06 May 2006 @ 11:32 pm
Delay of Closing Games/Medal awards.  

Original poster: djin7

Some of you may be wondering why this comm has been silent for a couple of days.
There are two reasons:

Firstly: We are still awaiting our alternates (and a few Team members) who have yet to finish and send in their stories. There are 5 prompts left to look forward to.

Secondly: We considered the pleas of many readers to slow down the posting while they caught up with comments and reading the entries we already have.

In the meantime, drabbles are starting to come in now, and they look fabulous. They are due Monday, but extensions are also negotiable for those who wish to finish more, as it looks like our Medal Ceremonies and Closing Games will be delayed in any event.

Team Captains: Please let us know when our stragglers will be in. Authors who submitted on time are patiently waiting to see their stories posted. Thank you.

The rest of you: Don't forget to vote and review on the many wonderful stories already posted. Go teams!

Thank you for your patience.


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