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[Dec. 18th, 2008|10:28 am]
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In order to further understand the phenomenon in question, I feel I should gather information from others on their experiences in being drawn to this supposed alternative dimension.

Perhaps one or more of you might volunteer to explain to me the principle experience that brought you to what we’ll label “focused reality shift.”

I much enjoy that phrasing. Not at all as flighty as “bubble theory,” but I warned Dr. Linde on naming things that sound like lavatory cleaning postulations.

Though I do enjoy those cartoon bubbles that clean the toilet. Oh! Imagine if such were true.
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[Dec. 1st, 2008|10:48 pm]

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[Current Mood |curious]

Whaddya know, I managed to clean up the ladyboy mess with just a few simple lies and a well placed tranquilizer. So easy. I do love the right wing, they have such FAITH in their immoral leaders.

Speaking of which, I need an assistant. Someone to you know, bury bodies, pay the hookers off, that kind of thing. I mean I could do it all, but why do the tedious stuff when I can pay others to do it for me?

Only attractive, single young women need apply.
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[Nov. 29th, 2008|05:43 pm]
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...That was fun. Interesting.

This doesn't look like Chicago.
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[Nov. 16th, 2008|02:44 pm]

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[Current Mood |confused]

Looks like a hooker.

Smells like a hooker.

Feels like a hooker.

Could be a chick or a dude. Maybe both? I don't know. My knowledge of ladyboys is pretty limited.

Anyone know why I just woke up next to what looks like an tranny?
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[Nov. 4th, 2008|02:07 pm]


So what if I am not the nicest person..its not a crime to hate someone for screwing you over is it?

So I have been thinking..or maybe I am just sick of being alone, but maybe I am too hard on people?
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[Oct. 28th, 2008|08:41 pm]

[Current Mood |amused]

Anyone have plans for Halloween?

Would it be tacky for me to dress as a witch?
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[Sep. 13th, 2008|07:17 am]

[Current Mood |bored]

I'm Bored!

Anyone need their picture taken?

I promise, thats not a cheesy pick up line, I mean it literally.
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