Two Cats, One Queen

WHO: Callie Morgan, Darlene Wolff & NPC’s
WHERE: Caprica Aviation School Hanger
WHEN: Night 12 May Y1997 (Backstory)

Thump, another body falls down on the canvas as the fans cheer for the victor of the ring. A brown haired woman leaned against the ropes, head covered with protective gear and hands suitably gloved as she caught her breath from the last match. Second on the trot, there was no stopping the Queen of the ring and while she wasn’t a savage that lived for bloody sports, she had to admit to enjoying the attention. She panted for some air as the cheers sung round “Callie, Callie, CALLIE!”

No Tame Catfight )



WHO: Darlene Wolff, NPC Burnwood
WHERE: Burnwood, Caprica
WHEN: Afternoon 06 Dec Y02

Retraining was necessity in this line of work. She had to be a stone cold killer, no emotions, and no sentiments of love, fear or regret. In her latest mission, Operative Wolff failed to complete her task because she could not kill a lowly deckhand who discovered her plot. That brought about reprogramming, reassignment and more important, punishment. Burnwood did not accept failure or reward it.

Reactivation )


The Price

WHO: Darlene Wolff, NPC Burnwood
WHERE: Burnwood, Caprica
WHEN: Morning 03 Dec Y02

To date, Darlene had never failed to deliver for her employers but most recently they had caused for concern as one of their top operatives failed to strike at a critical moment. Pressure from upstairs was mounting on her immediate employers since the failed bombing during the memorial service and questions were being voiced about her competence. Her superiors, feeling she was too detached from a watchful eye recalled her from Avalon, going through military channels so that it seemed she was being reassigned rather than just taking her off the map completely.

Welcome to Burnwood )



WHO: Darlene Wolff & Sophia Cato
WHEN: Morning Y2002, Dec 3, after Retribution
WHERE: the Avalon

She was first aware of her arms when she awoke, caught by something that she couldn't get free of. In the haze of waking, her first thoughts were of the quake and Sophia inhaled sharply, choking in air in a sudden panic. It was the stagnant scent of stale air and oil that reminded her of where she was as she coughed out the breath, her eyes snapping open as she struggled to pull herself up. Her feet slid a little on the Avalon floor as she moved them, not able to separate them.

She swallowed, her throat dry and painful as she looked across the floor. She had to figure out where she was and worse, how many other saboteurs were part of the plan.

She couldn't smell fire. She hoped that meant there was still time.



WHO: Darlene Wolff & Sophia Cato
WHEN: Evening Y2002, Dec 2
WHERE: Hanger Deck, Avalon

With the memorial service and flight formation looming for the Avalon crew, most of them were enjoying some downtime before the busiest day in many months hit them. It was therefore unsurprising that the deck was dim and empty – a fact of planning on one Darlene Wolff. She had used her relationship with the Death Angel’s squadron commander to get information about the coming day’s events. Callie, she was sorry about using her like this but Darla had a job to do and time was short.

Retribution )



WHO: Darlene Wolff & Callie Morgan
WHEN: Morning Y2002, Dec 1
WHERE: Wolff’s Bunkroom, Avalon

A month, one whole month had past and for certain entities it was a period of time which had proved fruitful in their quest. It however did not bring ease to Darlene Wolff. Casting her mind back just one month and everything was fine; her life was balanced until her latest assignment brought back old memories and fresh wounds. Callie Morgan.

Crossroads )


Blast from the past

WHO: Darlene Wolff & Callie Morgan
WHERE: Outside Pilots Ready Room, Battlestar Avalon
WHEN: A few days after New Dawn

With the suspicious death of Lieutenant Darcy Selwyn, Tactical Officer for the Avalon; an investigation was to be carried out as per protocol. In the meantime, the replacement officer had been requested and approved through proper military channels. Captain Darlene Wolff had accepted the position aboard what she had recently learned could be an important ship in the fleet. Of course, her employers would be pleased with the news.

For the past few days, Darlene had been using her time wisely to unpack her belongings and make every effort to keep apprised of the progress of the investigation ongoing. She after all had a vested interest in the proceedings. This morning, she was doing the latter; keeping her ear figuratively to the ground about the investigated.

History Lesson )


No going back

WHO: Jilleen Simmons and Darlene Wolff
WHERE: Caprica City, Caprica
WHEN: During Admiral Nagala's retirement party.

Capricans were always the best at extravagant cocktail parties, and the there was no difference in the military as the Caprica Fleet Commander hosted an event to honor the retirement of Admiral Nagala, Chairman of the Joint Fleets of the Colonial Forces. There were over a thousand people in the grand ball room, most of them wearing Colonial Dress Gray uniforms. Jilleen wore her tailored fitted Dress gray with a white aiguillettes over her left shoulder, to signify that she was an aide-de-camp to one of the Fleet’s flag officers. She was speaking with another officer who was also wearing a white aiguillettes.

“He enjoys skeet shooting on the weekends rather than chasing a little white ball on manicured lanes of turf. So when one of the local ground commander’s invited him to a driving range on the coast to hit some golf balls, the Admiral had me bring his shotguns. I felt sorry for the Colonel when the Admiral had him hit his little white balls down range, while the Admiral tried to shoot them out of the sky with his shotguns. Everyone on the staff got a chance to do the same while the Colonel launched balls into the air. It was good fun.” She smiled and then took a sip of her drink, while the other officer laughed.

It's in the hands of the Gods )


Making Plans

WHO: Darlene Wolff & Classified
WHERE: Outdoor Café on Caprica
WHEN: A few days before New Dawn.

The sun beat down on the colony in a quaint little café in the middle of the market place - a haven for the lost or a waiting place for those not lost but looking to be found. Darlene sat under the shade, eyes hidden behind dark lens as she waited with vested interest for her contact to arrive. It was always standard protocol for such meetings to be held in the public eye, hiding the truth from the innocent by flaunting it right under their noses. Time ticked like grain of sand slowly slipping down the hourglass. Darlene’s eyes ran around the points of interest, the points of vulnerability which stretched around the market place from left to right, right to left – it was hard to switch off the tactical appraisals. Her attention was retracted back to the immediate area, the few yards around her very being; the bright umbrella standing tall over the table, the barely dressed table based in front of her and now a strong figure dressed like a waiter standing over and too the right. His voice matched his physical stature, strong and willing.

Classified )