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Oct. 22nd, 2010


Week Advance: July 5th, 2015 - July 11th, 2015

Date: Sunday 7/5/2015
Weather: 74 Degrees and Rain

Date: Monday 7/6/2015
Weather: 71 Degrees and Cloudy

Date: Tuesday 7/7/2015
Weather: 76 Degrees and Clear

Date: Wednesday 7/8/2015
Weather: 85 Degrees and Clear

Date: Thursday 7/9/2015
Weather: 83 Degrees and Clear

Date: Friday 7/10/2015
Weather: 83 Degrees and Cloudy

Date: Saturday 7/11/2015
Weather: 79 Degrees and Rain

Mod Notes:
The game will be advanced a week at a time. This should happen about every two weeks, but may be adjusted according to players' needs.
Please help spread the word by telling your friends and placing a link to the game in your character's journals. It would be much appreciated if you whore out the community!!!

Sep. 29th, 2010


Monday June 29th 2015

Who: Fisher and Will
What: Caught in an unexpected moment
Where: Fisher's room
When: Mid-morning
Rating: PG 13 probably

It was a rare morning where the ghosts weren't making Fisher crazy. Actually, the one guy in his bedroom was kind of entertaining. Fisher had been "cleaning" his room (meaning pushing his few personal items under the bed) when some random dead dude had wandered in and started babbling on about music and being dead and whatever it was ghosts babbled on about, and he was being ignored until a certain phrase caught Fisher's ear- My Chemical Romance. "Hey, you've got decent taste," Fisher credited him, crawling out from beneath the bed with the wiley well-concealed bag of vicotin. He popped three into his mouth, then tucked the bag back up beneath his mattress before his current guard dog returned from the bathroom.

Best band EVER! )
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Sep. 28th, 2010


Week Advance: June 28th, 2015 - July 4th, 2015

Date: Sunday 6/28/2015
Weather: 71 Degrees and Rain

Date: Monday 6/29/2015
Weather: 73 Degrees and Cloudy

Date: Tuesday 6/30/2015
Weather: 78 Degrees and Clear

Date: Wednesday 7/1/2015
Weather: 81 Degrees and Clear

Date: Thursday 7/2/2015
Weather: 85 Degrees and Clear

Date: Friday 7/3/2015
Weather: 87 Degrees and Cloudy

Date: Saturday 7/4/2015
Weather: 75 Degrees and Rain

Mod Notes:
The game will be advanced a week at a time. This should happen about every two weeks, but may be adjusted according to players' needs.
Please help spread the word by telling your friends and placing a link to the game in your character's journals. It would be much appreciated if you whore out the community!!!

Sep. 27th, 2010


Friday June 26, 2015

Who: Zowie and Will
When: Friday Evening
Where: Will's room
What: A lesson in sex.
Rated: R, most likely.

Zowie made her way down the hall towards Will's room, a small smile on her wasn't often that she got to teach someone older than her about sex, gay sex even. She sang softly as she passed the doors to the boy's rooms, Zowie decided to wear clothes to Will's room, she figured showing up in just one of Rez or Ric's shirts might throw him off. She wasn't supposed to be in the boy's dorm and if Nic found her it probably wouldn't be a good scene but since she hadn't found a girl to have sex with for him it really didn't matter right now.

The petite blond shifted the bag on her shoulder and smiled as she thought of the contents within. After tonight Will was going to know how to at least give a great blow job if nothing else, it would be embarassing to her if he didn't. She knocked on his door and waited for him to either open it or say it was okay to come in, Zowie liked it when people respected her privacy and she in turn respected others...sometimes.
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Sep. 22nd, 2010


Saturday June 27

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Wednesday June 24th

Who: Finn and Fisher
What: Creepy weird sex
When: Wednesday afternoon
Where: Finn's Room

Finn gave Fisher a lingering look before he got up and left without a single word. Didn't want to get the orderlies riled up by tipping them off to anything that he and Fisher might be up to. Now whether they would actually go after him or not, he wasn't certian, but he didn't want to chance it. So he went to his room and got out his pills that he'd mixed together. He wasn't really into drugs, but he figured that as soon as he got what he wanted, the other could enjoy some of his goodies. Whether they were what he wanted or not was another question. They were supposed to be downers, to keep him calm instead of his usual tense self. His room was white, nearly blinding white. Too much cleaning. There was a place for everything and everthing had a place. Now if it would stay that way. . . That was yet to be decided.

How disturbingly cute. )
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Sep. 17th, 2010


Wednesday-June 24th, 2015

Who: Mara and Paul
When: Wednesday Evening
Where: Paul's room for now.
What: A little romance
Rated: TBD

Mara was officially having a bad day, she started it out happy and positive but after spending time with James she was cranky and annoyed. Now she was sitting in her office and her computer wasn't working. "Fuck!" She growled at the screen and shut it off, hoping when she turned it back on then everything would work fine. She stalked down the hall to her room and decided she was going to change out of her jeans and into something else to maybe cheer herself up.

She yanked off her sweater and jeans, pulled on black lace underwear and a matching bra and already started to feel better. She tore through her closet pulling out a short leather skirt, a form fitting, v-neck, dark pink, thin sweater and then pulled on knee high stiletto boots. Mara walked in front of her full length mirror and turned around. She smiled at her reflection, she looked a bit more aggressive than normal but she felt more aggressive, she was tired of being a barbie as James called her. She gave herself one last look and headed for the door, she was going to go see Ric...or hopefully Paul but either way she needed the attention either one would give her.

The blond knocked on the door frame to Ric's room and walked inside, pushing her blonde waves out of her face as she smiled at him. "Hey you." She said softly as she shut the door.
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Sep. 16th, 2010


Wednesday-June 24th

Who: Riley and Rez
When: Late Wednesday Evening
Where: Deserted building on the grounds.
What: A little romance perhaps
Rated: TBD

Riley had been spending a lot of time on the grounds the last couple of days, going into one of the standing but not technically usable buildings.  The Texan had spent all yesterday cleaning up one of the larger patient rooms,  he assumed this building was a medical building before and this room, was probably a ward room at one time, for about four patients, but that made it perfect because it gave him a bigger room. It was on the top floor, back corner as far away from the hospital as he could get.  The room was spotless now, so was the bathroom, which worked much to Riley's surprise.

Electricity did not however so on one of his last trips over he had shoved as many candles as he could find in the box he was carrying. Riley walked into the room and smiled wide at what he had accomplished today. He had gotten up before sunrise and had dragged a couple of mattresses and pillows over to the building. He set them into the two bed frames he found and cleaned, lowered the rails, pushed them together and locked their wheels so they wouldn't move apart. Then he made the bed with king sized sheets, (putting the sheets over both mattresses so it was like one big mattress.) he had bought and washed and threw a thick comforter on top, it almost looked like a real bed.

Riley then dragged some furniture he found in storage up to the room. Of course he cleaned it first before he brought it into the clean apartment...that was what he was calling it, an apartment. So he had a vinyl couch, an armchair in a hideous fifties pattern, but in good repair that he covered in thick blankets to make them more comfortable and appealing. He set a couple of small filing cabinets up in the middle and put a board across them to make a table and covered it with a sheet. A beat up dresser was serving as an entertainment stand, Riley had found a big, old television and set it on top, hooked up the cheap dvd player he bought and then attached those to the small generator that he found in the basement as well. He walked over to the windows and shut the somewhat light blocking curtains and started lighting a few candles so it wouldn't be pitch dark when he brought Rez over, but not all of them because that would be just asking for a fire.

Riley had a huge container full of food, some wine, beer and water, towels, clothes for them would be as close as they could get to the real world as possible but fuck Rez deserved it. Riley hurried back to the hospital so he could shower off the grime from scrubbing and setting up the apartment and then headed to Rez's room to drag him out for his surprise. Once he got there he knocked once and opened the door, smiling wide at his lover. "Throw your shoes on babyboy, I have something to show you."
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Sep. 15th, 2010


Open: Joel, the guard walking outside

Who: Joel and open
When: Friday, afternoon
Where: Joel is walking the grounds
What: Joel may come across someone
Rated: TBD
Taking his time, Joel heads out to walk around outside, enjoying the cooler air. As he walked around the buildings, he thought back to the last week. 
He wondered if he was man for the job, to be out here on the isolated island with such, well, characters. The orderlies did will with them inside, but if they were to get free, it would be his responsibility to bring them back. Yes, they were on an island, but there were relics from the past that were deadly to them all.
As he walked he took in the landmarks, knowing he would need to learn more about the place to be effective.

Sep. 14th, 2010


Tuesday-June 23, 2015

Who: Dalyn and Will
When: Tuesday Evening
Where: Will's room
What: Decorating
Rated: TBD

Dalyn had been scrounging all over the hospital in all it's storage rooms for a few pieces of furniture for Will's room. Once Riley said he could decorate it, Dalyn went to town, he bought paint and had it brought over on the boat, he grabbed a box of things he thought might be cool...but the main thing was the dressing table he had found buried under tons of discarded trash in the basement storage room. The blonde had spent all weekend cleaning it as best he could, along with painting Will's room; shockingly the piece hadn't been damaged that badly and the mirror was still in one piece. Technically Will wasn't supposed to have a mirror in his room but Riley told him that he would have to check everyday that no damage had come to the mirror or frame in case Will tried to break it to use it on himself.

The blond dragged it down the hall to Will's room, box of goodies on top. He knocked on the unlatched door and pulled the table in giving Will a huge grin. "Hey, I found this in the basement and I cleaned it up for you, made sure nothing was living in it. It will be perfect for storing your make up and getting ready in the morning," Dalyn bit his lip as he thought of the bottom drawer already full of new make up for Will, something else he had brought over on the boat.
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Wednesday-June 24th

Who: Mara and James
When: Wednesday afternoon
Where:The grounds
What: A session for James.
Rated: TBD

Mara made her way down the hall towards James' room, she had spent the morning with Riley Quinn, talking professionally and also about a few things she needed to talk about. She felt better about her choices now and figured now would be a good time to talk to James. She wasn't dressed the way she usually was for a session but she was so comfortable in her hot pink converse, jeans and dark grey v-neck sweater.  Somehow Mara didn't think James would care that she wasn't in a skirt and heels, plus she could take him outside much easier this way.

She knocked on the door frame and smiled when she entered the room. "Hey James, I think we should have a chat and I was hoping that you wouldn't mind having it outside while we take a walk instead of sitting in my stuffy office." Of course it sounded like a suggestion, a request but Mara was his doctor so it was more than that it was what was going to happen. She pulled her hair back as she waited for his answer and checked her phone briefly, making sure it was vibrate before shoving it into her pocket.
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Sep. 12th, 2010



Who: Sarah and Open
When: Sunday Evening
Where: Sarah's Room D3
What: Being the new girl
Rated: TBD

Sarah had travelled out to Midian Asylum with more than a little trepidation. She'd thought about everything she'd heard about this place, the urban legend that the madness that had brought the patients out here was catching. She refused to believe it. Mental illness only worked like that if linked to a few, very limited medical conditions. Plus, she simply had to get away from...everything for a while, to get some space and let him move out of their apartment. Once everything was sorted and sold, she would consider returning. Perhaps.

So, here she was, crazy island, in a room that was completely devoid of personality with no one she knew. Sarah sighed and began to unpack, beginning with a few photos of friends she'd left behind her and brightly coloured scarves, to bring in some colour, make the room a little more hers. She'd deliberately propped the door open to invite some contact from the other staff if they wanted to talk to her.
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Sep. 9th, 2010


Monday - June 22nd, 2015

Who: Jane and Noah
When: Monday Evening
Where: The Lighthouse
What: A little rule breaking
Rated: TBD

The air was warm but the sky was full of clouds which seemed to suit Jane's mood perfectly. Today was a bad day for her. It was the anniversary of her original due date, the anniversary of the date that little Charlotte and Michael Jr would have been born had she carried them both to term, what would have been their birthday. And so knowing this day would be bad for her, Jane had taken the day off. Granted, they were still a little short staffed, and it probably wasn't a good idea for her to lie and say she was ill when there were so many nurses who really were ill, but she just couldn't handle work today. So instead of working, she was drinking. Alone.

Jane had always had a bit of a habit but it had only gotten worse after the car accident, and even more so after Mike had left her. It was under control now, but today, she wasn't even trying to fight the urge. And so she was halfway through a bottle of vodka, using a jug of orange juice for a chaser, sitting in the old rickety rocking chair that looked out the window of the lighthouse giving her a perfect view of the tumultuous sea beyond.
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Tuesday 6-23-2015
Who:  Rich and Julien
When: Tuesday morning
Where: Rich’s room, A 11
What:  Julien comes in to check out the new boy
Rating: PG for now.
Rich woke up finding he was in the same position he had fallen asleep in. his wrists and ankles were still done up in the medical cuffs and fastened with a bit of leeway to the rails.
The Doctor had ordered him to be taken on the meds that rendered him comatose to see what actually made him tick.
The night before he had a bit of a fight with the cuffs, yelling for them to let him loose and such, but they ignored him. They always ignored him. He hated being ignored. It was like he didn’t exist.
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Sunday 6-21-2015

Who:  Julien and James
When: Sunday Afternoon
Where: Boy's Dorms -> Hall -> ?
What:  Julien is tired of staring at the wall in A 8
Rating: Pg-13 for potential violence, sexual innuendo and coarse language

Julien had had enough of sitting staring at the wall with his hand down the front of his jeans. Nothing was happening. It was utterly pointless. Granted, that wall made some interesting sounds in the middle of the night. It cut part of A 6 after all, but for now it wasnt doing jack shit. And that was just not cutting it. He sat up, pushing his dark brown hair out of his eyes and swung his legs over the side of the bed. Hand dipping to fix his fly before he stooped over to look for his shoes. They'd been kicked far under his bed the night before and he had to dig them out. The dust stuck to his black T shirt.  It was raining out. Only a bit though, but it made the air smell wet. He felt it on his lips. Maybe he would go outside, no one would expect anyone to want to sneak out in the rain, right? As far as they knew, Julien didnt even like the rain, so they'd never suspect.

He pulled his shoes on, lacing them up before slipping out of his room, carefully padding down the hall past the other patient rooms. Instead of going straight towards the  stairwell he decided to try finding something to snack on. If they saw him for a few minutes they wouldnt come look for him again until nightfall. That would be perfect. He slowed down as he passed A 4 coming up to A 3.
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Sep. 8th, 2010


Sunday-June 21, 2015

Who: Zowie and Nic
When: Afternoon
Where: Outside
What: Don't know
Rating: TBD

Zowie made her way through the unmowed grass and tangled bright mess of flowers that were in the garden to reach the rocky cliff. She had slipped out of a door when an orderly had just left it open while he had a smoke. It was pouring down with rain but she didn't care. She was dressed, white tank top, skinny jeans, sneakers since it was wet and a man's hoodie she stole from the laundry room. Zowie had the hood up as she ran through the grass and stopped dead when she reached the cliff, staring down into the water.

The girl had had nightmares all night, and had spent most of her day hiding in her room and throwing things at the orderlies and nurses when they tried to get her to leave her room. Somehow she hadn't been sedated, probably because she wasn't trying to hurt anyone. But now she needed to be outside, she couldn't breathe inside the building. Zowie knew that Daniel would be mad at her for running outside because she soo wasn't allowed outside, especially after spending last weekend in solitary.

She sat down on the rocks, her feet hanging over and just stared out at the water and the rain. It was calming even though it was dark and choppy, Zowie loved it. She picked up some stones and started to throw them over the edge, narrowing her eyes as she tried to see where in the water they hit. She knew eventually someone would come looking for her, but for now she was free...or she could pretend she was.
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Week Advance: June 21st, 2015 - June 27th, 2015

Date: Sunday 6/21/2015
Weather: 69 Degrees and Rain

Date: Monday 6/22/2015
Weather: 78 Degrees and Cloudy

Date: Tuesday 6/23/2015
Weather: 87 Degrees and Clear

Date: Wednesday 6/24/2015
Weather: 71 Degrees and Clear

Date: Thursday 6/25/2015
Weather: 79 Degrees and Clear

Date: Friday 6/26/2015
Weather: 79 Degrees and Cloudy

Date: Saturday 6/27/2015
Weather: 63 Degrees and Rain

Mod Notes:
The game will be advanced a week at a time. This should happen about every two weeks, but may be adjusted according to players' needs.
Please help spread the word by telling your friends and placing a link to the game in your character's journals. It would be much appreciated if you whore out the community!!!

Sep. 6th, 2010


Friday-June 19th

Who: Riley and Will
When: Afternoon
Where: Riley's office.
What: Therapy session
Rating: TBD

Riley was cleaning up his office a bit, he had been a bit lazy in cleaning up after himself the last few days and he needed to make sure the office was more presentable for his patients. Rez didn't care so much but for the others he needed to get rid of the junk food wrappers and things.  He straightened up his books and put the piles of them on his desk back onto his shelves, straighten up his pictures and then made sure they were all two inches apart. Riley's ocd was showing. He snapped the elastic band around his wrist to get himself to stop obsessing about the photographs and continued cleaning up his office.

He refolded the blanket he kept on the back of the couch and pulled the pillows out from between the cushions where they were squished and set them back on the couch where they should be and then set his bowl of candy on his desk, for him and the patient and waited for the orderly to come by with Will. He hadn't really seen Will much yet so this would be good, he heard he had freaked out the other day and had been concerned for him since.
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Sep. 3rd, 2010


Monday-June 15, 2015

Who: Mara and Ric
When: Afternoon
Where: Ric's room
What: Mara is just checking up on her patient.
Rating: TBD

Mara made her way down the hall, stopping to talk to a few patients for a moment before continuing on her way. She was going to visit Paul, see how he was was very possible that he was no longer Paul he could be Ric right now. Either way she needed to check on him and it didn't really matter which personality was at the forefront, at least thats what she told herself.

Of course when she got dressed this morning she dressed to see Paul. Her skirt was short, her top was form fitting and didn't button up all the way, finished off with leopard print stiletto shoes. Mara felt a little on the slutty side but she wanted to show off what she had for him. Her feet stopped for a moment and she blinked slowly as she realized she was actively trying to attract a patient...crap.

She shoved her smooth blonde hair out of her eyes and continued on her way to Paul's room. Mara played with the thick silver ring on her middle finger as she knocked on the door and looked into the room with a smile on her face. "Anybody home?" She asked softly.

Sep. 2nd, 2010


Thursday - June 19th, 2015

Who: James and Will
When: Afternoon
Where: Will's Room
What: James heard a rumor and went to check on the pretty boy.

James was in an exceptionally good mood today considering that he hadn't gotten that much sleep last night. But here lately, he had been remaining in a good mood, and that was probably due to one reason and one reason only; he had been getting laid. Before this past weekend, James hadn't had sex in over a year, since the last time he and his girlfriend had been together, long before he tried to kill her, and it was about time that that had changed. And changed it had. And thank God! He was starting to get unbearable he'd been so moody.

A stroll through the halls had led him to the common room where he had overheard a rumor. William had lost it a few days ago and Dalyn, the nurse that James had fucked earlier this week, had had to calm him down and take him off somewhere whilst the boy was screaming about God. That sounded... interesting. He wasn't really sure if he was concerned about it or just amused. Either way he'd decided to track the boy down and see what the deal was.

His mission to locate William had led him back to the Men's ward. Just down the way from his room, William's room would be found and the boy would be spotted sitting on his bed. James tapped on the door frame as he peered inside. "Hey there, pretty boy." He was probably one of the last people Will had expected to show up outside his room, ever.
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