13 June 2008 @ 07:31 am
TEAM DRAGON: I Got Tired of Waiting "The Name Game"  
Today, another mystery solved, as we discover what it was about Norbert et Chloƫ by Team Dragon member, [info]igtow that was so familiar...

We present:

The Name Game

Way back in the beginning, I took the challenge to include into my story the screen name for everyone in Team Dragon. Strictly as a diversion, should you be bored, I put together a listing of where all the names are (including the alternates) in the order in which they appear. I hope it's at least vaguely amusing.

The Name Game )

Thank you, [info]igtow!

Stay tuned here at the Games, we have another story for you, and very soon, the results of the 2008 Winter Author Games!