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Theme # 18: 2 of 5  
Title: Persistence
Author: [info]moonbrightnites
Timeline: Post-series
Word count: 2,100
Warnings: It’s PWP!
Author’s note: Thank you so much to LJ’s Ardatli for a super-fast last-minute beta.

“Come on,” Justin coaxed – or maybe it was a whine. It was dangerously close to a whine, even to his own ears, but he decided that he didn’t care. He tugged hard on Brian’s jacket, not wanting to bother with the line of brass buttons securing it in place. “I’ve been waiting for hours…”

Brian’s smile was just short of a smirk. “And I’ve been traveling for hours,” he said, hauling his suitcase into Justin’s tiny apartment and locking the door behind them. “Can I have five minutes to put down my things--”


“…and take a piss, maybe have a glass of water--”


Justin plastered his nakedness against Brian, attempting to mold himself into every groove and ridge of his body. The effect would be easier to accomplish without the aching erection that was entirely Brian’s fault. “Now.” He wrapped his legs around Brian’s Armani-encased thigh and began grinding himself against it.

Brian released a theatrical sigh. “We’ve waited almost a month,” he said, slowly playing his fingers through Justin’s hair. “You can’t wait five more minutes?”

“I’m not sure I can wait five more seconds,” Justin admitted, the declaration ending with a gasp as Brian tightened his hold on his hair and laughed into his ear.

“If you come on these pants, you’ll spend the rest of the weekend tied to the bed – and not in a fun way, either.”

Groaning with frustration, Justin backed off a miniscule amount and let up on the rhythm he’d established. “Then take… them… off!” With slightly shaky hands, he reached for Brian’s belt and fumbled with the notches, cursing himself as his fingers became useless as a set of thumbs.

Brian was no help at all. Once Justin finally succeeded in unfastening his belt, he grabbed Justin’s wrists. With a cobra-quick movement, he hauled them above his head and pushed him against the wall. He then stared at Justin’s face, his eyes dark and strange, looking at Justin as if he were something curious and anomalous rather than his long-term partner whose face and body were as familiar as his own.

“Brian,” he said as last, feeling a twinge of concern through his all-consuming need, but it was difficult to turn the name into a question when Brian had him firmly pinned.

There was no answer, no words anyhow, just Brian’s lips against his and then Brian’s tongue invading his mouth, hot and wet and swollen. Justin parted his lips eagerly, his tongue sliding against Brian’s in a sequence of spasming thrusts that he hoped would provide Brian with inspiration.

If it did, it made no difference, as Brian was clearly determined to stay in control and take this at his own pace -- and his preferred pace was apparently glacial. Rather than heating up and intensifying, Brian’s kisses grew deeper, longer, slower, and then ceased entirely while Justin whimpered in protest. Brian ignored that and stared into his eyes again.

“I was looking forward to undressing you,” he said. “I’ve been thinking about it since I woke up this


Justin groaned and attempted to rest his forehead against Brian’s neck but found it frustratingly just out of reach.

“All day,” he continued, his voice just short of a growl in Justin’s ear, the same ear that was nicked a second later by Brian’s teeth, a sharp nip almost immediately followed by the press of his warm tongue. “And as I’ve been denied that pleasure, I demand compensation.”

“Fine,” Justin said, all but panting. “Take off your clothes, and you can fuck me as many times as you want.”

At first Justin thought he’d convinced him, especially when Brian’s fingers released his wrists and assisted with the maddening buttons of his coat, but once they tugged off the thick woolen garment and tossed it onto the bed he gave Justin another gentle backwards push.

Justin should have known better.

“I think I need to teach you some patience,” Brian said with a smile composed of equal parts tease, rapaciousness, and self-satisfaction.

Justin wanted to scream. “It’s been a month,” he protested. “Over a month! I haven’t had so much as a blowjob in over a month – I think that’s the very definition of patience!”

Brian’s smile twitched into a full smirk. “I’ll fuck you,” he said, as if this were some grand concession. “As soon as I’m ready.” And then, maddeningly, he carried his suitcase over to Justin’s wobbly card table, cleaned his sunglasses and tucked them away, then casually strolled into the bathroom while Justin watched, mouth agape.

“I can’t believe you,” he called as Brian shut the door in his face. “I could have just about any guy in New

York, you know. All I’d have to do is walk into the street and wave my arms in the air.”

“I suggest at least putting my coat on,” Brian replied, his voice muffled over the flushing toilet and water running into the sink. “I wouldn’t want it to freeze off before an acceptable candidate happened along. I do have plans for it… eventually.”

Justin paused, curious. “My dick or my ass?” he asked as Brian opened the door and padded the three steps that separated the bathroom from the kitchenette’s mini-fridge.

Brian shot him an enigmatic look while twisting open a bottle of water. Justin waited while he swallowed it down, slo-o-o-o-owly, his eyes never leaving Justin’s face. Justin glared, sicker of this game by the second. As soon as the empty bottle was placed into the paper bag designated for recycling, Justin launched himself into Brian’s arms and went up onto his toes to press their crotches together. “Now,” he insisted, his voice sharp. “Or else I get dressed and go out.”

To his annoyance, Brian looked even more amused. “So, it’s ‘put out or I’m leaving?’”

It was all Justin could do not to stamp his foot, but he was keenly aware that a naked foot-stomp would make him look ridiculous. “Fine,” he huffed out, heading for the bathroom in search of his rarely-used robe. “Let me know when you’re ready.”

Of course he couldn’t find it because the only things reliably found in his bathroom were damp towels and misshapen tubes of half-used toothpaste. He considered shutting the door and making Brian wait for him but then Brian was in the doorway, peering inside with that maddening look of bemusement. It was a look that said he knew exactly what Justin was contemplating and that he found his current frustration adorable.

“Fucker,” he spat, suddenly furious. “Just turn around and go home.”

“And leave my Sunshine to peddle his ass on the street?” If anything, Brian sounded even more delighted. “Besides, you know how I feel about leaving unfinished work behind.”

“Most people wouldn’t consider this work,” Justin said, but his treacherous body was already responding when Brian reached for him and pulled him close. When Brian’s hand slid down to cup his hardening dick, it was all over – all he could do was wrap his arms around Brian’s neck and groan as he was fondled and caressed in a way that only Brian had ever gotten exactly right. God, he wanted him.

“Come on,” he urged, but Brian kept his arms where they were. He groaned again, this time in frustration. He was dying to feel Brian’s skin against his but almost none of it was exposed. He made do with his neck, licking a fat line up to his jaw and then gliding his fingers along the wet stripe.

Brian was still trying to play unaffected but there was no disguising his surging heart rate or his suddenly rapid pulse, which radiated through his throat to Justin’s tongue and went straight to his dick. “Come on,” Justin whispered again, tugging him towards the bed. “It’s time for me to give you your compensation for my oversight. I should have waited for you and let you undress me. I’ll begin the necessary reparations….” He gasped as Brian’s teeth connected with the skin between his neck and his shoulder and gasped again when he began sucking on the spot. “…immediately.”

Brian allowed him to steer them to the bed and even agreed to sprawl backwards against the mattress, but when Justin attempted to unbutton his shirt his hand was sharply knocked away and before he knew it, he was on his back with Brian’s weight pressing down against him. “Oh,” he managed in lieu of protests, because there really wasn’t much about the present situation that he objected to – except for Brian’s continued insistence upon wearing clothes.

That was fucking irritating.

But then Brian’s leg was between his, grinding downwards. Justin arched his back, gasped and attempted to latch onto Brian’s neck with lips, teeth, and tongue, but his partner remained maddeningly elusive.

“Wait,” he whispered. “Just… wait.”

It was all Justin could do not to scream and he might have gone ahead and done so if not for the fact

that he was suddenly flipped and then face-down against the mattress and Brian’s tongue swirling around the small of his back. Sighing, he began grinding himself against the sheet, but Brian instantly froze and gave a sharp tug to his hips. “Don’t,” he said, and waited until Justin was still before sliding down lower, and lower, then playfully dipping his tongue in between Justin’s ass cheeks.

“Brian,” he whined, begging for more, and quickly, and now, but Brian proceeded at his own maddening pace and Justin had no doubt that he was enjoying every minute of this.

His tongue lapped broad stripes up and down Justin’s crack before finally, finally circling the tensed muscles of his hole. Justin tried to relax, he really did, but every muscle in his body felt strung to the point of snapping. Not even his chest wanted to relax enough to allow for normal breathing. “Please, Brian,” he managed. “Just… just…”

And then Brian’s tongue was inside him, sending him flat against the bed as he grasped the sheets and groaned. It was hot and wet and perfect but still not enough and within minutes he found himself begging again. “Just,” he said between panting breaths, “fuck me. Please.”

Brian continued teasing him with his tongue like the heartless, pitiless bastard that he was until Justin gave up and collapsed against the bed, shivering with unresolved tension. A second later Brian’s mouth returned to the small of his back and pressed a kiss against it as his hands smoothed long strokes along Justin’s spine. Then his hands were gone and Justin was twisting his head back because what the fuck. Brian was stretched out on top of him and reaching for the lube and carelessly smearing it here and there while Justin squirmed beneath him. “Your pants,” he managed to bite out, but Brian ignored him. Instead he reached for a condom, tore into it, and had it on within a matter of seconds.

“Oh, god,” he whimpered as Brain pushed into him. He’d waited so long and then suddenly there was no warning, no preparation, not even a moment to catch his breath before Brian was setting a steady pace and grinding their bodies together. His pants were rough against Justin’s bare thighs and the zipper’s edge scratched and dug into his skin but he didn’t care because he had Brian inside him, hitting him at just the right angle and in just the right rhythm.

He attempted to grind himself against the bed but Brian’s hand was there, cupping him and caressing before forming a tight chasm. Delirious at finally making skin-on-skin contact, he whimpered as Brian slowed briefly before rocking them together faster, shoving into him harder, bringing them both to the

squirming, gasping, shaking place right before –

Without warning or preamble he suddenly came, crying out Brian’s name as Brian went rigid behind him, then filled the condom with a few more long, slow thrusts. “Justin,” he murmured as he lowered his head against his back, and Justin went limp against the bed and enjoyed the soft warmth that washed over him.

He must have fallen asleep at some point – perhaps they both did – but when he came to again it was all at once and with a terrible realization. “Brian,” he whispered. “Brian!”

Brian’s head shot up off his back and both hands appeared by his head. “What’s wrong?”

Justin cleared his throat, fighting back a smile. “Remember when you warned me about not coming on your pants? The ones you’re still wearing?”


Justin grabbed his hand and guided it down to the garment he was half-sprawled against and Brian’s forehead smacked into his back again as he groaned, this time with far less pleasure than before.

“Well, you didn’t mention anything about your coat.”
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