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14 February 2012 at 03:11 am
stephanie brown ( B A T G I R L )
Officially marking this one on the calendar: Fifteen days, how long Stephanie Brown lasted in prison before losing her head a little bit.

[The cause? BOY BIRDS. Breaking her brain.]

Big fat frown that'd get from the old B...

[Sigh. The jog this morning which was supposed to help clear her head, instead brought on less than expected encounters, that much was for sure. Unaware really of the way the bots worked throughout the day (and perhaps about to find out) Steph tentatively is out and about, looking for something to nom and somewhere to chill a bit.

Not that any possible frustration will show much should anyone come say hi; she's nothing if not unrelentingly cheery.

Come get trapped up with her?]

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14 February 2012 at 04:26 am
[Kallen has settled into a pretty quiet life - almost normal. She's not quite at peace, with several million questions swirling in her head, but she's not sure who to trust with asking. So she remains silent, thinking of theories of what may have happened instead.

Today she's in the arcade, completely owning the shit out of the A.I. and yelling and in general being really, really competitive.]

No, no, no-- damn it! Lost again. All right, you think you can beat me? Think again stupid computer.

[Later she'll be shopping around - she's wanted a new light dress. She's thinking pink, actually, but in the end may go for a red sweater and some jeans. Girly things are so-- girly, after all. She thinks the robots around are just the usual - nothing strange here. Right?]

[ooc | Smooch away! Current CR, new CR, strangers. I don't even curr.]
14 February 2012 at 09:05 am
Aoyagi Ritsuka
[Ritsuka has a busy day planned (perhaps even more than he thinks). He'll be starting off from the shelter this morning to pick up a book or two at the library in Sector 2. Following this, you will be able to spot him in Sector 3 as he plays a game or two at the arcade.

Lunch will be in Sector 5, and the afternoon will be spent reading in the park in Sector 4 until it gets too cold and he heads back to the shelter.

Expect his mood to deteriorate as the day wears on.]

[ooc: open to all! if you would like to choose/rng the intensity of the kiss, write the result in the subject of your first comment (cheek, normal, mega). otherwise I will default to normal. cheek only for girls, though, since I want to save Ritsuka's first normal girl kiss.]
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14 February 2012 at 09:38 am
[Roy is out and about, walking through the park, and thinking of catching something to eat. But for now it's nice to just get some "sun" and be outdoors. He's been penned up inside planes and safehouses and doing Jason's bidding since they were at the resort, and it was a while before that in prison. It's nice to stretch his legs without worrying about getting attacked by supernatural monsters or wearing a restraint.]

Well, this has been an eventful morning.

Completely off-topic though, does anyone want to tell me about this Defense Force? Is it all Acumen-sponsored and all, or just a ragtag group of semi-superheroes? Inquiring minds want to know.

[Yes, he's already encountered the bots. And no, he doesn't care. In fact, he looks pretty cheerful.]

[private to Jason Todd]

So, Jaybird. I think there's a few things we need to talk about mano a mano, you know what I mean? Mostly because Kori is one of the topics, besides getting out and the bird population. Want to grab something to eat later?


[OOC: I missed the kiss planning post due to being ill, so I'm opening this up for anyone who wants a whim kiss from Roy! He's actually pretty good at it, and he has nothing to lose and doesn't really care much. XD If you'd rather me tag a post of yours either on the comm or at the mingle, please leave a link in the OOC thread!]
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14 February 2012 at 01:42 pm
[Ashura expected it to be a mostly normal day. Of course, Ashura could be entirely wrong. He saw nothing strange in the bots he saw float by the window in the morning, thinking them nothing more than a new little sentinel of Acumen's. Things to be ignored, because what could they want with him?

So he will be going out his normal day. In the morning he would go down to the beach to perform his exercises, finding that more comfortable than the gym by far. Not not to mention more open space to practice his fire wielding. There were simply to many flammable things in the gym - not that he could not control the fire, but he would just rather avoid the situation all together. Come afternoon he would be going through the park and butterfly house, the latter mostly to let Vishni have some flying time. Poor thing was in need of it, what with the still somewhat chill weather forcing her inside most days, and the apartment was so much smaller than the open skies she was used to. Evening would find him at the cafe and convenience stores, collecting some treats to take back to Yuta to celebrate this 'Valentine's' day. It seemed a wonderful excuse to ingest more sugar than was strictly healthy, and Ashura was loathe to pass such a thing by ~ Not to mention it would give a gear up for late evening, since he did have a patrol tonight covering Sectors 4 &5.]

[ooc: This is Ashura's kissing post guys~! Just let me know in the subject two things - where you are and what level intensity kiss you want - cheek, normal, passionate! Kids will automatically default to cheek, and if you do not say passionate, the default will be normal. Have fun ~]
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14 February 2012 at 02:12 pm
Tim Wayne
[Tim (or Alvin to you, depending on how much you know him) is just walking around early in the morning, completely unaware of what the bots all around imply. Luckily for him he hasn't stumbled upon anybody yet, but that is surely going to change soon.

He's pretty new to this place and so far everything has been more pleasant than what he'd expect from a prison. He's got his new camera in hand, and he's taking pictures of everything that catches his attention before he heads to class. Colors, shadows, figures... he's a little out of practice with the camera so he thought he could learn to see things through it again would help before he got to the serious pics he promised for the newspaper.

Later, he'll put on his Robin costume and go around patrolling in the shadows. Crime never rest etc, not even in the prison. He has to do what he was taught to do, and that's protecting people.

[[OOC: You can either stumble upon Tim taking pics, going to the school, walking around... ooor you can find Robin as he patrols. Tell me which one you want in the subject or on the message <3

I will also leave a thread down here for you to link me to an entry in case you'd rather have me comment to you. I'm open to anything, I swear, so don't be shy and get crazy.]]
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14 February 2012 at 02:53 pm
[Even if he knew what the bots were for and/or doing, that would never have kept Ventus inside. He was one of those people that went a tiny big loopy if he was stuck inside to long. He needed to be out in the fresh (maybe) air, the (fake) sunshine, and (not really) wide open skies. It was just whom he was. So bots or no bots, he was heading out.

Morning would find him working off his immediate energy after a swift breakfast of an egg burrito at the beach, gliding along his glider through sand and surf, kicking it up, whooping in joy as he more or less flew. Come the summer he could have even more fun with the sea water was not quite so cold, but for now he just glided across it.

Afternoon found him just exploring the town, bemused by the bots, though he seemed to spending a lot of his time in the arcade or the park, switching between playing games and going outside to work of his usual store of energy, maybe even munching on a hotdog and sipping a hot cocoa if you catch him at the right time.

Evening rolls around and Ventus decides that even though it's a bit chilly, he wants to watch the stars tonight. He likes them, he likes sitting beneath them and pretending they are worlds, perhaps even the worlds he knew. Cinderella, Jacques, Snow White, the Fairy Godmothers (Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather), Peter Pan and the Lost Boys... Aqua and Terra. Everyone. So he will be sitting outside of the building that housed what used to be his and Aqua'a apartment, but was just him now. He's on the steps, hugging his knees, looking up at the night sky.]

[ooc: kisses for all are welcome~! Say if you want cheek or normal, though you'll have to do some really hard convincing to get a SUPER-MEGA one. But you can try, lol. Have fun kiddies ~]
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14 February 2012 at 07:50 pm
Oz Vessalius
[ Oz flicks on the feed, hands on chin and grinning at the screen. If one's an astute observer, they might notice it's just a bit to wide to be truly sincere. ]

Hey! My fish tank seems to be getting a bit on the green side. Anyone know how to clean one and want to take a hand at it?

[ yep, that tank hasn't been cleaned since the last Gilbert disappeared. Shame on him for making that poor fish suffer! Oh, and it's a pretty big tank. Just so you know! ]

[ Later, for those wanting a special kiss from one Oz Vessalius, he'll be wandering around the pet cafe, looking up fish food and cleaning supplies and of course a Vessalius can't starve! That's what the shelter kitchens are for. How in the world did those bots get there... ]

((ooc: Oz is canonically 15 years old so please keep that in mind where bots are concerned!))
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14 February 2012 at 09:06 pm
Hiling Care
[Hiling is at the club enjoying a delicious chocolate martini. It seemed appropriate for the season. She's in a good mood today, after chasing people for kisses. Maybe she'll even be in for some more! She certainly wouldn't object. She'll smile and playfully wiggle her fingers at anyone she sees walk in, whether she's expecting them or not.]