04 September 2009 @ 08:08 am
Team Cauldron Entry (ART): "Winner Gets All" by Chrysos  
Title: Winner Gets All
Artist: [info]chrysos
Team: Cauldron
Genre(s): Alive (and Kicking)
Prompt(s): Alchemy, Play the Game
Rating/Warnings/Kinks: PG-13 for some nudity
Artist's Notes/Disclaimers/Thank you: to This picture is an illustration to an unwritten story, that's why there is a summary below the cut. The Latin text on the background are fragments from the Vulgate version of the Song of songs (from verses 1:1-3, 2:8, 2:10, 2:14, 2:16, if you want to know).
Media used: pencil drawing, finished with Photoshop and my trusted Wacom Cintiq screen
Archiving/Usage permission, including the Tribute Video (only after the polls have closed and medals have been awarded): OK! Everything else: ask first. A link to my website: would be nice.

Winner Gets All by Chrysos )
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04 September 2009 @ 12:42 pm
Recap for August 28th - September 3rd  
Five weeks down and still more to come! Another great group of entries and in case you missed anything, here's a recap of the posts from this past week.

And if you want to let us know that you've recced any [info]snarry_games fic or art on your LJ or anywhere else, comment to this post, or drop us an e-mail at the mod email. Anything that collects three or more recs will be forwarded to the newsletters.

Recap for August 28th - September 3rd )

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