17 May 2006 @ 08:15 pm

Original poster: snarrymod

The [info]snarry_games inaugural run is nearly over, my fellow Snarry lovers. There is much yet to come, but in the meantime, some important notes and news!

FAQs and Drabble Contest/Closing Ceremonies announcements

1. When does the voting stop now that all of the entries have been posted?

Due to popular demand, the Judges polls will remain open for another FIVE days to allow the judges/readers to catch up. On Monday, May 22/06, we will close the polls and begin the process of tallying up the votes. We anticipate this process to take no longer than 2 days.

2. How do I find the ones I missed? How do I change my vote?

We suggest you look to the sidebar on the [info]snarry_games comm and use the links list for tags. You can also look in the Memories in our user info. To change your poll vote, you need to click the Poll number (i.e. POLL #12345-TEAM ANGST POLL - Prompt), then you can click on "Fill Out Poll". Your previous answers will come up, and you can adjust them. Don't forget to click on "Submit Poll" when you've finished.

3. When will the medals be awarded? What about the Closing Games Drabbles?

The Game medals will be awarded on or about Wednesday, May 23. The Closing Ceremonies will take place BEFORE that, due to the unexpected length of the Games. We will begin posting the drabbles tonight. Please join us as we spotlight some of the talented authors who will be participating in the next Author's Games.

4. Will the Judges Poll results be public?

The overall Team results will be calculated by 3 different mods for accuracy, then posted for the ceremonies. Individual author results are available by request to the author only, via private email.

5. What about the Summer Art Games?

We are looking forward to sending out the invites by early July, and will hopefully be up and running by August. If you are an artist, and wish to throw your name in to participate, please go fill out our Art Games Poll.

Stay tuned for some Snarry Drabbles!

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17 May 2006 @ 10:55 pm

Original poster: snarrymod

Introducing [info]elfwreck! Her idea to drabble the prompts for the Games, due to missing out on the Lottery draw, was snatched up by us, and we extended the challenge to all writers and alternates who were in the same boat.

We consider it a great way to spotlight them, as they will be automatically invited to the next Snarry Fic Games! We will be featuring them daily until the voting ends, and we hope you enjoy them!

Elfwreck's Snarry Drabbles )