Stay tune

Who: Jilleen Simmons, others TBD
Where: On a back road heading to Glenrock.
When: Day after crash landing on Aerilon.

She pressed the scan button again on the in-dash wireless and watched as the digits on the LCD monitor skipped to find the next available broadcast station. The search ended, “... are rising east of Antigo military complex. Those in the immediate path of the fallout unable to leave the area should seek shelter indoors, close all doors, seal all windows and vents...” Jilleen pressed scan again, hoping the wireless would pick up a new station. She watched as the channels cycled again and return to the only station broadcasting “...stay tune for additional information and guidance on this broadcast channel. Emergency Action Alert remains in effect for -- Entire Colony.” The annoying attention signal played for a few seconds before the recorded messages started again. The same recordings which had played ever since the wireless picked up the station’s broadcast on this journey.

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By your command

“A change of plans, our supreme leader wants us to cease our attacks on civilian targets immediately. Recall our extermination units and have them stand by for new orders,” said the Five leader. “Continue the attack on all military targets with extreme violence,” he paused for a beat, “Collateral damage is simply expected.”

“By your command,” acknowledged the other biological models at the table inside the command hub of the basestar. The image of the planet Aerilon and the locations of the many basestars in orbit floated within the data stream before them all.



Who: Jilleen Simmons & Corporal Menlo (npc)
Where: Locker Valley at the cottage.
When: Early morning, Monday Y03 Jan 08

“Ready corporal?” She asked the marine while she put on a heavy brown parka which one of the civilians gave her along with other accessories for the cold weather. Her group was not prepared for a winter climate after coming from Tawa on Sagittaron which was in the middle of hot summer. It was ironic she had packed her winter uniform in her bag the day before for an entirely different trip back home. Her bag still sat on her bed in her apartment on the base.

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Have a beer first

Who: Collin Ives
Where: Local Diner, Glenrock
When: Hours after the start of the attack, near dawn.

“Caprica’s gone, oh my gods,” said one of the women looking up at the television in the diner. A man consoled her; he might have been her husband, boyfriend or brother. Collin never had seen her before or the man, or the number of tourists who have come into the restaurant to get out of the cold. Night was coming soon, and so was more snow.

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Death High Above

Who: Callie Morgan & Jilleen Simmons
Where: Locker Valley Lodge, Aerilon
When: Evening - Y03-01-07

Jilleen left the rest of her group watching the newscast which was recorded by the manager of the lodge earlier in the day. It was too much to watch the city where she grew up burning to the ground. There was a mass exodus from the capital. The highways leading out the city were jammed with traffic. Aerilon did not have great cities of the likes found on the other colonies, but Casperon was the largest. The live reports had ended shortly after large base ships with their squadrons of raiders were sighted descending on the city.

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Between Storms

Who: Collin Ives
Where: Glennrock, Aerilon
When: Noon local time (0:25 hrs CST)

The thing about driving on the streets after road salt had a chance to melt the snow and ice, the mist created by other vehicles driving over the brine stuck on the windshield. It is doubly annoying when only one of the windshield washing jets is partially clogged. “Damn thing,” Collin cursed when he could only get half of the windshield clean on his pick-up truck. He imagined with modern space travel, there was no reason someone could come up with a better method of clearing road brine from a window.

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A Dream?

Who: Jilleen Simmons
Where: Resort Cabin, Locker Valley, Aerilon
When: A few hours after crash landing.

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Jilleen grasped awake, lifting her head from the kitchen table where she had dozed off. Her eyes searched around the cabin where her group was staying to wait out the winter storm. The glow from the fireplace lit the room.