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So we are here, where ever here might be. I’m honestly not quite sure if someone poisoned me in my sleep and I’m dead or this is the poison taking effect.


Does anyone else from Westeros have weird dreams?

I still can't believe what all has happened in them. Are they true?



Where am I?

Lady Sansa? Lady Arya? Sir Jaime?


Private to Luna and Raven (Backdated to Thursday)

Luna, Raven, I have a question to ask you two.

There is going to be a wedding on the beach today and it looks like it's going to rain. Will you two help me set up a tent? Just in case the forecast is wrong and it does start to rain.

It's for one of my girlfriend's friends from back home.


Is this hell!


Cersei... where are you? What is this place? How did we get here? Is this the punishment we deserve? Has it finally come....


So Aurora and I are getting married at the beach tomorrow.

I want to invite all our friends to attend.


My house suddenly got a lot busier. It's a good thing. Just strange.

And something is wrong. I just don't know what. They will tell me when they are ready to talk, I suppose.


Weather Report

Sunday 12 - Saturday 18 )


This is not Westeros and more accurately not Winterfell. Where am I and who brought me here? I will make them pay!



What...what just happened?!


I had the weirdest dream. Or was it a nightmare. It's not every time you dream of your own death.

But is there anyone here from Westeros that can marry Aurora and me?


Hi. Name's Gibbs.

We're having a barbecue at our place. I've got hamburgers and hot dogs, buns, and basic condiments. Anything else can (and should) be brought along.

If I haven't met you yet, feel free to come by and say hi.


The flames showed me my fate back in Westeros.

It seems some of my powers of survived the trip here.

One thing is certain. The Lod of Light wants me here for a reason. And I fully intend to keep doing the Lord's will. in this new land. Apparently, that is going into healing.


I feel like I should do a class for everyone who is new to a lot of this technology. If you need help with anything that is new to you here feel free to contact me. My name is Willow and I am here to help.


This is not Westeros in the slightest. This place does not look at all familiar. If someone would be so kind and tell me where I am, I would be forever in your debt. Last thing I remember was being with my brother and everyone else before the explosion... oh Gods, I’m dead aren’t I?

Anyone I know here? Most importantly, where is my husband and brother? I do hope one of them is here...


Okay I know that space time can be unpredictable. But I never saw this actually happening.

Sheldon? I can't believe I'm going to say this. Are you here? Penny? Raj? Howard?


Well this is definitely not Sanfransokyo.


This definitely isn't Winterfell. It looks and feels more like King's Landing. But I'm quite certain it isn't. So where am I?


I think I want to retire from the family business. I'm sure that is going to go very well....


Well this is most certainly not Cardiff....


Where is everybody? It is way too quiet. Somebody needs to throw a party or something...


I am so lonely. I really am missing everyone right now.


Private to Aasta

Are you free for dinner this weekend?


What is this place? How am I here? Daenerys? Grey Worm?


I thought I'd have a bonfire on the beach. Sit around a fire while grilling hot dogs. Later we can make smores. Just give me a shout if you want to come; so I'll know how much food to buy.


Maya said she saw dragons flying nearby. I want to believe her, but dragons can't be real, can they?


Hello? Can someone tell me where I am? I know it’s not Dorne or anywhere in Westeros..

Is my family here? Or anyone from home? I’m so confused...


Aurora, I had the weirdest dream last night. It was like I was back in Westeros, saving Yara.


I was on my way to Volantis. Now I'm called here.

The Lord of Light works in mysterious ways.


Where am I?

I knew I shouldn't have trusted Five when he said he knew how to transport us back. Because this certainly isn't home.

Who else is here? Ben? Diego? Alison? Five? Vanya? Luther?


Private to Meg, Rain and Lydia

How about we have a double wedding?


I'm bored. Anyone want to watch Netflix and chill. I mean chill not anything else.

B is on my mind today. I was thinking about when I first met her. I've changed so much since then.


Sometimes, it's hard to have faith that Charming will come. But I'll never give up hoping and praying. I could use some more friends to do things with.

I'm blessed to have Aurora and Theon in my life, but they are expecting a baby. I intrude enough as it is.

Having April with me has been a godsend otherwise I'd be so lonely.


I haven't ventured out into the water yet. I use to swim a lot in Themyscira. I should try it here. Would anyone want to accompany me?


Filtered to Martha Jones

At your earliest convenience, I would like to make an appointment with you.


Hey Nix. I finally managed to get away from the office for a bit. Why don't you come join me? You spend way too much time cooked up in your room, or in that photography shop.

I'm down on the beach. I'll be waiting.


To Theon and his girlfriend

I have a matter that requires immediate attention and would like to discuss it with your girlfriend.


Dom, we need to have an evening just you and I, what do you say to finding a babysitter and spending an evening having a nice dinner and enjoying each other's company?


Elijah, can we do something? Nothing is happening around here and need to do something.


Happy spring everyone! I am glad that spring has sprung despite the fact we don’t exactly have snow here, though I miss it. That means getting ready for Easter,and wedding season. Maybe that will happen for me someday. I’m just happy to be on the island with my little family and Weasley’s who have been my family since I could remember. I’m going to be doing some private lessons so if anyone is interested let me know.

How about we do something? I think we are overdue for a romantic evening together. We could go out, or stay in. I do have amazing cooking skills so what do you think?


Spring has sprung and while we don't get technical winter here there's something about spring hitting that makes everything seem new and stuff. Maybe I am not making any sense. Either way if anyone wants to come by the stables for riding lessons we have many times available.


I’ve become increasingly bored lately. I need to get out of this funk I’m in. I need to get out and paint the town a different color. Anyone out there want to join me? I promise I don’t bite.


Three months to go... I can make it right? With the help of Snow White I got the nursery all decorated. She did most of the heavy lifting, it I did pair it and what have you. Since she is a mom herself, Snow gave me lots of clothes and things. This baby is going to be spoiled and the little one isn’t here. I can’t wait to hold him or her, and see the look on Theon’s face as he looks at his child for the first time. He’s going to be an amazing father.

Anyway, I’m going to take a walk. Anyone want to join me?

Private to Theon
I found out if we are having a boy or a girl. Would you like to know? If I haven’t said it lately, I want you to know that I love you.


Today is my birthday...Still say the best gift ever is my amazing girlfriend and our children. I may be exhausted, but wouldn't change it for the world.


Okay barring a natural disaster or hell breaking loose I am taking some time off work.

Cisco, we should do something.


I'm bored. Does anyone want to go to the beach with me or do something?


I started working at Jitters, so supplement my income. So far everyone has been very nice and I love the job. It takes me away from April, which I don't like but she understands at least I think she does.

I already have a few regulars. I love watching the people who come in for coffee.

It's really nice to have my best friend working here. Thanks Aurora for helping me get this job. You're the best.


Stefan, I think we should go out.


Graham do you want to go for a ride today?


I still wonder why I'm here. I saved one girl from the Hurricane. She's really sweet and I think I have a new set of friends from that experience. But I can use more. Anyone want to doing something, let me know.

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