War Is Coming RPG.

November 21st, 2014

November 21st, 2014

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WHO: Danny Walker and Georgina Kincaid
WHEN: After this conversation
WHERE: The Roadhouse
WHAT: Danny wants to talk about his home and what happened to him
STATUS: In progress

War had taken everything from him. )

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Who: Skyeward (Because they're actual crack and we're being nice to them before the evil)
Where: Ward's apartment, because of course
What: I....have no idea, they can't leave each other alone
When: Skye's been there about an hour, there was takeout, now there's strrrrong booze
Rating: Who the hell knows with these two
Status: In Progress

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Who: FitzSimmons
What: Talking through things
When: Tonight
Where: The Lab in the Avengers Warehouse
Warnings: None as yet
Status: Incomplete

It had been hard for Jemma, being in Lawrence without Fitz. )
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