January 10th, 2019

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A sanctuary for the supernatural

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Hey guys! It's been a while since I last posted here, and I figured I may as well hope to fill up a few lines over at [info]valar.

Angel Sanctuary My Katou would love to get a Kira or a Setsuna to hang out with!

Petshop of Horrors: Leon wants the D (harhar, I'm so punny). A Jill would be nice too.

The Temeraire Series: I've got Laurence, and he'd love a Temeraire, Tenzing Tharkay, John Granby, or anyone from his crew.

Sense8* I've got Will, and we also have a Sun (on hiatus right now), Kala, and Lito. We'd love the rest of the cluster!

MCU* I've got Jessica Jones, and she'd love any of the other Defenders, preferably from the Netflix shows since that's what she's from, but anything is fine probably.

Even if I haven't listed a character, I'd love pretty much anyone from any of these series. If you're interested in anyone from Sense8 or MCU, please drop a line over at The New Player Contact post, but if you're interested in playing anyone from anything else, just drop me a line and we can work something out!