Gonna delete my Twitter

As I lost access to the 2FA app I used with Twitter, I've decided to contact their support and delete my account. If they don't contact me, then this is a "notify" that Cedara on twitter won't be updated any more.

If you are on Twitter and have me on your flist, I'll be here and on Mastodon. Also, any direct message you send me here, I get a notification for.

If you want to join Mastodon and have no idea how, feel free to ask me for advice.

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Almost chucked a can of chickpeas at a stranger...

 I know, I know, y'all are thinking that once again Azure has done lost her mind.  At least those of you that were not already aware that I'm not too tightly wrapped at the best of times.

Anyway, I'm in Target to pick up a few odds and bobs along with one of my prescriptions. I wanted some fruit, but the aisle was blocked so I went around the other way past the canned beans.  Right there I noticed that the store brand chickpeas and kidney beans had gone up in price from 45 cents a can last week to 75 cents.

I must have said something to that effect out loud (hush I've had a stroke and anyway I do enjoy intelligent conversation). I certainly would have bought a few more cans last week if I had known the price was going up.  There's a stock boy nearby. Kid is 18 or 19 tops and this absolute fetus looks at me and goes, "they haven't changed the price".

My head slowly turned toward him as the air chilled.  The light may have dimmed and I'm certain scary music began playing from the overhead speakers. If this infant had a single speck of survival instinct he would have pissed his pants while running for the door.

"Don't lie to me little boy."  I pull the plastic strip out on the shelf showing the old price and snap it back.

"You shouldn't do that you could break the plastic. I don't care what that other sticker says it's always been 75 cents."

"Listen here cupcake, you could not possibly get paid enough to argue with me over this shit. Try to show the sense the good Lord gave a garden slug and walk back over to do your job."


You know about a year ago, in the same damn Target I had a similar argument with a different stock boy when they suddenly doubled the price on dried lintels.  It's like some weird ass store wide bean conspiracy or something.