12 March 2025 @ 08:07 pm
Recent IJ Crash: Important Member Information  
Thanks to [info]torino10154 over at [info]snape_potter for this information. Thanks also to Squeaky for handling the corrupted database.

Regarding the recent technical difficulties that IJ has suffered....

If you are a member of The Snarry Games on IJ but cannot see THIS POST, comment to this entry.

We will need to remove your membership, then invite you back again. (You can also remove yourself and reapply for membership but it's easier on our end if we already know you were an approved member).

You will not be able to access locked posts on this journalling service if you do not take these steps.

Thank you for continuing to view and enjoy The Snarry Games. Entries can also be found at Livejournal and Dreamwidth.