she did want to enjoy herself with Derek because this was a lifetime experience. )

Jul. 10th, 2018


Who: Cameron Mitchell and Melinda May
What: Disney Distractions
When: Tuesday
Where: Disney
Warnings: TBD
Status: Closed/On-going

~+~+~+~ )


Who: James and Lily Potter
What: Disney Magic
When: Tuesday
Where: Disney
Warnings: TBD
Status: Closed/On-going

~+~+~+~ )

Jul. 9th, 2018


Who: Paige Winterbourne and Lucas Cortez
What: Not at all having a good time at Disney
When: Monday afternoon
Where: Disney!
Warnings: TBD
Status: Closed/On-going

~+~+~+~ )

Jul. 8th, 2018


Open to Perm Characters

This would be an amazing family trip if, you know, I had my family with me right now!

The universe can go straight to hell and take "It's a Small World" with it.


only visible to perm characters

Uh... hello? Anyone out there besides me and Prim? What is this place? Why are we here?

Jul. 5th, 2018


Test Post

Just testing the security level. For the last plot, all posts were set to auto-lock, but that won't be necessary this time.