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War Is Coming Communications.


March 5th, 2015

Alerting All Ninja

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So I've got some good news. I've recently come into possession of a set of Master Keys.

Good news is Grave House is under Ninja control. Completely and utterly, a bastion of light in the darkness, a pillar of honour and strength in this sickening sea of rum, piracy and moral degradation.

Any pirates, brigands or swashbucklers still in the building are currently secured in their rooms, ready to fall on our swords balls of paint.

Unfortunately, I'm not quite as mobile as I could be right now. I don't entirely fancy my chances alone. But join me here, and through organization, and not being sloppy, drunken criminals, we will be triumphant

Captain Mister Kirk. Your vessel building is under our control. If you think you can take it, you're welcome to try.

March 4th, 2015

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So, I reckon I'm not going to be going home any time soon. Can't say I'm entirely sure on exactly what's going on yet, but I'm not convinced there's much here that's much worse than I've seen us do to ourselves.

But I'm pretty sure they're going to stop letting me use the restrooms here, since it's been a few days since I paid for anything.

Anyone could point me towards somewhere I can stay, something I can do to cover expenses, that'd be all kinds of appreciated.

February 28th, 2015

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Alright. If I'm not the first person this' happened to, it seems safe to assume you've got some kind of support-network set up already.

So I'd really appreciate it if someone could find me a car, painkiller or a doctor who's quick or doesn't mind traveling.
I need to get back to Louisiana fast as I can, but I'm bleeding something terrible right now, I remember what internal trauma feels like, and it feels a whole lot like how I'm feeling.

Anyone wants to tell me the time, that'd be real useful, too.
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