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Theme #17: Desperation 2 of 5
TITLE: Desperate

AUTHOR: alafaye


A/N: I have nothing to say! Other than I do not own the show or its characters. At all. Sadly.

The door slammed open as two bodies pushed through, uncaring of whether the door got shut. Shirts were untucked, unbuttoned, and thrown away, one landing in the hallway outside. The smaller of the two got down on his knees and was fast unbuttoning the others pants.

The taller one put his hand on the others shoulder and leaned back against the wall. "Hurry up."

The other looked up with a smirk. He slowly pulled out his partner's cock and licked the tip. "Or what?"

"Justin," the other growled. "Now."

"Patience is a virtue, Brian" Justin said.

"And bottoms who quote that stupid line get a spanking," Brian said.

"Promise?" Justin begged. He slowly licked the cock in front of him, tip to base and then back to take the tip into his mouth. He used every trick he had, desperate to make Brian come.

It had been far too long since they'd seen each other--Justin had to get ready for his first solo show and Brian had been traveling for work. Tonight had been opening night at the gallery and Brian had somehow managed to attend. Brian had hoped for a quick bathroom break, but every time they tried to leave, Justin was called to talk to this person or that.

It was worth it, making the contacts, but it drove them both crazy. In the end, they made their excuses to leave early.

Brian swears as he comes and then is pulling Justin up for a messy kiss. "Bed."

"It's clean," Justin jokes as he finally closes the door and pulls Brian to the queen size that takes up most of the room.

"Better be," Brian says under his breath. He pushes Justin down and kisses him, hands quickly pushing away Justin's pants. A tube is pressed into his hands and he prepares Justin in a few practiced moves.

Justin turns himself over and lifts his ass. Brian bites it and rolls on a condom. He pushes in and groans. "Too long."

"Faster," Justin moans under him.

Brian smirks and slows down. Justin reaches back and hits him. "Come on. Faster!"

"What is that saying about patience?" Brian teases. He shifts forward to rest his weight on his arm and wraps his other arm around Justin's waist. Justin lifts his hips up a bit higher and swears when Brian hits his prostate. Soon, though, the pace picks up and it's over too soon.

After, Brian rolls Justin onto his back for the next round. They were far from done.
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