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March 21st, 2012

March 21st, 2012

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Think we can remove the stitches now? I'm supposed to be heading out of town here soonish.

I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do if I'm not allowed to help you anymore. You don't need a partner. And you don't need a son. I'm sorry if I failed you. I won't forget everything you've given me. Thanks for teaching me how to be strong.

You ready?

[Darcy A.]
Heading out of town for a few days, just need to get my shit together.

I'm taking off for a while, not sure how long I'll be gone. Just thought I'd give you a heads up.

I'm headed out of town for a while. Think you can stay out of trouble for a bit without me?

Thief thief (this just means Eleven apparently)

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What does putting < and 3 together represent? It seems to happen very often.

filtered to Darcy

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Hey. Allana told me about your new job. Congrats. Is this going to impact my watching Allana in a unif watching girls in uhanging around sometimes?

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Filtered against baddies, Moriarty, Katherine, and anyone young enough to still be in school

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Is it bad that I'm really excited about getting a new job when it means that some poor woman died at the hands of a demon for me to get it? Emma said it better than I could.

Because I'm fucking stoked!

[Filtered to cheerleaders at Lawrence High]
I'm really sorry to hear about Mrs. Winters. ...I got a phone call tonight. You're looking at your new cheerleading coach. This is going to be so much f I'm sorry for your loss, girls :(

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Too priceless not to share. Enjoy, Batman... )


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I suppose I should introduce myself. That's what people do around here, isn't it? I'm Bernard Black. Hello.

Filtered to Claudia

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Tony Stark has given us the space and means to help make the Farnsworths. So you can officially stop making them.

[Added filter to Myka who can read this entire post as well now]

Myka darling, would you be interested in helping Claudia and I write out instructions for how to build Farnsworths?
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