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Theme # 18: 5 of 5
Title: This Devil's Workday
Author: [info]mander3_swish
Character/Pairing: Brian/Justin
Rating: NC17
Word Count: 875
Warnings: AU
Summary: Photographer!Brian, Dancer!Justin, around Pittsburgh Pride 2002
A/N: Part 2 of the 'Float On' series. (See part 3 on Cuddle Day) Titles for this series are from Modest Mouse songs...just because.
Prompt: [info]bj_action Theme #18: Dressed & Undressed


In the morning, with the light delicately spilling through the gauzy drapes and across the planes of Justin's back and ass, Brian itched for his camera, wishing he'd left it in the bedroom the night before.

Maybe next time.~~~

Brian had never wanted there to be a next time so badly. If he could, he'd finish the first time up this morning, but unfortunately he had to finish all this photography work for Grant asap, otherwise he'd be swamped next week.

He begrudgingly untangled himself from Justin's naked and very warm body. He found the clothes he'd been wearing last night scattered about in the bathroom and pulled them on. He let out a huge yawn, followed by saying "Fuck it" to himself, and went back into the bedroom, laying down beside Justin, fully clothed, for a little bit more rest.

He's not sure how long he was out for, but when he woke up again it was to the feeling of a hot wet mouth on his cock. His jeans had been opened just enough to free his cock and his wrinkled shirt was pushed up past his belly button.

Justin's eyes were smiling up at him when he noticed that Brian was awake. He had one of his hands on Brian's abdomen, gently stroking the fine hairs that trailed down to his cock.

As Justin's tongue explored every inch of the shaft and across the leaking head, Brian half cried out, half moaned, at the sensations. One of his hands found the side of Justin’s head, and he twisted the soft blond hairs through his fingers. It was all he could do to just hold on as Justin worked his cock, pushing him to the edge of orgasm.

Justin sucked and licked up every last drop of come. Kissing his way up Brian's body, under and over his half-undone shirt, he relished the slight scratchy feel of Brian's jeans as his own hard cock dragged across the fabric. When he finally reached Brian's face, he dove in for a kiss, the taste of Brian still on his lips and tongue.

"Fuck that was hot," Brian said, pulling away for a moment to catch his breath.

"It was the least I could do. You make the best pillow," Justin admitted, "and that might have been one of the best sleeps I've had in weeks. Plus, I think I did drool all over your chest."

Brian let a little bit of a laugh and half a smile, and then raised his head off the pillow until his lips found Justin's so he could continue exploring the inside of Justin's delicious mouth. He let his hands wander over the smooth skin on Justin's back until one hand firmly held onto that ass he'd been admiring all day yesterday. Their groins were now slotted together nicely, Justin's bare, hard cock pressing against Brian's soon-to-be second hard-on of the morning.

"Fuck me." Justin was breathless and on the verge of coming between them.

"Bossy little shit, now aren't you," Brian said, flipping Justin onto his belly. He spread Justin's ass cheeks and leaned in, licking a wet stripe across his hole. Justin gasped, savoring every second of this perfect Sunday morning.

Brian continued to prep Justin with his tongue until he was passed a bottle of lube and a condom Justin pulled from a drawer in the nightstand. He slowly pressed one finger and then another inside of Justin, enjoying every little dirty sound of pleasure coming out of Justin's mouth.

When he pressed his cock inside of Justin, sparks flashed behind his eyes and the breath caught in his throat. He didn't know what it was with this Justin kid, but it seemed like everything about him was perfect; from his tight ass, to his beautiful skin and hair, and then there was his warm, open smile. Brian gave his head a shake and tried to pull himself back into the moment, to feel the pressure on his cock as his hips pounded into Justin's ass.

He draped himself across Justin's back, nearly falling and crushing him since he wasn't able to get his knees wide enough with his jeans only down as far as the middle of his thighs. One more thrust and he was coming deep inside Justin's ass. He reached around and grasped Justin's cocky firmly. One or two strokes was all it took to finish him off before he came in Brian's hand.

They collapsed on the bed, completely spent.

After only a few short minutes, Brian rolled off Justin and quickly got up off the bed. He was doing up his pants, wishing he could stay in bed all day with Justin - fucking, of course - when he heard himself inviting Justin over later to see the photos he'd taken yesterday. He inwardly cringed at what could turn into a mistake in the long run.

"Are you sure?" Justin questioned. From what he'd heard around the club, that didn't sound like a typical Brian Kinney invitation.

"I wouldn't have asked if I wasn't. Plus, from the looks of the all the paintings on the walls and that easel in the corner, it looks like you might have an artistic eye yourself and could help me out."

Part 3 will be out for Cuddle Day!
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