18 October 2007 @ 07:09 am
Title: Harry Potter and the Scenes from Canon
Artist: [info]umbrus (Umbrus' 2007 Interview here.)
Team: Team Romance
Email: umbrus dot lian at gmail.com
Genre(s): canon and crack/humor
Rating/Warnings/Kinks: pg and crack!?
Artist's Notes/Thank you's/Fanfiction used: I do not own Harry Potter, if I did the books would end very differently. I also do not make any money from this, don't sue me you won't get anything from this poor uni student.
As one of my genres is canon I sketched different scenes from the books, anything that is a part of a panel is from the books (including the quotes) with a book name and page number associated with it. I'm only playing with what's already there. Thanks, hugs, cookies and Snapey leers goes out to these wonderful persons who made comments and helped me make these pages what they are. Thank you Tripperfunster, rumpelstiltskin, redpiratemel and my very very nice but unfortunately non-snarry friend! Much love to all of you.

Um… comment! I love hearing what other people think!
Media used: pencil, markers and Photoshop
Archiving/Usage permission, including the Tribute Video (only after the polls have closed and medals have been awarded): yes but I want to know what and where just e-mail or comment on my journal somewhere.

MOD NOTE: Large Image under the cut - Dial-up users beware!

Harry Potter and the Scenes from Canon by Umbrus of Team Romance )
04 October 2006 @ 07:23 am

Original poster: snarrymod

Title: A Story of Two Aces
Artist: Umbra ([info]umbrus)
E-mail: blue_ember @ hotmail . com
Prompt(s): Ace of Spades, Lovers, Moon and Star
Team: [info]teamangst_art Team Angst
Ratings/Warnings: PG/None Dial-up users beware of large images under the cut.
Artist’s Notes: A thank you to all the Team Angst members who have given me feed back. You guys are wonderful. A thank you to the mods and organizers for doing the Games. Lastly, go team angst! Disclaimer: “The Suicide Club” is a story by Robert Louis Stevenson, I’m just borrowing a small concept from it. Also, I do not own Harry Potter or any characters and any such thing along those line, I just keep them locked up in my basement to play with. Seriously, don’t sue I’m poor and am not making any money so the only thing you’ll be doing it wasting both our time.
Archive/Usage Permission:(Only for AFTER the 2006 Snarry Summer Games have closed their polls): yes, as long as I’m informed of what you are using it for and who is using it.

A Story of Two Aces )