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I'm updating Melisandre to current.


This is X-posted


My computer won't stay on for more than thirty minutes and has a habit of going to a blue screen every 30 minutes. I can't get anything done, maybe a tag or two, but it's really frustrating. I'll take my computer in tomorrow. I don't know how long I'll be off the computer.




Updating Theon to current every time I've watched a new episode. He's having dreams of Westeros each time. Until/when he dies that is.

This will be cross-posted.



Hi all,

I'm updating Theon to 8x01.

And I brought in two new characters:

Klaus Hargreeves, [info]cantsmokeeggs is from The Umbrella Academy. He's a medium... at least when he doesn't do drugs or alcohol. Did I mention he's gay and saw his boyfriend die in his arms not to long ago...

Melisandre, [info]darknfuloterror is from Game of Thrones. She's from 7x03. She is a red priestess working for the Lord of Light. She'll have her own healing store/temple called Divine Interventions.

Hope you like how I play them...

Greetz Silvia


I updated Dany to the end of Season 7. Even though it was only one night for Nowhere Island it was longer for her. When she slept she dreamed of Graham. She did sleep with Jon back in that timeline. I may update her by episodes, depending on what happens. Even though she slept with Jon, she still loves Graham, she just didn't know about him during her waking hours. Hope that makes sense.


Sorry I haven't been around - I have the stomach flu and it's pretty bad.




Because I apparently forgot to let people know:

I've done a number on my back and have been mostly flat on my back in bed for the last few days since Sunday night when I injured it the first time.

I'm not ignoring the game or anything, just it's hard to sit up and work on my laptop due to the pain in the lower back.



Liz got a new journal and she is now 19. Pretend she has always been this age.


Hey you guuuuys! I'm Shiri and I'm new here. I have just one for now; Liz Evans. She comes from the future spoken about in the Roswell episode called End of the World. For her, it's 2014 and the Earth is being attacked by aliens and she has just sent her husband, Max, back in time to change the past and prevent the war from happening. Needless to say it's going to be a shock to end up here and there will be a bit of an adjustment period for her. I look forward to playing with all of you!


Reintroing April, who now has a revised bio.

The breaks in her shoulder, which I mention in the notes of her bio, don't apply to this game.


Hello all,

I'm bringing in Game of Thrones' Theon Greyjoy. He's from the end of season 7. So I hope to have some fun with him. He is looking for some friends.

Greetz Silvia




My name is Cindy and I'm new here! I will be working on my other apps later tonight! My discord is xxkse21xx#1511 feel free to shoot me an IM any time! I need help staying sane. Work is a nightmare!

Anyway to start I bring you Kol Mikaelson! He's from 2x12 sanctuary right before he's hexed. He will be introducing himself as Kaleb. And hopefully working at Mysteria!

So hi! That's about it! Can't wait to start playing!!


Hey y'all

It's Snow. Sorry I've been away so long. Just know it couldn't be helped. I'm doing better except for this stupid cold.

Here are my characters:
Danerys Targaryen [info]dragonsong Game of Thrones
Elena Gilbert [info]imnotkatherine The Vampire Diaries
Faith Lehane [info]dirty_girl
Snow White [info]oncesnow Once Upon a Time
Wonderwoman [info]_wonder_woman_ DCEU

Anyone thinking of bringing in muses I'd love a Prince Charming for Snow and a Rick Grimes type for Faith. Superman for Wonder Woman or Steve Trevor would be nice.

My girls need best friends and male best friends.

I'm glad to be back and thankful for Marissa and her understanding.

Cookies and Snowflakes


Hey darlings! Aimee here with a quick note to let everybody know that I am not going to be around tomorrow at all because I'm having an outpatient surgery in the afternoon. I'm hoping to be feeling up to getting on my computer Friday but no promises.


I'm updating Cisco to current.


Attention Heroes, Police, Good Citizens and that sort

So a murder is going down. Nothing dramatic, a victim who went around screaming in abject terror unlike anything seen before (uh, unless you're from DC, then you've seen it) before throwing himself off the largest building around to go splat against the ground.

Horrifying, I know.

Ze clues! An unknown toxic substance in the blood, witness reports of said terror filled craze, reports of a young man (mid-thirties, Redish brown hair, blue eyes) seen accosting the victim before said terror, wearing casual clothing and a needle gauntlet (

On a wall in a dim alley, the world: Welcome to Hell.

Have fun!



Sorry I disappeared like, immediately after my intro post was posted XD. Real life reared up and I wound up moving across the country with two and a half days notice. But the messiness was worked out and I am now on EST time :D. Got Tony's intro up and everything, heh.



Hi there!

It's Rae bringing you a new face!

Drumroll please!! Red Robin, aka Timothy Drake-Wayne.

You know the drill!


Hey y'all!

Just letting you know, I have a few things going on at work that are taking my time. I might be slow for a while replying to posts or emails. Bear with me. Please poke me if I get too long without a reply!

<3 Your friendly-neighborhood Raeness


New Player/Character

Hey all! And formalist greetings :D. My name's Toby and I'm brand new to this lovely place.

I am very pleased to be here, and to bring an old favorite of mine to the game; Tony Stark. He's MCU and not from after the Civil War because I loved that movie but hated the outcome, lmao.

Very interested in threading with all sorts, so let me know if you think your people can put up with the obnoxiousness. He will build things and make his friends look cool, because he's vain like that.


Hi there!

It's Rae, bringing you a familiar face :) for those of you that know me (and one of you doesn't count) you know he's one of my babies. -pats-

Hit me up to plot/chat!

<3 Your friendly-neighborhood Raeness


Please remember to tag your posts!! I have updated the tags so everyone should have one. If you don't let me know.


Hi there!

I'm Rae, some of you know me already (you know who you are) and the rest of you...well, I hope I have the pleasure of getting to know you all. :)

I'm going to apologize in advance for Eddie's behavior, he's a scoundrel. Anything I post will probably have warnings; we are all adults here, but just FYI ;)

If anyone would like to plot or scheme you can reach me at --->

Let's do things!

<3 Your friendly-neighborhood Raeness


Updating Cisco to the end of Flash 3x23
Updating Felicity to the end of Arrow 5x23


Updating Felicity to current (5x22)


Updating Cisco to current


Updating Jimmy to current.


I'm updating Simon to current (2x10). He'll disappear and appear again soon-ish.


Steve here, bringing Maya Hunter (née Hart) from Girl Meets World.

She's just been adopted by her mom's new husband, Shawn Hunter, so she's pretty excited about that. Plus, her best friend Riley isn't moving to London with her parents and little brother Auggie, so yay! And she's about to start her junior year at Abigail Adams high school, so she's nervously excited about that too.

So yeah, plots and stuff, just drop me a comment.


Welcome all to the newly reopened Nowhere Island. I am excited to have everyone here and look forward to lots of RP. I have updated the tables, (except birthdays) Please take a moment to make sure are all correct. For Birthdays please look over those posts and see if your person is missing and if they don't have a canon birthday please make one up and comment to that post with it. As I have said there are no activity checks and minimum post requirements, but there will be a check in every three months to make sure no one is holding on to characters they don't want to keep. All I ask is that you try to post with your people as often as you can, have fun, and get along with everyone as best you can. If you have any questions or concerns you can contact me or one of the other mods (Mandy or Aimee). We're all here for you.

Also please reread the rules as some changes have been made. Once you have done that please comment to this post with your favorite animal! Thanks and again Welcome to Nowhere Island.


Gonna be updating some charries:

Cisco Ramon to s3 e3
Eric Beale to s8e04
Jimmy Palmer to s14e5

They'll disappear and return tomorrow.


I would like to take a moment to welcome our newest addition to this lovely game. Jennifer is bringing in Eobard Thawn from The Flash. And Leroy Jethro Gibbs is now being played by Ari so please take a moment to welcome these two to the game.

I also want to take a moment and be the worlds most cruel mod and say that since there are multiple tropical storms/depressions/hurricanes happening along many coasts I have decided that to shake things up a bit the weather will be a bit wild and crazy. Until further notice you will see a rise in wind and rain, the beaches will be closed to protect those that could get hurt and all emergence personel on the island are dispatched to sandbag as needed as well as making sure everyone is safe and sound. Have any questions let me or one of the other mods know.


Hi this is Silvia,

I'm going to update some characters to current: Eric, Felicity, Cisco, Jimmy, Tony and Simon. They'll wake tomorrow morning (September 1st) with new memories and in Felicity's case some additions to her body. They will also remember what happened on the island.


Final Activity Reminder!

We have just about a week left of the month. Just a reminder that activity check will be enforced this month so make sure you get your activity in before the end of the August!

Anyone who has not met the activity requirements by the end of the month will be removed (with the exception of those on hiatus and/or slowatus, of course).


August Activity

Hey Everyone!

The August 2016 Activity Sheet can be found here.

The past few months have been a freebie activity wise, however, as of this month, activity check will be enforced. Anyone who has not met the activity requirements by the end of the month will be removed (with exception to those on hiatus and/or slowatus, of course).

Also, please, please, PLEASE remember to tag your posts!

Any questions or concerns, please leave a comment below or use the drop box.




Andy Warren | [info]iamworking | Gin
Boone Carlyle | [info]lost_boone | Gin
David | [info]_shutthehellup | Gin
Jack Kubiak | [info]jack_kubiak | Gin
John Constantine | [info]_constantine | Gin
Josie | [info]moredanwaitress | Gin
Ken | [info]_ken_doll | Gin
Malcolm Merlyn | [info]blackarrow | Gin
Malcolm Reynolds | [info]_cpt_tightpants | Gin
Matt Flamhaff | [info]photobymatt | Gin
Mike Warren | [info]boyscoutlevis | Gin
Monty | [info]sexy_monty | Gin
Peter Bishop | [info]sarcasticgenius | Gin
Peter Parker | [info]parker_spidey | Gin
Satine | [info]sparklindiamond | Gin
Tyler Cormier | [info]tyler_cormier | Gin
Tyler Lockwood | Gin


This is Sean​, just letting you all know that I br​ought in Mr.Gold from Once Upon A ​Time.


Hey Everyone!

We are halfway through the month of July! Below is a list of characters that still need activity for July (anyone is on a hiatus/slowatus are not on this list):

To save space )

As we are tracking activity through tags, please, please, PLEASE remember to tag your posts! If you have noticed that a post has been missed, please comment below and we'll update the sheet.


Final Activity Reminder!

Hey Everyone!

We are halfway through the month of June! Below is a list of characters that still need activity for June (anyone is on a hiatus/slowatus are not on this list):

To save space )

As we are tracking activity through tags, please, please, PLEASE remember to tag your posts! If you have noticed that a post has been missed, please comment below and we'll update the sheet.



So I'm trying to get my shit together, so you might see this everywhere, sorry about that.

I am hoping to come back to full status by mid-july or the first of August, it should be when I finally have everything settled down in real life. By settled down, I mean be the heir to my mom estate and the house finally in order, just adult things I hate having to do.

So I want to make sure I haven't double booked any of my characters in the shipping are. (Not that I do it a lot, I just like to avoid doing it.)

So if we have any ships together, can you post who below or email me at I'm going to start making a list in my CDJ so I can keep track.



Mid-Month Activity Reminder

Hey Everyone!

We are halfway through the month of June! Below is a list of characters that still need activity for June (anyone is on a hiatus/slowatus are not on this list):

To save space )

As we are tracking activity through tags, please, please, PLEASE remember to tag your posts! If you have noticed that a post has been missed, please comment below and we'll update the sheet.


*waves*so i just realized i haven't posted here in a...long time. Uh. I'm Michelle and I have two pups. One being Lucifer ([info]oneforthedevil)whose main goal in the universe is to wreck shit and ruin peoples lifes.

I also have this dork ^^^^ Baby, from the same fandom as Lucifer but he's less intense, thankfully. He's from the current season finale, and since I haven't done much with him, will just be reset. Uh, winchesters, winchester friends, be prepared for cuteness and hugs?

I'm generally always on, if you want to plot shiz. thenalongcamezuess is where you can find me!

EditAlso, mods it's cool that baby's homeless and all but uh..


Hey lovelies!

Just to let everyone know, I am resetting my characters. The only one that is not being reset is Grace Williams. She is being canon updated to S6 E25 but she will have memories of the island when she returns.

These are my kids and they're all up for plots and shenanigans!!


Hello lovelies!

I just wanted to say that on Wednesday the 8th, I will be leaving for Massachusetts for ten days to see my family. I only get to go once a year.

I will have internet access at my parents and at most of my friends' houses so I will still be around. I may even be around more, you know since I won't be at work.

I still want to do all the things, and these are my characters. But I thought I should let everyone know. This will be cross-posted in all my games so odds'll see it a lot.


Just letting everyone know I've decided to reset my characters here. They'll all be coming in fresh.

Here is my list.


Hey everyone

I'm updating the following:

Steve McGarrett to S6 E25
Grace Williams to S6 E25
Adam Noshimuri to S6 E25

I also have the following:

Matt Murdock
Seth Gecko
Luc (OC)

All of my pups are up for the plots and things!


Hi my name is Sean and I​'ve brought​ in Peter Parker aka Spider-Man. and he open of any plot you with to have with him


Hi this is Sean

I don't recall if I did a O​OC about me bring​ing​ in Rip Hunter from DC's Legends of Tomorrow.


So it's been awhile since I have done one of these, but I figure it's high time I change that.

These are my characters

A couple of things I should note, IJ is currently blocked at work, this is not a huge problem because I use my tablet at work for IJ, but it's kind of a pain. Also I can gdoc as usually gmail and such are open. Our web filter is hella weird.

Does anyone want to play or plot anything? This will be crossposted eeeeeeeeeverywhere.


Canon Updates

Hello everyone!

I'm updating the following:

Steve McGarrett to 6.20
Adam Noshimuri to 6.20
Seth Gecko to 2.10
Matt Murdock to 2.13

All of them disappeared overnight and will re-apear tonight or tomorrow.

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