19 August 2007 @ 02:36 pm
2006 Snarry Games Artist Champions!  
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19 August 2007 @ 11:17 pm
2007 SNARRY ART GAMES TEAMS (so far)  
Friends of Snarry!

We have changed the teams for the Art Games due to the trouble with canon. We have an exciting set up with the Genres now, however. Part of the invite letter to our last year's Champions for this year's Games:

(IJ communities have been established)

The teams establish your setting, which you will be judged on. But, unlike last year, there will be no prompts. Instead, there will be GENRES.

What does this mean? Once you choose your preferred Team/setting, you get to choose the genre! You can choose from the following list of genres, and you may choose a maximum of 2 (TWO) only:

1. Wartime
2. Postwar
3. Canon (Scenes from the Harry Potter books)
4. Fanon (Scenes from your favourite Snarry fanfiction)
5. Hurt/Comfort
6. Alternate Universe/Reality
7. Horror
8. Humour/Crack

For example, if you are on Team Romance, and you choose the genres *Fanon* and *Postwar*, you could present us with a lovely scene from Aucta Sinistra's "Quid Pro Quo". Should you get her permission, you may be able to link the story and provide a quote from the scene you are submitting for judging.

Similarly, you could choose Team Angst, and then the genres *Canon* and *Hurt/Comfort* and draw us the now famous "Look...at...me." scene between Harry and Snape in the Deathly Hallows, an emotional one sure to be a big hit with the voters! You decide.

Sounds like fun, yeah?

Here are the Teams so far: (we don't have IJ user names for everyone yet, so bear with us in text)

Team Angst
1. Ani Bester
2. AriadneElda
3. Canary Creme Delight
4. Hill
5. Flavored_glass
6. PojyPojy
7. Pervert Bitch
8. Jateshi
9. Nefyr
10. Mecklen
11. Lampblack
12. naked bee
13. Cinnamon Peeler aka ahoythere
14. Jin Fenghuang
15. Karasu Hime
16. Corvus_coronis (blackcoyote)
17. Canonfodder123
18. Fushiafishes
19. Miyoung Boz
20. Glockgal
21. Tasha_neko
22. _tails_
23. anoiro
24. Ponderosa
25. Pennswoods
26. Chupachupa
27. Ebonyserpent
28. Chrysos

Team Romance
1. Froggie
2. Andreanna
3. Arc En Ciel
4. Calyxess
5. Lizardspots
6. Umbrus
7. Tripperfunster
8. Stella Moon
9. Pervart
10. Kerfect
11. Ac1d6urn
12. redpirateme
13. Frek
14. Sealcat
15. Swtalmnd
16. _odella_
17. Paula Lirio
18. scarah2
19. _hibiscus
20. Majmunka
21. Trekkiegirl.
22. Ad Baculum
23. A_belladonna
24. snakeysnape
25. gredandfeorge

Also, our RSS feed doesn't seem to be working, it could be a problem with IJ. I'm sure it will be fixed, soon.

There will be a general sign up post on Tuesday, after our Champions have had a chance to reply.

Excited yet?
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