Yay, all resolved now - oh hell no, again.

Well, apparently Tumblr just deleted my account and all the accumulated stuff on my tumblr yesterday for no apparent reason that I can see - I mean, I haven't participated in fandom wanks recently, mostly, I don't spam, I had my tumblr marked as adult content or whatever so nobody'd get their hackles up - I dunno. Always possible someone just disliked that sailor moon fanart of Thor I reblogged, I guess... Anyway, I have messaged support, but I don't know if should even get my hopes up. Anyways, I'm personally A-OK and cihlling out in the summer cabin (which is why I wasn't the one to notice my tumblr had been axed but had to be informed by friends). I guess I'll wait on support, and maybe make a new tumblr later if necessary...
Eh, I'm still a fandom middle-aged at least in that I hate losing cultural layers worth of stuff though I know in my very bones that everything is ephemeral.

EDIT: I got response from support very fast, less than 24 hours, to say that my blog was restored, and email said "Thank you for contacting us!

Your account has been restored. In the future please refrain from using interstitial ads redirection links (like adf dot ly, ouo dot io or viid dotme) as they violate our policies on Spam & Deceptive links or your account will be automatically terminated again.

You can find all our Community Guidelines at https://www.tumblr.com/policy/en/community"

So I checked and it was all back,and the only thing I could think of that could look like the links mentioned in email was Pillowfort info I'd reblogged, because theirs is a link ending in io. So took a screenshot of the email, with no identifying info seen, and made a warning post - being very careful not to type in any links mentioned, hence the screenshot only of the abovementioned text - posted it, and whoosh, my Tumblr is again gone.

So I sent in another question on the support thread and really hope warning ohers didn't fuck things up for me.

Argh. Eh, we'll see.

Progeny of EDIT: Aaand I'm back in and it was a glitch and I say now that up to now this is honestly the fastest customer support I've gotten on websites, so kudos.

Grumbly offshoot of EDIT: And 2 days later I'm terminated again, and now they claim it's because I've been using my Tumblr for spam or affiliate marketing or something like that, which is patently untrue. Have sent in refutations, politely, but getting a bit annoyed and despondent. WTF, I mean, I don't even think I've ever reblogged any ads, and I have asked some of my mutuals and they have recieved no spam from me, so it can't be a question of account hijacking either. Dammit.

Well, I guess I'm just spending more time on Pillowfort now...

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