Philosophy of Command

WHO: Sophie Cato & Thomas Burk
WHERE: Battlestar Avalon - Hanger Bay
WHEN: Evening hours, Y02/12/05

Polishing tools gave Sophie back only a measure of the peace that she’d lost in her encounter with the officer in the hall. Her fingers rubbed a cloth across a socket wrench furiously, working at the metal until she could see her face in it before she reached for another. It should have been rack time for Cato but the woman couldn’t sleep, uneasy as she felt for reasons she couldn’t explain.

Philosophy of Command )


Nightmares and dreams

WHO: Tra Mitchel and NPC Admiral Burk
WHERE: Battlestar Avalon
WHEN: Morning 06 Dec Y02

As the Viper passed one thousand feet the last fire warning light came to life. As it did the ships computer came on. "EJECT..EJECT...EJECT...EJECT..." The computerized voice repeated over and over.

Seeing the last light come on, Achillies knew he had seconds before the fuel ignited and the explosion spread him across the landscape, along with what was left of his Viper. Seeing a small, empty clearing to his left he decided to go for it. Rolling the Viper hard to the left he allowed the nose to point towards the ground. As the Viper picked up speed the right wing sheered off, spinning away from the now out of control Viper. Spinning towards the clearing Achillies watched the altimeter pass three hundred feet. Nothing more he could do now, time to go

"This is Achillies, I'm punching out" He shouted into the comm as he pulled the eject lever by his seat.

The lever came off in his hand with a loud snap. Looking at it with a macabre mixture of shock and horror Achillies knew this was it. His heart pounded against his chest as if it were trying to escape from him and the dyeing Viper. Looking out of the canopy he saw the ground spinning wildly towards him.


Delicate Times

WHO: Vice Admiral Conrad Pierce & Rear Admiral Thomas Burk
WHERE: Burk's wardroom, Battlestar Avalon
WHEN: Y02 04 Dec

“Tom, I always felt that I could count on you. When you were my CAG on the Columbia, you never let me down,” Conrad Pierce said before having a sip of brandy from his glass. “You always had a frakking bottle of my favorite in your office.”

Quality Brandy  )


May the Gods love be with you

WHO: Tom Burk and Crew
WHERE: Battlestar Avalon and Strike Group
WHEN: Y2002 Dec 2

“All stations check in for FTL Jump,” announced over the speakers ship-wide.

Commencing countdown )


Cap-city Spaceport

WHO: Admiral Thomas Burk
WHERE: Caprica City Spaceport
WHEN: Before returning to Battlestar Avalon

"Attention at Gate twenty-five, Inner-Sun Flight Zero Ten, Departing for Casperon will be boarding shortly. Please make sure you have your passport and boarding pass is ready at the gate, and thank you for choosing Inner-Sun Lines."

Saying Good-bye )


upgrade memo

MEMORANDUM for Lt. Darcy Selwyn

From: Commanding Officer Battlestar Avalon

Subject: DRADIS Upgrade Delta 7

I commend your personal initiative to supervise the latest software upgrade to our DRADIS systems during our liberty call to Caprica. I will note in the ship's log that you have given up your personal leave to assure this urgent and last-minute upgrade to the ship's DRADIS system. Your devotion of duty is a credit to the officers and crew of Avalon, and is well appreciated.

Well done.

Thomas Burk

Commander, CF
BSG-93 Avalon