02 May 2006 @ 09:58 am
FAQs, Closing Games and more  

Original poster: djin7

Is everyone enjoying the Games so far? I certainly have. I would like to thank Team Romance and Team Angst for all their glorious work so far. And it has been glorious, folks.

I have been asked several questions during the recent week I would like to address.

1. When are the Games over?

We anticipate the last of the Team entries to be posted no later than Tuesday, May 9th - barring complications with late submissions. ETA: There has been complications. We are running behind 2 full days, perhaps more.

2. When will the voting stop?

Once the last prompt is posted, the mods will wait for at least 2 full days for voting to continue, then pull the polls down for tallying. We hope to have all the votes processed within 2 days.

3. What will happen then?

On or about the 15th May, we will have the Medal Award Ceremonies. After which, we will have our Closing Games, which include the drabbles done by future Snarry Champions, either those who missed out on the lottery, or Team Alternates who did not get a chance to write, and are automatically invited to the next Winter Games, after our Summer Art Gamess (TBA August 2006). Those drabbles are due by May 7, for any of you who are participating. We have already received many, and they are wonderful!

4. Can the Teams *pimp* their stories anywhere during the Games?

Absolutely! It says so in the Comm User Info, but I will reiterate it here.

Teams/authors may post or pimp their own stories wherever, but while the Games are on, they need to directly link to this community to enable the polling voting process for their teams's numbers. Failure to do so will threaten their team's chances of success!

ETA: It has come to my attention that many people are linking to off-site stories DIRECTLY. PLease do not while the games are on. Doing so will skew the author's votes! Please link to the community when reccing these stories! Thank you!

5. When can I post my story on my archive, or journal?

Anytime after the Medal Ceremonies.

6. Will the Judges Poll numbers be released to the public?

Overall Team numbers will be released during the Medal Ceremony. If an author wishes to know their individual tally for their team, they can email the mods with the request at the comm email, and we will provide it.


Thank you to everyone so far for participating, both writers and readers, and making this inaugural 2006 Snarry Games a success!

Any more questions? Comment here.

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02 May 2006 @ 12:02 pm

Original poster: snarrymod

Title: Say it Properly
Author: Majenta ([info]mana_sama)
Prompt: Team Angst, Last Dance
Warnings: Warnings/Ratings/Kinks Pop up
Length: 4,471 words
Disclaimer: Not my characters, and so on.
Author's Note: I usually don't write Snape this muted, but I'm writing him as if he'd just spent about half a year in Azkaban, so bear with me if he seems a bit quiet or non-confrontational. Thanks =)


Summary: His name finally cleared, Snape returns to Spinner's End following the aftermath of the war. An unexpected visit leads him to believe that his life may not be quite as empty as he had thought.

Say it Properly )

02 May 2006 @ 12:23 pm

Original poster: snarrymod

Title: Dance Partners
Author: DementorDelta
Team: Romance
Prompt: Last Dance
Rating/Warnings:Warnings/Kinks/Ratings Pop-Up
Beta Assistance by: [info]isidore13, [info]juice817, [info]swtalmnd, and [info]team_romance

Summary: Harry wakes up in the Infirmary, but why is Professor Snape the one acting so odd?

Dance Partners

Vote in the Judges poll and review! )