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07:12 pm: [info]perhin Lily - 8 comments
08:44 pm: [info]perhin 12_stories,Birthday Cake
06:10 pm: [info]perhin New Layout
06:11 pm: [info]perhin In Wonderland
06:53 pm: [info]perhin Patience
07:39 pm: [info]perhin Meaning
07:41 pm: [info]perhin The Fields
07:45 pm: [info]perhin Tear in Pools and Pain in Hearts
10:49 am: [info]perhin The Breaking of the Fellowship
10:51 am: [info]perhin Truly
10:54 am: [info]perhin Too Far to Reach
11:07 am: [info]perhin Not In My Bed!
11:12 am: [info]perhin Writing
11:15 am: [info]perhin Dreaming of You
11:22 am: [info]perhin Dreamland
11:26 am: [info]perhin Love Challenge
11:28 am: [info]perhin Make the Sun Shine
11:30 am: [info]perhin Turn Against the Sun
11:32 am: [info]perhin New Day
11:37 am: [info]perhin Forever Long
11:41 am: [info]perhin At the River
11:43 am: [info]perhin Each Moment
11:53 am: [info]perhin The Split Rose
12:15 pm: [info]perhin Stupid
12:19 pm: [info]perhin Left and Right
12:21 pm: [info]perhin The Founders
12:23 pm: [info]perhin The Former Minister Tells All
12:25 pm: [info]perhin Should Have Stayed With Chess
12:28 pm: [info]perhin Not Annoying Enough
12:33 pm: [info]perhin Set Me Free
12:36 pm: [info]perhin The Answer
12:38 pm: [info]perhin Castle Computer Troll
12:43 pm: [info]perhin Dance With Meh!
12:46 pm: [info]perhin Library Books
12:51 pm: [info]perhin Charmed
12:53 pm: [info]perhin Blushing
12:56 pm: [info]perhin First Date
01:01 pm: [info]perhin As you can see...
01:03 pm: [info]perhin Recommendations
06:21 pm: [info]perhin Never - 2 comments