27 January 2008 @ 09:30 pm
2008 Snarry Games Banners and Icons!  
"I'm so excited about the Games this year! Look at the talent we have lined up!"

"I know, Alicia! These two teams are just phenomenal. The Games are going to be so wild this year. What do you think, Leila?"

"Um, what? Sorry, DJ, this phone connection is awful. Crappy service out here."

"I asked what your thoughts are about the Games - the two teams are really evenly matched and competition is going to be fierce."

"The game? I can't believe you even have to ask me that. GO PATRIOTS! W00t! NEW ENGLAND RULES!"

"Hey! Whaddaya mean Patriots? GIANTS, BABY! NEW YORK REPRESENTIN'!"

"Leila! Lisa! I meant the SNARRY GAMES! *facepalms* And on that note..."

See who's still standing when the flames roar in the 2008 Snarry Games )