April 10th, 2011

[info]thefieldmod in [info]find_players

Players Wanted!

Hi! I'm K, the mod at [info]thefield. We've been open a week now but interest has been slow. I'm hoping I can appeal a little bit more directly!

The Field: Abandoned Oasis is a alien planet survival game. Characters from all walks of life arrive with nothing but their PJs and their bedding. What follows is an experiment in tool making, building, cultivating and most important - socializing! What makes a tribe? What makes a tribe in some of the harshest conditions?

Add a healthy dose of danger and the unknown, threats and natural processes, and you have a tense and scary situation.

One of the great things about TF:AO is that it is customizable by the players. You get to let your imagination run wild when creating the plants and animals that live in the setting.

So check out the TAKEN AND HELD PBS to see if there is room for your favourite face.

Have a look at THE SETTING and just try to imagine it!

Glance at THE WANT ADS to see if anything sparks an idea.

And finally, APPLY! We can't wait to hear from you.

If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ping me on AIM @ thefieldmod or through the THE MOD DROPBOX. Thanks for your interest!

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wanted characters!

Nathan here would love to see some of his canon mates from Misfits crash the multifandom apocalypse with him over at [info]wariscoming! That's right: Simon, Kelly, Curtis, and Alicia. He's looking for you. Don't let him down; you all know he's no good at fighting and there's demons and monsters to be found all over the place. D:

Nathan has also heard plenty of talk about tons of other folks from other fandoms being wanted around there as well! Including, but very much not limited to: X-FILES (Scully & Skinner, Mulder needs you!), BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER (Riley Finn, Xander Harris, & Willow Rosenburg), GLEE, DC COMICS, MARVEL COMICS (Tony Stark & Kick-Ass characters!), DOCTOR WHO (where are you Doctor?!), Harry Potter (Ron wouldn't mind seeing a familiar face or twelve), CHESS (Florence & Anatoly), REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA (Luigi & Pavi), STAR WARS (Ben Skywalker & Mara), BEING HUMAN (Mitchell), and loads more here at our WANTED LIST.