Oct. 20th, 2008


HP drabble: Precocity [Percy, general]

Title: Precocity
Author: [info]celandineb
Fandom: HP
Character: Percy
Rating: general
Summary: Percy has always enjoyed mental challenges.
Note: For [info]florahart, whose prompt was "palindrome."

Precocity )

Jul. 25th, 2008


HP drabble: Estimation [Percy, general]

Title: Estimation
Author: [info]celandineb
Fandom: HP
Characters: Percy, Snape
Rating: general
Warnings: hints of one-sided Percy/Snape
Summary: Percy is impressed by his Potions professor.
Note: For [info]chiralove, who wanted Percy, foolish wand-waving.

Estimation )

Feb. 28th, 2008


HP drabble: It's Lovely Rice Pudding for Dinner Again [Percy, general]

Title: It's Lovely Rice Pudding for Dinner Again
Author: [info]celandineb
Fandom: HP
Character: Percy
Rating: general
Summary: Percy's favorite has always been rice pudding the way that his mother made it...
Note: The title is from the poem "Rice Pudding" by A.A. Milne.

It's Lovely Rice Pudding for Dinner Again )

Aug. 8th, 2007


HP drabbles

To call my drabble-muse prolific is an understatement. I've written over a hundred HP drabbles to date, so instead of killing myself posting all the old ones individually, I shall here provide links to the general-rated old ones: gen, het, poly, and slash. The adult-rated drabbles may be found behind the cut below, as I can't link directly due to the way that security works at Wellinghall on adult-rated stories. The adult drabbles include het, poly, and slash (femslash, even!).

HP drabbles -- general rated, genfic

HP drabbles -- general rated, het

HP drabbles -- general rated, poly

HP drabbles -- general rated, slash

HP drabbles with adult rating )


HP drabbles: May 2007 drabbles with [info]alisanne [various characters, some adult]

Title: May 2007 drabbles with [info]alisanne
Authors: [info]alisanne and [info]celandineb
Fandom: HP
Characters: various
Rating: general
Summary: These drabbles were cowritten to prompts from various folks.

Proper Incentive

[info]ancarett prompted with "Neville, teach."

Proper Incentive )


[info]lesyeuxverts00 gave us "Snarry, Jerusalem"; [info]fodirteg requested "Snarry, familiars"; and [info]sassy_cissa wanted "Snarry, singing." We combined the three.

Inheritance )

Taming the Savage Beast

[info]morganlf wanted "Remus, music."

Taming the Savage Beast )

Auld Acquaintance

[info]kaellite prompted with "Marcus Flint/Neville, first kiss."

Auld Acquaintance )

Fear of Flying

[info]felaine asked for "Snape/Draco/Harry, fear."

Fear of Flying )


[info]empathic_siren wanted "Snape/Remus/Harry, initiation."

Initiation )


[info]emiime asked for "Percy/Cedric, secret."

Left )


[info]sesheta66 wanted "Harry/Draco, cousin"; [info]sulky_rhino asked for "Harry/Draco, cake," so we combined them.

Unlikely )


[info]suntzu_s requested "Bill/Neville, sheep" and [info]florahart asked for "Bill, collar," so we put them together

Collared )

The Long Secret

[info]telperion1 wanted "Percy, forgiveness." The title is borrowed from Louise Fitzhugh's book of the same name.

The Long Secret )

Altruistic Motives

[info]mordyn4 gave us a prompt in advance, so it didn't fit the character(s) plus one word model. She suggested, "Draco and Molly have a veiled conversation about Harry dumping Ginny to sleep in Draco's bed."

Altruistic Motives )

Schoolboy Fantasies

The only adult-ish one of the lot. [info]eeyore9990 prompted with "Remus/Draco, schoolboy."

Schoolboy Fantasies )

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