Two plus one

WHO: Callie Morgan, Collin Ives, and introducing Lisa Houdina
WHERE: Lisa's extended stay hotel room, Glenrock, Aerilon
WHEN: The night after Jing Jing
Morning (local time) Y02/12/07

Eyes slowly opened, breaking through the haze as surroundings felt foreign. Callie started to move, to sit up but paused, reaching out a hand for her head, groaning at the pain as her head was throbbing. Biting back the agony, she pushed her rough dark hair back and propped herself up towards a seated position, deciding to take it slow until the room, wherever it was stopped spinning.

Two plus one equals more )


Passing The Torch

WHO: Callie Morgan, Tra Mitchel
WHERE: Squadron CO Office, Avalon
WHEN: Evening Y02/12/07, Y2001 Flashback

It was over. The term as a Squadron Commander on Avalon was at an end after tending her transfer request to a ground assignment on Aerilon for personal reasons. She had not divulged those reasons but it was necessary to move on from Avalon, a place that held much good memories to follow a different path. There was only one last task left, the clearing out of her desk in her office. She was finding it more difficult than expected, packing her belongings into boxes, her memories into boxes.

Tra had left the Admiral’s office almost an hour ago, but he still hadn’t ended up anywhere. Getting the promotion to captain and the CO slot in the squadron was a shock, considering his record, but it wasn’t the most surprising part. That would have to be Callgirl’s transfer request. He hadn’t expected that. She always seemed to love being the CO, not that he made it easy on her. Looking up Tra found that he had made his way to the CO’s office.

Old School, New School )


Jing Jing

WHO: Callie Morgan & Collin Ives
WHERE: Rock Wall Tavern, Glenrock, Aerilon
WHEN: Evening (local time) Y02/12/07

Kylie was out with her boyfriend, something that Callie would not normally condone but considering the circumstances she did not want to upset her niece by taking her further out the normalcy. It would be something they would have to talk about. Truth was, Kylie needed her boyfriend, somebody that actually knew what the frak she was about. That was not Callie.

Jing Jing, the Colony's best sugar cane light rum )


Two Cats, One Queen

WHO: Callie Morgan, Darlene Wolff & NPC’s
WHERE: Caprica Aviation School Hanger
WHEN: Night 12 May Y1997 (Backstory)

Thump, another body falls down on the canvas as the fans cheer for the victor of the ring. A brown haired woman leaned against the ropes, head covered with protective gear and hands suitably gloved as she caught her breath from the last match. Second on the trot, there was no stopping the Queen of the ring and while she wasn’t a savage that lived for bloody sports, she had to admit to enjoying the attention. She panted for some air as the cheers sung round “Callie, Callie, CALLIE!”

No Tame Catfight )


Nothing More Important

WHO: Callie Morgan, Kylie Morgan (NPC), NPC Neighbors
WHERE: Glenrock, Aerilon
WHEN: Morning 07 Dec Y02

Two parents dead, no family to take care of the little one; it was an easy choice for Callie Morgan. She couldn’t let her niece work through the pain of losing both parents’ to terrorism alone. Her request for reassignment was approved, her position of distinction in the fleet was coming to an end as she shipped out for soiled ground in Glenrock, Aerilon. Her niece was close to her, at least the last time they saw each other which was a good year or so ago, the young lady was idolizing her. She wondered if that would be the same now.

Nothing More Important )


The Scapegoat

WHO: Callie Morgan & Cole Taylor
WHERE: Pilot's Ready Room, Battlestar Avalon
WHEN: Y2002 Dec 4 (Afternoon)

Frak that Achillies! Callie had heard the ship talk that Achilles ‘accident’ had caused a major incident which meant someone had to be held accountable. That thought was never more potent now as she stood in the pilot’s ready room waiting for the CAG. She knew what was coming but somehow she did not feel as worried about it as she thought she would.

Scapegoat )


Death Angels Briefing

WHO: Callie Morgan, Tra Mitchel & Open
WHEN: Morning Y2002, Dec 2
WHERE: Pilot’s Ready Room, Avalon

Callie stood inside the pilot’s ready room writing on the board; getting things prepared for today’s briefing. Her squadron had completed training rotation and were now tasked with getting set to participate in the air group formation flying before the Tauron Memorial Services. The next day or so were to be trying on all concerned; especially those from the colony in question.

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WHO: Darlene Wolff & Callie Morgan
WHEN: Morning Y2002, Dec 1
WHERE: Wolff’s Bunkroom, Avalon

A month, one whole month had past and for certain entities it was a period of time which had proved fruitful in their quest. It however did not bring ease to Darlene Wolff. Casting her mind back just one month and everything was fine; her life was balanced until her latest assignment brought back old memories and fresh wounds. Callie Morgan.

Crossroads )


Blast from the past

WHO: Darlene Wolff & Callie Morgan
WHERE: Outside Pilots Ready Room, Battlestar Avalon
WHEN: A few days after New Dawn

With the suspicious death of Lieutenant Darcy Selwyn, Tactical Officer for the Avalon; an investigation was to be carried out as per protocol. In the meantime, the replacement officer had been requested and approved through proper military channels. Captain Darlene Wolff had accepted the position aboard what she had recently learned could be an important ship in the fleet. Of course, her employers would be pleased with the news.

For the past few days, Darlene had been using her time wisely to unpack her belongings and make every effort to keep apprised of the progress of the investigation ongoing. She after all had a vested interest in the proceedings. This morning, she was doing the latter; keeping her ear figuratively to the ground about the investigated.

History Lesson )


Never Interrupt A Call

WHO: Callie Morgan & Tra Mitchel
WHERE: Avalon
WHEN: After "Working things out"

Battlestar Avalon hung in dock like a fortress, a beacon of strength as Callgirl gently eased her Raptor into one of the landing pods. Her port leave had been sadly cut short thanks to one of her pilots going AWOL and getting into trouble with the authorities. It had been ages since she had left her mystery girl in the hotel room and more importantly ages since she had reached the lock-up where Achilles was being held only to find out he had been released. Pain in the ass! It meant the upper brass would now be on her case about lack of discipline involving one of her pilots.

The raptor smoothly touched down on the landing pad and after a moment or two was lowered down into the hanger deck were a whole heap of bodies were swarming around like mad. Several personnel in orange overalls came running forward and started to bring her raptor down of the pad and into the hanger. Callie removed her helmet and placed the flight controls into proper condition before climbing up to get out.

It took mere seconds for the rear hatch to open and the Avalon hanger deck noise to be reintroduced into her head. She wanted to get away from all this for a few days and instead here she was, back early because of one frakker. Callie tossed her helmet at some random deckhand and proceeded to remove her gloves, “Where the hell is Achilles?”

Several faces looked at each other as if attempting to form a common story but nothing was forthcoming. Callie jumped down of the raptor wing and stormed off towards the pilot recreation room and bunks with a mind to give a right hook to Achilles. She’d find him, sooner or later and when she did he was dead weight. He’d spend the next two weeks cleaning flight suits.


Dangerous Encounters

WHO: Callie Morgan
WHERE: Caprica Beach
WHEN: Mid-morning after "A need for speed"

Callie flew back down onto the bedding in a heated sweat, her breathing labored as she was joined by someone else, someone she had just met but it didn’t matter. She was itching for some relief and finally she was getting some. Her naked body contorted in pleasurable tone, her lips broke silence in soft moans of joy as she was treated to some finesse from crimson lips.

Hot & Sweaty )