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We all come into fandoms at different times. It's why we read our way back through archives and scroll through different fandoms pimped on [info]crack_van.

As I have yet to archive my work on Teaspoon & as I'm not sure who still lurks back over on LJ, I thought I'd offer up links to all the Torchwood & Doctor Who fic I've written since the Doctor first met Jack. Behind the cut are links to seventeen pieces of fic - all hosted here on IJ - and fourteen or so drabbles.

Read at will. Comment if something pleases you. Poke around my IJ if the mood takes you. Nothing is locked. Fic may contain mature subject matter &/or language. Read at your discretion.

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Fic: Some Sunny Day (1/1)

Written for [info]nwhepcat's It's the Writers, Stupid!!!!! Ficathon inspired by & featuring the quote:
"We're going to know each other eventually, why not now?"

Title: Some Sunny Day (1/1)
Author: [info]boji
Summary: John Hart knew who Jack Harkness was of course.
Spoilers: 2:01 - Kiss, Kiss, Bang Bang.
Word Length: 2,150 approx.
Rating: R for language and increasingly dark imagery.

Notes: I'd say this is set some twenty years prior to Kiss, Kiss Bang Bang on the original time-line as it were. Otherwise known as a glimpse into Jack Harkness's past, in some far flung 51st Century future.

Girls who ask, usually get told that I met Jack with bottle of the good stuff in one hand and my kit-bag in the other.

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Fic: A Little Death (1/1)

Summary: A little sex, a little death...
A vid-message is left on the Torchwood system.
Pairing: John H/Jack H
Spoilers: 2:01 - Kiss, Kiss, Bang Bang.
Word Length: 1,500 approx
Rating: I'd say it's a hard 'R' but one flirting with NC-17.
PWP - That would be porn with plot. Dark, with a pinch of violence & a hint of kink.

This fic is utterly unsuitable for minors. Adult material lies beyond the cut. Read at your own discretion.

"...might as well leave him something to John-off to when I'm gone..."

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Fic: Power Lunch (1/1)

Title:Power Lunch
Author: Boji

Summary: Jack Harkness and the Well-Manicured Man deceive inveigle and obfuscate, over lunch at the Connaught Hotel.

Spoilers: All of Torchwood to date, with a nod to Doctor Who. And in the X-Files universe a nod to the second, third and fourth seasons but, in all cases, this is background with no real specifics, aside from characters and places named.
Word Length: 2,000 approx
Rating: PG-13
Notes: My kink seems to be X-overs and AU’s.

Before Fox Mulder discovered the X-Files, Jack Harkness was fighting the future.

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