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[ Monday, June 30th - 09:53 PM ]

[ mood | frustrated ]

Who: Marietta Edgecombe and Morag MacDougal
When: Late afternoon, September 28, 1996
Where: But that is the question!
Why: Because poor Mare is lost.

Currently, I feel ridiculously stupid, milling around this empty corridor and looking out the windows to see if there's anything I recognise. The sad thing is that I know I should know where I am. But I don't. And I know the Healers said that even on my memory potions my blips probably wouldn't go away entirely, but they'd be less frequent and less severe. And I know that forgetting where I am isn't as bad as forgetting who I am, which has happened to me in the past and is a scary thing to snap out of - and be in, really.

Now I just feel stupid. I just want to get to the Library. Or back to my room. Or be anywhere but this stupid, stupid corridor that nobody else is in.

"I'm going insane," I say out loud as I turn around and walk back the other way again.

Especially because now there's a door in the wall I don't remember being there. Oh for Merlin's sake, just how bad is my mind?

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Owl Post! [ Tuesday, May 20th - 10:11 PM ]

[ mood | okay ]

Owl to Cho Chang, sent first thing in the morning. )

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It's a small Wales after all [ Saturday, March 29th - 01:23 PM ]

Who: Megan Jones and Romilda Vane
Where: North Wales!
Why: Because city girl meets country chick is a match made in Heaven. (Or not.)

There's something amazing about the Welsh countryside. After all the worrying things that happened at Hogwarts, after that really worrying notice from the Ministry, after Susan being a total cow, all it takes is a walk around the valleys, and everything seems so much better. It's so calming, and tranquil. I love home!

I don't fancy going over to Anglesey today, so I decline the Side-Along Apparation Mum offers me. She'll just expect me to watch her practise. Sorry, but bo-o-o-ring. I have six weeks off to have fun, not watch crazy witches hare about on sticks. Last summer, I went shopping with Lil and Han and Suse, and we had sleepovers and so much fun. I don't like being pessimistic, but somehow I don't think that's going to happen this summer.

Dad read the note from the Ministry, and he was a bit worried, but he's out at work today. And Nan's down the bingo hall -- it's the Over Fifties competition today, so I can't have a go -- which leaves me home alone. Home's pretty boring, though, so I've wandered out down the lanes, just thinking. In fact, I've been wandering so long, I've completely left Rhiwlas behind. I only just realise that I've been walking up a grassy hill. I shade my eyes against the sunlight, and look down where I've just come, and see the tiny toy houses below. It's so pretty!

For the next half hour, I happily traipse up the hill, humming under my breath. I reach the top ridge, and stand on a protruding rock to look around me. The view is fantastic! Behind me, I can see my village, with its even tinier houses. And is that the bingo hall? In front of me, I can see the neighbouring villages, and the empty lanes that connect them. And further ahead of me are the amazing mountains that make Wales so beautiful. All thoughts of You-Know-Who, of silly friends, of Mum, of anything all fly out of my head. I spread my arms and do a cartwheel, before sitting down on the dry grass with a flomp. Who doesn't love the countryside?
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[ Friday, March 28th - 09:24 AM ]

Delivered to all wizarding homes in Britain and Ireland )
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[ Tuesday, March 4th - 06:59 AM ]

[ mood | cranky ]

Who: Marietta Edgecombe and Susan Bones
Where: Er, near the Great Hall, I guess
When: early evening, after Susan's Transfiguration exam
Why: To get some ex-DA and modified memory action!

Lately, I've been feeling like a clumsy and awkward ditz. Despite the fact (or maybe because of it) that it's been close to two months since I got jinxed, I've been feeling extremely stressed, and those who still feel fit to tell me what a horrible person I am just because I got caught on the receiving end of a jinx are not helping.

It has to be the stress that made me forget to go to Defence last week, and dinner on Sunday and to do last minute revision for my exams over the weekend (even though they're not as important as OWLs or NEWTs, I still want to pass them).

Stressed, cranky, hungry and tired of having to wear a scarf across my face, I'm hoping my trip down to the Great Hall for dinner will solve at least one of those problems.

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[ Wednesday, February 27th - 02:27 PM ]

[ mood | AAAAAH ]

Who: Romilda, and anyone else who wants to reply
Where: The Entrance Hall
When: Wednesday 27th May
Why: I guess I'm easily amused. And like punishing my characters.

So, like, Loretta is just about to reveal who she saw Orla Quirke snogging the other day, after I've named every bloke I can think of and still haven't even got close, according to her.

"Do I even KNOW the guy?" I protest, as we shove our way down the main staircase on the way to lunch. God, what is with everyone today? "MOVE," I say, pushing a younger year in the back, and she stumbles and clings to the banister.

"You do," Loretta says smugly, and I want her to just tell me already. I couldn't care less about quirky Orla, but the way Loretta's acting makes me think it's some truly scandalous gossip.

"Was it Snape?" I say flippantly.

"Oh my god," Sophie says.

"Yeah," Vicky chimes in. "That is SO gross, Romilda."

"No -" Sophie sounds excited. "Look at that!"

I turn around and for the first time see someone soaring towards the ceiling. I gawk for a moment, then suddenly the crowd parts a little and I seize my chance, jumping down the last few steps. I want a closer look at whatever's going on! Only the floor isn't as solid as I'd thought it would be. I sink into it like jelly, then go flying off at an angle, screaming my head off and windmilling my arms desperately, hoping some really fit guy is going to catch me. What's going onnnnn?!?

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[ Saturday, February 16th - 04:06 PM ]

Who: Everyone! OPEN.
Where: The Great Hall
When: Saturday 16th May, breakfast time
Why: Because half the school are about to end up with their breakfast in their laps...

It's a nice sunny morning and nothing looks out of the ordinary in the Great Hall. People are filing in and sitting down, ready for the food to be conjured up from the kitchens below. But which side of their House table will your character sit at today?
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Warning for mature-ish subjects? [ Wednesday, February 13th - 11:07 PM ]

[ mood | determined ]

Pieces of parchment left out and passed to random people throughout the day. )

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[ Monday, January 28th - 10:13 PM ]

[ mood | amused ]

Who: The twins plus anyone who wants to witness a great exit.
What: An escape
Where: The Entrance Hall
Why: Because Harry asked for a distraction.
When: The 28th at Sunset.
Just a quick note: Most of this, especially the dialogue, is from OotP but I thought it would be fun to role play it from Fred's pov instead of just watching it from Harry's and I thought it could be fun for all of you to be able to react to this instead of just hearing how Harry felt.

Harry had asked for a distraction and after all that he'd done for Fred and George, they couldn't really say no. So a distraction was what he was going to get. The perfect plan was formulated and underway...

Umbridge was none to happy to find that the Entrance hall was now covered by a huge swamp )

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Marietta + Cho + 'SNEAK' written in spots + memory loss = a wonderful fight. [ Tuesday, January 8th - 08:23 PM ]

ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]cho_changing

Who: Cho and Marietta
Where: The hospital wing
When: April 8th, around 4 PM
Why: So they can fight, make up, and figure out that Mare lost her memory of the DA.

I close my journal with a sigh and replace it on my bedside table. Everyone seems to think that Marietta's lying, and I must say, she's acting quite suspicious. I just don't see why she need to lie to me. But it seems impossible that she would've just forgotten the DA after all the times she's yelled at me about how stupid it is and how delusional Harry is.

Well, lying or not, I suppose it's best to talk to her in person. Besides, I need to check and see how she's feeling... not to mention investigate the rumors about her face. I get up off my four-poster bed and make my way toward the hospital wing, taking care to keep my head down while walking through the common room so as not to attract attention. Everybody's saying that Harry and Marietta were there when Professor Dumbledore was sacked, and they think that since I'm close to both of them I might know something. But for once in my life, I don't feel as if I know anything.

When I get to the hospital wing, Madam Pomfrey knows I'm here to visit Marietta. I was in the hospital wing enough times fourth year due to my tendinitis, and Mare came to visit me quite often, so it's obvious that we're the best of friends.

"Oh no," she tells me, "Go back to your common room. She is highly distressed and cannot handle visitors at the present time."

I give her a pleading look and conjure up a quick tray with two teacups and a steaming kettle. "Look, I even brought tea," I say, "and I'm not going to upset her. I just need to talk to her, and maybe I can calm her down."

"Very well," the nurse sighs, stepping out of the doorway, "but not for too long, you hear?"

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[ Monday, January 7th - 06:13 PM ]

[ mood | OMM! ]

Who: Marietta Edgecombe. Self RP, but open to Cho if Katie wants
When: April 7, 1996 about 6.00 PM
Where: Sixth Year Ravenclaw Girls' dorm
Why: Because somebody has to rat out the DA. Eep!

To say that the DA has been on my Mind lately would be a gross understatement. )

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[ Thursday, May 31st - 05:38 PM ]

ORIGINALLY POSTED BY greenisforgrass

WHO: Daphne Greengrass and OPEN
WHERE: Random hallways
WHEN: After classes
WHY: Why not is the relevant question

It was barely a week since Daphne had received her journal from her grandparents and already she was decidedly sick of it. It wasn't as if she didn't hear enough people cursing Umbridge (not literally) in the school hallways, she really didn't need to read every wizard and his owl ranting about her in the journals too. It just made her want to hex something.

And so the youngest Greengrass had firmly shut her journal and, with less care, thrown it into the trunk at the end of her bed. She needed to get out of her dorm, even if it was only to roam the hallways. And the hallways were exactly where she was headed as she made her way up from the Slytherin dungeons.

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RP, YAY! [ Sunday, December 16th - 07:06 PM ]

[ mood | edgy ]

Who: Katie Bell and Marietta Edgecombe (open to sixth years in DADA, too)
Where: DADA class
When: Monday, March 17, 1996 St Patty's Day!
Why: Because Lari wants to RP, really.

DADA is making me edgier and edgier lately. Every time I see Professor Umbridge and she looks at me, I can't help but freeze up a bit inside. What if she knows something? Maybe she does - why else would I keep feeling so bad? We've lasted this long under her nose, but how long can our luck hold out? All it takes is her seeing something, someone leaving the meetings at the wrong time and...

Luck is a funny thing to think about on St Patrick's day.

Anyway, Professor Umbridge has divided us up in twos (I notice I'm not with Cho - how nice of her), in order to summarize a couple paragraphs of the latest chapter in our books to present to the class. I suppose this is her way of making things more interesting for NEWT students...I don't really know. I just know that I don't want to get on her bad side again so I pull out my parchment and quill and look at Katie. "Shall we get on with it, then?"

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[ Saturday, November 17th - 03:46 PM ]

[ mood | devious ]

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]sylvie_renee)

Note passed to Jack Sloper through some younger Gryffindor )

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[ Monday, November 26th - 03:23 AM ]

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]notatarget)

Who: Angelina Johnson and Fred Weasley
When: Evening
Where: Gryffindor Tower / Boy's Dormitory
Rating: PG-13?
Why: Angelina is sick and Fred offered her company, soup and a blanket.

She tugged one of Fred's pillows over her head knowing he was going to think she looked dreadful and maybe wish he hadn't offered her company and the things she wanted. )
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Raindrops keep falling on my head... [ Tuesday, December 4th - 09:08 PM ]

[ mood | uncomfortable ]

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]thelovelysusan)

Who: Open!
Where: The Great Hall
When: 7am
Why: Because we haven't had an open RP in aaages, and I don't feel like working on my essay.

Yawning, I reach for the marmalade. I hate having to get up early for breakfast when I don't have class till later, but if I skip breakfast then I'm simply too hungry to concentrate on work. I suppose I could get up later and go to the kitchens to get something to eat, but that corridor's fairly busy in the mornings and I don't fancy getting caught. So I've pulled my robes on over my pyjamas and come down to the Great Hall. I wriggle my toes, encased in my fluffy slippers. I'm looking forward to going back to bed for another hour.

As I take a bite of my toast I notice Umbridge entering the Hall. Well, she's hard to miss, swathed in pink as she is. Something wet plops onto the back of my neck and I flinch, thinking for a moment that I've been hit by one of the owls delivering the post (hey, it's been known to happen). I gingerly touch the back of my neck. More drops fall onto my hair and shoulders, and I blink as spots of water appear on my plate.

All around me people are looking up at the ceiling, which looks much the same as usual - not reassuring, since it's as grey and cloudy as it is outside. Is it raining inside?

The answer seems to be yes, as the drizzle turns suddenly into a shower. With a squeal I put my arms above my head, properly woken up now. Ugh! I'm soaked.

Grabbing my toast, I join everyone else in making a dash for the doors. There's a massive crush, despite the shouting of the teachers, and someone elbows me in the ribs. I drop my toast and scowl at the burly Slytherin guy who's shoving his way through the crowd. Then someone steps on my toes - not very well protected in their slippers - and I stumble sideways into someone. "Ow! Sorry!"

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[ Tuesday, October 23rd - 04:35 AM ]

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]notatarget)

Who:Angelina and EVERYONE. Okay, well maybe just anyone who wants to get in on Fort Fun in Gryffindor Tower. This means Gryffindors. Sorry other kids. You suck for being in other houses and therefore are not invited into the Kingdom. Just kidding, we like you too but the fort is in Gryffindor Tower so...
When:Evening, January 23rd
Where: Gryffindor Common Room
Why:Because I am insane and when your muse demands a FORT KINGDOM you give it to them.

If nothing else, she had a nice quiet place to study until her kingdom had visitors or was pillaged. Whatever happened first. )

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Blaisey Waisey is Sickey..wickey. [ Thursday, October 25th - 07:14 PM ]

[ mood | geeky ]

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]flamingblaise)

Who: Blaise Zabini and Marietta Edgecomb
When: January 25th
Where: Hospital wing
Rating: PG-13 (Blaise has a foul mouth, didn't you know?)
Why: Because poor Blaise needs his share of unwanted loving, especially while the old dog is sick. Even if he doesn't want to admit it. And Marietta's cute, that's why.

Heal my wounds )

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[ Monday, October 29th - 12:14 AM ]

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]notatarget)

Who: Angelina Johnson and Fred Weasley
When: Late Evening
Where: Gryffindor Tower
Rating: TBD.
Why: Because Fred has Chocolate biscuits and Angelina wants them.

The fantastic fort wasn’t really as fantastic as it had been. It lost a lot of its glimmer when she and Fred had started quarreling. She wasn’t certain that she could define what had been going on as fighting because it wasn’t really that. They were still talking and being friendly – it was just a rough spot. She wasn’t completely certain she wanted to go and meet with him there but the prospect of chocolate biscuits had pulled her in. Besides she didn’t much like their friendship being so off anyways. She moved briskly from the girl’s dormitory down to the abandoned common room frowning at the remains of the fort before moving in. It was full of other's books and things. People had added their own embellishments. It wasn’t really hers anymore.

Where was Fred? He said to hurry and now she couldn’t spot him.

“Fred, where are you?” she asked. “I’m hear to lay claim to all your biscuits.”

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Romilda's Divination Project [ Friday, November 9th - 07:32 PM ]

[ mood | mischievous ]

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]v_isforvane)

[Throughout the day she'll have been looking for opportunities to shove these into their recipients' bags. It's unlikely anyone will have spotted her doing this since she did it during busy periods in the corridors or at lunch/dinner, and she got her friends to help her. That said, this is recognisably Romilda's handwriting from the journals. Oh yeah, and she couldn't be bothered to cut them out into heart shapes.]

Pansy, Hannah, Marietta, Sylvie, Megan, Parvati, Ginny, Blaise, Fred, and Alicia... )

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