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[Mar. 13th, 2011|03:52 pm]

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[Mood | productive]

*during a break in filming, heads up to Gondolin for a week or so to fulfill some promotional duties on the road*

*doesn't really mind the trip, considering she doesn't get to see any of her family very often especially since she tends avoid her father like the plague* *with this aim, makes plans to meet her aunt for a girls' lunch out one afternoon*
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[Feb. 24th, 2011|10:08 pm]
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[Mood | busy]

*per the usual, is kicked back in his chair at minion/bestie central (i.e., his office), keeping an eye on the flatscreens (all nine of them) and tippity-tapping away at the keyboard (ergonomic, at Finrod's insistence)* *is coaching three different offices through their upgrades via IM, plus shooting emails thither and yon and updating the Queen's official schedule* *may also have the Halo 4.5 uplink on standby, but it's only a small window in the bottom right-hand corner of the lower-right-hand monitor*

*quietly sings along with the music feeding through his earbuds (and yes, he's actually removed the Bluetooth! marvel of marvels!)* Get in there you biiiig furry oaf... doo doo doodoodoo, what you smell! Hmm-hmm-hmm... no one cares if you upset a droid...
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[Feb. 16th, 2011|05:18 pm]
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*can't quite believe what she's gotten herself into with this jewelry show gig* *had some little catwalk show in mind, maybe some sashaying, a twirl-snap at the end* *definitely wasn't expecting a high-society exhibit featuring the models as living art, each dripping with enough diamonds to feed a small country for a month*

*on the evening of the gala, finds herself perched on a raised pedestal set in the midst of a sparkling pool, the hem of her long silver gown trailing out into the water* *sits very still while the makeup/hair/accessory people fuss over the headdress and glitter and, of course, the diamonds* *drinks in the details while she can; as part of the VirtuesTM collection showcase, she's portraying blind(folded) Justice*

*minutes before the doors are to open, her fingers are guided around the gleaming scales and sword, and she has to stamp out the urge to giggle or kick her feet* *is solemn and serene and... and just, dammit*
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[Dec. 7th, 2010|10:01 pm]
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[Mood | busy]

*is fairly well horrified by the news coming out of Ossiriand (and every grisly detail captured by some student's cell phone camera, the shaky footage replaying every half hour on twelve different channels)*

*calls Beren immediately to make sure Mír is all right* (*well, as all right as the kid can be, considering*)

*confers with Turgon and thinks to call Thingol next, but dials Fingon instead, figuring she should probably coordinate with him before she does anything diplomatic on behalf of the Fingolfinian-ish Noldor* *nothing like a little damage control to spice up the holidays!* *Fëanorian: the other F-word*
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[Sep. 19th, 2010|05:09 pm]
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*is getting her son dressed one morning when she realizes that, once again, her adorable little weedling is on the verge of outgrowing his clothes!* *do all babies toddlers grow this quickly??* *checks her schedule and decides to take him out for a shopping day, figuring she'll pick up some things for herself and Turgon while she's at it*

*makes good progress during the morning and stops off at a deli with an outdoor seating area for lunch (might as well, since it's still nice enough out)* *sets Alexander up with juice, grapes, and half a sandwich, keeping half an eye on him while she people-watches*
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[Jul. 21st, 2010|06:40 pm]
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*receives word from Glorfindel that her little sister doesn't seem to be feeling well, and has, in fact, been wandering around town in this state for who-knows-how-long* *pauses to marvel (as she so often does) at the utter charm and usefulness of most of these House Lords her husband's so fond of baiting* *could've used a few like them back in Nargothrond, that's for sure*

*sends out feelers and servants and, in no time at all, tracks down Galadriel* *leaves Alexander with his nanny and heads that way, fully prepared to chew her sibling out for taking off outside instead of laying around with soup and soaps all day like a good sick girl*
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[Jun. 10th, 2010|08:41 pm]
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*is fairly pleased about having a potential new friend (mostly because she doesn't have all that many friends)* *is less than pleased that the one time she gets to come to Gondolin, her second cousin is also in town (what are the odds?)*

*gets all dolled up and supposes it would be polite to invite her second cousin and, apparently, the son of her sister's friend?* *not that she usually cares about being polite, of course, but should probably make some effort in the country where her sister is Queen*

*heads up to the quarters that were assigned to her (and pretty nice quarters they are too, with two bedrooms and a huge living room, with widescreen TV, etc)* *manages to extract a couple of bottle of vodka from one of the Palace staffers, through a combination of bribery and blackmail* *has a shot of vodka, in the name of experimentation, before the others arrive (and prepares to assume a bored expression if Celeborn arrives first)*
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[Jun. 6th, 2010|05:33 pm]
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[Mood | energetic]

*flits about her study/office/hidey hole one early afternoon, taking care of official business while her son is off wreaking havoc with his father*

*official business including a warning text to Ecthelion (Congratulations! His Majesty would like a word the instant you set foot on his soil again.)* *tactfully omits "you could probably hear him shrieking all the way from Vinyamar"* *also sends Edrahil an email asking him to pull up Gondolin's marriage laws for her*

*that done, sets about readying a nice welcome lunch for her company!* *figured it was about time for a (joking) (but not really) royal missive, as she hasn't seen Beren in forever and she's never met his son in person*
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[Jan. 23rd, 2010|02:58 pm]
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*hears through the grapevine that the Lord of the Flower is back in the hospital, this time for surgery* *good grief, what is it about Turgon's poor people? every other week someone's having a minor crisis*

*decides to go check in on Glorfindel the day of his operation, because to listen to the media talk, he could probably use a friendly word right about now* *upon her arrival, though, she learns that Glorfindel is already out of surgery and has been installed in a regular room to recover*

*heads that way, her small offering of yellow roses in hand* *peeks in the door and knocks very softly, so as not to wake the occupant if he's drifted off*
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[Oct. 25th, 2008|01:18 am]
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*has managed to avoid another run-in, mostly by leaving the hotel early and returning late and sending her entourage on ahead of her for reconiassance* (*wouldn't ever dream of changing her routine to suit others, of course—has had a full schedule anyway*)

*goes to bed after yet another productive day, satisfied that her new home will be ready for permanent residence come morning* *will be pleased to leave the hotel behind, for more than one reason*

*despite her excitement over the progress, has no problem drifting off to sleep*

[Anar has just begun to brighten the eastern sky when her hand slips into his, small and delicate and practically made to fit in the hollow of his palm. Perhaps yesterday she might have worried over her gown, or the pavilion, or the guest arrangements. Perhaps she might find the will to be concerned for such things, in a moment's time. For the duration of this single heartbeat, however, she knows nothing but the warmth of his fingers, the smile on his lips, and the sweet glimmer of promise in his eyes...

"Findaráto," she whispers, her voice pitched low and for his ears only. "I do believe I have forgotten the traditional vows. Will you be terribly offended if I am forced to contrive something entirely new by the time we reach the pavilion?"]
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[Oct. 23rd, 2008|11:28 pm]
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*early(ish), the following morning, heads down to the front desk of the hotel, while Maedhros is still sleeping*

*orders a car to bring him to his cousin's house and, while he is waiting, settles down in one of the armchairs in the foyer, with a newspaper and a cup of coffee*

*is slowly starting to think that maybe this vacation/weekend/relaxation idea might not have been one of Maedhros' worst ideas, even allowing for a visit to Írissë*
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[Oct. 18th, 2008|12:40 pm]
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[Mood | chipper]

*despite her misgivings about leaving the city after the recent happenings (especially since she's a half-lobster cultist?), takes Turgon's advice and goes ahead with her planned trip to Ossiriand* *wants to see her Eruson before he's grown too big and she's grown too fat*

*arrives in the late afternoon, checks into the hotel, and confirms the next day's plans with Lúthien*

*decides she should go see a little bit of the town while she's here, so freshens up and heads out of her hotel room*
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[Oct. 14th, 2008|09:46 am]
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[Mood | exhausted]

*comes home after several hours of being of use wherever he can and being seen out in public a lot, because that's something people like*

*stops to check in with Tuor and learns the recovery team found remains of a PP&F helicopter* *orders all employees are to be brought in for questioning immediately, because he doubts this is something someone orchestrated on their own*

*heads up to his room to wash off all the ash and grime and maybe even sleep a little bit*
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[Oct. 5th, 2008|06:49 pm]

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[Mood | sad]

*has been having a little trouble dealing with the suggestion that her stepfather/mother/real father don't actually like her, and that most people don't like her* *partially because it hits a little close to home*

*after a good amount of sulking and sullenness, decides to ask someone who Knows Things, but doesn't know how to lie*

*takes the cordless phone outside and calls her big sister*
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[Sep. 12th, 2008|11:15 am]

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[Mood | busy]

*despite his House's extra duties during the lockdown, has never been happier or more refreshed* *likes being busy*

*has of course heard by now that there is a new Queen (of sorts) in town and, if the rumors are true, that she is expecting* *isn't really comfortable with terms like 'pregnant' or 'with child' or 'up the duff'*

*decides now would be a good time to pay his respects, since she's probably settled but not yet fat* *visible signs of …expecting are kind of creepy*

*stops by the palace* *brings a glazed lemon bundt cake*
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[Sep. 8th, 2008|09:25 pm]

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[Mood | peaceful]

*hasn't been in touch with his eldest since she called to say she was moving to Gondolin* *has really missed their weekly phone calls, too*

*takes the phone out on the balcony, where he's reclining on a deck chair and catching the tail end of the summer (before Galadriel stops refusing to eat summer fruits and vegetables and moves on to apples and pumpkin with the change of seasons)*

*hits Finrod's number on the speed dial (#1!) and settles back in his seat*
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[Aug. 30th, 2008|09:17 pm]
[Tags|, , , , ]
[Mood | concerned]

*is just finishing packing up his stuff to move when he hears the news that all traffic in and out of Gondolin has been cut off--indefinitely*

*first thought: Turgon is temporarily reverting to his First Age paranoia for some reason? maybe because of the baby?*

*second thought: Turgon is permanently reverting to his First Age paranoia for some reason? maybe because he's neurotic?*

*third thought (which was actually the first first thought, as it always is): Finrod.*

*dials her number, watching the talking heads on the news gabble at each other* *something about an attack? an arrest? but no confirmations from official sources on anything?*
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[Aug. 25th, 2008|12:32 am]
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[Mood | hopeful]

*can't decide if she's excited or worried for Idril's return to Gondolin, particularly after her unpleasant encounter with Elenwë*

*on one hand, Idril was actually starting to like her before... everything*

*on the other hand... everything*

*ends up in the foyer around the time they're due to return* *really wishes Pete would stop looking at her like she needs to be tackled and restrained*
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[Aug. 22nd, 2008|06:13 pm]
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[Mood | stressed]

*has been somewhat distracted since his brother's visit (and his brothers news)* *to the point at which Maedhros is threatening to sulk if he doesn't "cheer the fuck up" (direct quote)*

*figures that there's only one course of action open to him and dials Finrod's cell phone number, having made sure that his office door is firmly closed and Margaret is on her lunch break*
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[Aug. 20th, 2008|03:40 pm]

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[Mood | peaceful]

*despite herself, is actually enjoying living in Ondolindë, now that she doesn't have to put up with certain annoyances on a daily basis*

*as the hotel is doing well and practically running itself, has had a good deal of leisure time with which to enjoy reading again, to work on her music (has taken up the flute), and write her memoir*

*takes a break from all this today, though, to sit outside her favorite café and enjoy some gelato* *likes hazelnut the best*
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