01 September 2011 @ 10:54 pm
Theme #17: Desperation 5 of 5  
Title: Holding Out
Author:</a> xheartrockx
Pairings or Characters: Brian/Justin
Genre: PWP
Kinks/Prompt: “desperation” for [info]bj_action; orgasm denial for [info]kink_bingo
Setting: after 309
Summary: Justin works long, hard hours deep into the night... and hard hours they are.
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2,500
Warnings: There is porn, you've been warned.
Author's Note: Many, many thanks to [info]mander3_swish for the short-notice beta. And I obviously don't own these guys...

Holding Out

This is punishment. Justin knows it.

He knows he deserves it, but he won't tell Brian that. He won't give him even more satisfaction when he, himself, won't get any.

He has already come today. Twice. Once in the shower this morning, thinking about Brian, fantasizing how it would be to be back with him, drawing from countless memories. And once in Brian's office as a result of the most glorious reconciliation-fuck in modern history.

While that had satisfied the most urgent... well, urges, as soon as they collapsed on the expensive yet uncomfortable carpet, both knew it was only just the beginning of the night. Staying true to Brian's words, he has been working for long and painfully hard hours under him, on top of him, beside him... you name it. And not once has he come.

Correction, Brian hasn't let him. Each time Justin has been close to climax, Brian has put on the breaks, leaving him just on the verge but never tipping him over the edge.

Now raw, exhausted, and actually close to tears, Justin finds himself tied to the bed. How that’s even possible is beyond him, as there are no posts or anything else that’s visible to tie on to, but he’s to far gone to even care. Maybe it's the result of one of Brian's home-improvement projects he sometimes undertakes when he's stressed or upset (oh yes, Justin has noticed).

He is bound by black silken restraints. They seem fragile upon sight, but they don't give any when he tugs on them. Then again, Justin isn't really trying. He doesn't even dare move because each time he does, the black latex butt-plug hits his prostate just right, and all it would take is a few dry humps against the mattress and he would come.

Brian wouldn't be happy about that, and who knows what kind of punishment he would cook up if Justin came without his permission.

So he just lies there with his feet propped up, cock hard as a rock and a nice shade of purple thanks to the ring fastened around its base. If physically possible, he becomes even more hard under Brian's scrutinizing gaze.

Dark eyes glide over his body, over his sweat-coated forehead, his pink and bruised nipples, and the slick plains of his stomach. It must be some sight, judging by the self-satisfied smirk on Brian's face, and for the first time, Justin wishes there was a mirror above the bed (maybe that's the next stage of home-improvement).

As if he has all the time and not a care in the world, Brian lounges at the foot of the bed, a drink in hand. He is naked and he is hard, but knowing him, he can draw this out some more. He is a determined bastard if need be.

“Spread your legs,” Brian says in that obnoxious conversational tone like he's just ordering a pizza.

Justin tries, but he can't. He simple can't move. He's too exhausted and afraid that if he does move, he'll just come and be done. “I can't,” he manages barely.

Brian chuckles. “Of course, you can.” He downs his drink, sets the glass aside, and then slowly panther-crawls up Justin's body, keeping his weight on his arms and a save distance between them. “You're not trying hard enough.” He lowers himself down to draw a long kiss from Justin's mouth, but doesn't touch him with anything but his lips.

He withdraws again and Justin tries to crane his head to see where he's going, but his position doesn't allow it. The next thing he feels is Brian's hands on his ankles, pulling his legs apart. The plug shifts inside him and Justin arches against his restraints. “Fuck,” Justin exclaims along with a moan.

“Told you, you could do it.” Brian is hovering above him again, and this time he trails open mouthed kisses down the side of Justin's neck, dipping his tongue into the hollow of Justin’s throat.

The flesh around Justin's nipples is already raw from his previous ministrations and Brian doesn't show any mercy. He licks and he bites around the perky buds, making them harder than they ever were.

As he travels lower, he is careful to avoid Justin's cock. He arches over him, lips trailing down his lover's stomach, then off to the right and over Justin's thigh. He kisses his way down the inside but stops short just as his mouth is about to touch Justin’s balls.

Justin moans as he feel Brian withdraw again. “Please...” He tries to arch his back, to seek friction. Or any contact at all.

“Please.... what?” Brian drawls. He has his chin propped on his hands, peering up Justin's body through his spread legs, and he has the audacity to smile like Justin isn't trussed up like an oversexed turkey right in front of his nose.

“Let me come,” Justin manages, straining to lock eyes with Brian. “Please.”

Brian's smile turns into a self-satisfied grin. Yeah, he has Justin right were he wants him and he loves it. And to be honest, Justin loves it, too. “That's more like it.”

As he dives back in, he licks one swift line up the seem of Justin's balls and the young man whimpers, bucking against the restraints. With the same skilled move, he takes Justin's cock into his mouth, swallowing him whole until the tip hits the back of his throat.

Justin lets out a litany of useless curses. His eyes are squeezed shut and tears of frustration and exhaustion run down his cheeks.

But Brian isn't done yet. He licks his way down over painfully sensitive skin, teeth grazing Justin's balls, before he sucks first one and then the other into his mouth. He traces a line across Justin's perineum, then slowly – oh so fucking slowly – circles the end of the plug.

'How many licks does it take,' crosses through Justin's mind, and he almost laughs but he has no energy left. The only thing he is capable of is trying to meet Brian's ministrations, tilting his hips to force his tongue into a more vigorous contact.

“Please,” he presses through gritted teeth, but the words only elicit a chuckle from Brian.

“Say it,” Brian challenges in between rounds of licking around the stretched skin of Justin's hole.

Justin does rise to the challenge, in more ways than one. He cranes his head and something in his shoulder pops, but it doesn't matter. “I want you to fuck me.” His tone is surprisingly firm now, resolute. “Make me come, you bastard.”

Brian laughs. He fucking laughs, but he is not making fun of Justin and his... predicament. There is something else in that laugh which Justin can't place. There is a lot things you can't place with Brian Kinney and this laugh is one of them. Maybe it's because Brian isn't prone to laughing.

Justin's musings scatter as Brian presses a kiss to his mouth that takes his air. “You want to come?”

Justin nods a little helplessly, biting his bottom lip.

“You want to come for me?”

Again, Justin nods. The anticipation, the teasing is killing him.

“You want me to fuck you until you come?”

This time, Justin only looks at him, blue-eyed gaze fixed on almost-black. It is answer enough.

Without touching him, Brian leans over him to grab a condom and lube from the nightstand. He makes a show of it as he pulls the package open with his teeth and rolls it down his dick. Then he squirts some lube on his hand and spreads it down his length.

It is going to be a slippery affair given the times they had already fucked tonight and that the plug has been lubed up as well. But Justin knows one thing, no matter if this is punishment or or some elaborate scheme to drive him insane, Brian wouldn't do anything to actually physically hurt him. Never.

With one hand, Brian pushes against Justin's thigh, helping him to open up some more. With the other, he reaches for the plug and gently tugs on it.

“Push back a little,” he instructs and Justin does, feeling the smooth object glide from his body. The wet sound it make as it slips from his sphincter is ridiculous, but he doesn't have time to dwell on that.

As soon as the plug is out, he feels Brian's cock press against his opening, not hesitating but driving into him in one swift motion.

Both men groan in unison and Justin's back arches, meeting the hard thrust. He wants to wrap his arms around Brian, to hold on to his shoulders, but he can't. All he can do is lie there and enjoy the ride.

“Look at me.” Brian's hand is in his hair, fisting the blond strands to make him comply.

Justin doesn't know what he sees in his eyes, but something shifts in Brian. Right there, when his cock hits Justin's prostate, something is changing and Brian hesitates.

With his weight supported on one arm, he reaches to untie Justin's left hand, then his right. At last, he unfastens the cock ring and Justin breaths out a moan. His arms are numb and he can't move them so Brian helps him, guides his arms around his neck and his legs around his waist. His own hands slip beneath Justin's shoulders, lifting him up against his own body before he starts to move.

Brian withdraws almost entirely, leaving only the head of his cock inside. As he pushes back in, Justin sees stars. How Brian does it, fucks him so hard his vision turns black with only as much as the roll of his hips, is a mystery to Justin.

Their rhythm is slow and hard and it hurt so deliciously every time Brian's cock hits home.

Justin almost doesn't realize when he’s coming; he has been on the edge for hours now. What he does notice is the rush in his ears, the pulsing of his own blood that blocks out Brian's guttural moans. His eyes roll back and he squeezes them shut despite Brian's order. Every single muscles of his body tightens: his arms around Brian's neck, his legs around Brian’s hips, his ass around Brian’s cock. He feel the cum spurting from his cock, coating both their stomachs, and just when he thinks he can't come any more, Brian hits that spot again and he comes some more.

He would black out now and just give in to oblivion, but that is one more thing Brian will not let happen. Instead, he fucks Justin through his orgasm, keeping the rhythm steady.

Justin knows Brian is barely holding on, he had learned to decipher his moans and groans by now. With more effort than he ever thought necessary, Justin blinks his eyes open to look at Brian and the breath almost hitches in his throat.

And then he understands what this is, what he is doing.

Brian marks him.

He claims him.

Just like he had on their first night, he leaves his mark deep inside Justin; not only with his cock, but on a whole other level as well. Justin isn't sure if Brian is aware of that other place he leaves his imprint on; maybe he knows and intends it, maybe it's something even Brian Kinney can't control. It doesn't matter. All that matters is that he does and that – once more, and after months spent in the proverbial dark – Justin knows his place again.

It's here. It's with Brian.

This time, it's Justin's hands in Brian's hair and he clutches so hard at him that he feels some of the brunet folicles give. Their gazes lock as Brian leans his head down against Justin's forehead, sweat and breath mingling.

He doesn't even blink as he comes. His body goes rigid and he just lets it happen, let's it roll over him and out along with a low growl.

They stay like that for... Justin doesn't know how much time passes before Brian slowly disentangles himself from him, pulling out and away.

Justin's head rolls back on the sweat-soaked pillow and his eyes flicker shut as he listens to Brian dispose of the condom and take a leak. He hears him walk down to the kitchen, hears the clatter of the fridge opening and closing, and the next thing he feels is Brian's weight next to him on the mattress.

Justin turns his head to look at him, but Brian doesn't return the gaze. Instead, he wipes the cum off Justin's stomach with a towel he brought from the bathroom. Once that's done, he presses a water bottle into Justin's hand.

“You okay?” Brian asks as Justin takes a sip.

Justin nods and drinks some more. He’s almost startled as Brian threads his fingers through his hair, brushing the wet locks from his forehead. It's the most affectionate gesture he has made today.

“You know,” Justin begins when he is able to speak again, “if this is what make-up sex with you is like, we should breakup more often.” He has no idea why he said that. Brian has probably fucked all sanity from his brain and he regrets his words as soon as they are out.

Brian regards him for a long moment. He doesn't reply and the only indication of an answer is the slight – and slight is an overstatement – shake of his head.

Justin reaches up and pulls Brian down for a long, slow kiss. As the kiss deepens, Brian settles down next to him and his arm snakes around Justin's chest.

“Get some sleep,” Brian tells him as they break apart. His voice is very quiet and the tip of his nose brushes against Justin's.

“Or my boss will have my ass?” Justin feels a smug smile curve his lips.

Brian matches the expression and he pulls Justin against his chest, finding a more comfortable position. He reaches back and pulls the blanket around them to ward off the post-coital chill. “I already do.”

Justin chuckles and manages a: “You got me,” before drifting off to sleep.

He doesn't hear Brian when he speaks again, “And you got me.”

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[info]scat_catt on September 8th, 2011 12:31 am (UTC)
Loved this... especially Brian's slight head shake at Justin's words. Meep.
[info]xheartrockx on September 11th, 2011 09:24 pm (UTC)
Thank you very much :) Glad you enjoyed it.